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Welcome! This website was created on May 06 2007 and last updated on Feb 25 2024. The family trees on this site contain 27486 relatives and 7382 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Hi-da-da-tse-li[We are All Related]
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[Pronunciation: he dah dah she lee]
Each Person Must Make Their Own Journey. Indigenous Peoples Day Oct 8th PRIORITY: Before using ANY information collected in this Tree, PLEASE double check ALL data. Finding discrepancies, especially regarding Peacock's & Sander's lines. Should you SEE incorrect data, please alert me, or correct it, if you have Administrative Authority. Documents are only as accurate as the information given by the informant. Thank you. • September 30 Update • • Just Letting You Know • Recently met Rajane Eason, who is the 3rd great granddaughter of Preston Franklin Allen, and the granddaughter of Charlotte Ann Allen. Charlotte is still living, along with her sister Millie Louise Allen. • June 2020 Update • Adding the family of Hardy Grice & Cherry Moore in order to see if they also are part of the GRICE lineage • Unless you know for sure that they are part of the James Grice; 1810-1820, DO NOT USE • Similar names & places of birth are from the Clinton & Piney Grove areas • Thank you! • September 2019 Update • You will begin to notice NEW Grice & Sanders Families throughout the tree. PLEASE DO NOT USE this information, as nothing has been confirmed as yet. I am trying to connect mainly the Grice's, but there are Sanders intertwined with this New Grice Branch. Thank You! The Dillard Family Reunion 2017 Photos are being uploaded. Not all have been done, but check back. You will find them in the 'Dillard Reunion 2017' photo album. Thank you for your patience. Photos are Courtesy of Cousin Phyllis Dillard. Thank you, Phyllis!
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DILLARD Family Reunion in 2020. CANCELLED Update: To ONE & ALL! Recently, a few of us Dillard cousins, took an Excursion to Lynchburg, Virginia. We missed those of you who didn't go. We visited cousin Howard & his lovely wife Emma, in Hurt, Virginia, which is located near the Dillard Plantation. It was a Historical Event, in that we visited the homestead, & saw a couple of the Slave Quarters. We then visited the cemetery, which our Ancestor John Dillard sold the land to the New Bethel Baptist Church & where John & wife Nannie O Hunt are buried. There were quite a few familiar names among the Headstones in the Cemetery that are on the Family Tree. We also met cousin Eugene 'Gene' Dillard for the 1st time. Gene is the son of Nannie 'Brownie' Dillard. It would be wonderful to have a Family Reunion in Virginia, so that ALL of us have the opportunity to visit the Origins of our Ancestors.
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Wanted $10,000 Reward DEAD or ALIVE DILLARD BROTHERS ~ The Notorious Outlaws Aliases: Hemings, Woodson, Stewart, Dillard, Eason, Grice, Huddleston, Miles, Ford, Peacock Descriptions Date of Birth: All Months, Days and Years Place of Birth: All States in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, & any foreign soil they may have hidden out. Height: 2 ft to 6 ft 3 in Weight: 10 to 200 pounds Hair: Auburn, Black, Blonde, Brown, Gray, Red, etc. Eyes: Blue, Brown, Green, Hazel Sex: Female and Male Race: All Nationality: ALL

Remarks: The above named families and extended family are scattered throughout the United States and on Foreign Soil. They are known to use disguises.
Caution The above named families and their descendants are wanted for additional information regarding their heritage, and ongoing lineage, so the Family Tree can be updated and/or finalized. Should be Considered Armed with Kindness and Dangerously Loving

If you have any information concerning any or all family members containing these surnames, or variations thereof; please contact a family member who can possibly assist us with any valid documentation. Thank you
Thank you
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COME ON IN! We invite all Kinfolk to come and share in this beautiful heritage, and feel the warmth and love of family; past and present. Come learn about this rich Legacy they have left us, and the journeys they have taken. We have worn many shoes, that of Slave Masters, Slaves, Union and Confederate Soldiers, and Buffalo Soldiers, rich, poor, American Indians, Blacks, Mulattoes and Whites. Hopefully, the information within these pages will give each of us a sense of when, where and how our family evolved.
Our Ancestors have helped us realize the many sacrifices they have made during the darkest times in American History. They have paved the way for us, and now we should always try and remember, that BECAUSE of them, we have been able to accomplish our goals, realize our dreams, and see a brighter future for generations to come. We have been standing on THEIR shoulders, so what better way to honor them than to research their life history. Unfortunately, most of our knowledge usually doesn't go further than what we actually know, and those we are close to.
This research should/will help us to better understand our history, through our ancestors, and their descendants. Now it is up to us, to document who we are, where we lived, and the accomplishments we have made along the way. We are a great family orchard, continually growing and sprouting many branches that keep bearing much fruit. We have inherited a rich and diversified legacy, through the love, guidance and nurturing of our Creator and have remained strong along our journey of life.
Although the initial Journey was to locate my great grandmother Mary Stewart-Eason, the objective soon changed when cousin Andrea Johnson and I found each other online through one of the many genealogy sites. She then reconnected me with cousin Howard L. G. Dillard, and between the three [3] of us, we began searching in earnest. Our focus was on the seven [7] brothers from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. We've been successful in locating and documenting two [2] of the brothers; Henry [1840]; Howard's Grandfather, Thomas [1850]; my Great Grandfather, and Lena [1875]; Andrea's Great Grandmother, who is the daughter of Henry. The remaining brothers and families we need to find are: Maurice, George, William, Jack and Willis. It's proving to be a daunting task in finding the brothers. Mary Stewart has been found, along with parents, siblings & grandparents. As many genealogists will attest, one thing leads to another; a new mystery arises and just has to be pursued.
There is a quote: "Genealogy begins as an interest, becomes a hobby, continues as an invocation, takes over as an obsession, and in its last stages, is an incurable disease." ...author unknown
It has definitely become an obsession and an incurable disease for Howard and me, for with each new family member found, the adrenalin starts anew and we keep forging ahead with the hope of finding someone long lost. But to use a phrase from cousin Charity, "We will be humbled by this work of Love."
SOURCES: Contributors who have assisted in this compilation of History & Photos: Howard L. G. Dillard, Bonnie [Berryman] Gilliam, Toni[Cook] Canfield, Victor Watson, Tanya [Smith] Hill, Alfred Johnston, Kelsie Imes, Esther Stewart, Sharon [Curtis] Haithcox, Tj [Jenkins] Bell, Charlotte Slude, Gwen Sanders, Abrilla Robinson, Vivian Johnson, Dennis Williams, Sr. and Vickie [Webb] McCain.
***Recent Photos of the Hemings-Woodson-Moore Family: Courtesy of Connye Moore-Richardson, President & Newsletter Editor of the Woodson Family Association.
This TREE continually remains a work in progress, both in the form of additions and corrections. We would deeply appreciate any suggestions, additions, and requests. You can do this by personally contacting one of the genealogists. We NEED your input Family!!
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Beverly Gray Coordinator, Southern Region Ohio Underground Railroad Association Henry Robert Burke Southeastern Ohio Henry Robert Burke Jan 21, 1940 - May 5, 2012 ~ Local Historian Underground Railroad Research and • Henry Robert Burke | 1940-2012: Historian shared knowledge of Civil War era
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Welcome • Meet Your Family Genealogist Contacts •

Skye ~ Sha'Ron Dillard Grice Youngstown, Ohio I am the Daughter of Raymond A & Doris M [Dillard] Grice; Granddaughter of Maurice & Edith [Eason] Dillard; Great Granddaughter of Thomas & Anna [Miles] Dillard; Gr. Gr. Granddaughter of Samuel Ward & Lucy [] Dillard.
Howard L. G. Dillard Hurt, Virginia I am the Son of James & Doris [Gibson] Dillard; Grandson of Henry & Kate [Dabney] Dillard; Great Grandson of Handy Ward & Fanny [Leftwich] Dillard; and Gr. Gr. Grandson of Samuel Ward & Lucy [] Dillard.
• Esther P. Stewart I am the Daughter of Frederick William & Jadwiga Harriet [Menczynska] Stewart; Granddaughter of Charles Creasy & Pearllee [Cousins] Stewart; Gr. Granddaughter of
Gwen S Sanders Selma, Johnston, North Carolina I am the Daughter of Fred R & Anthony B [Kelly] Sanders; Granddaughter of George W & Lizzie A [Allen] Sanders; Gr. Gr. Granddaughter of Larkin & Sylvia [Avery] Sanders.
Abrilla Robinson Smithfield, Johnston, North Carolina I am the Daughter of Lawrence E & Betty O [Allen] Robinson; Granddaughter of David & Bertha M [Robinson] Royal.
Connye Moore-Richardson California I am the Daughter of David C & Norma Y [Woodson] Moore; Granddaughter of Harry P & Fannie B [Davis] Woodson, Sr; Gr. Gr. Granddaughter of William & Anna B [Guy] Woodson, Sr.
Raymond J Abdur-Rashied Pennsylvania I am the Son of Harry Harvey & Elayne [Curtain] Johnson; Grandson of Carroll & Elizabeth Kate [Dillard] Curtain; and Gr. Gr. Grandson of Samuel Ward & Lucy [] Dillard.
• Andrea Johnson: ms.andreajohnson@gmail.com Aurora, Colorado 3/27/61 ~ 8/31/09
REMINDER: The Census are now complete for the year 1940. To update all family members, YOU must provide further information for completion.
Note: For privacy reasons only deceased persons are shown. No information of living persons is disclosed.
Genealogy Tidbits [Courtesy of cousin Victor Watson]
Digital Library on American Slavery‏
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Thank You All for your dedication and contributions to unraveling this Saga in OUR History.
May You Walk in Beauty and Know Peace Within, Along Your Many Journeys of Life. De-na-da-go-hv-yu Til We Meet Again [you and I] Gv ge yu i [I Love You], Skye
~ Yi-ga-quu o-sa-ni-yu a-da-nv-to a-da-do-li-gi ni-go-hi-lv-i na-squv u-tlo-ya-s-di ni-hi~ [May the Great Spirit's Blessings Always be with You]
Map Courtesy of Digital-Topo- Maps.com
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