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About Allen to Weaver
How do we know where we are going, if we don't know where we came from?  This is a 
passion of mine to learn of who I am. I have served as the Iowa Genealogical Society vice president,
chosen as Warren County Iowa Historical Society Volunteer of the year and all in the passion of
genealogy.  I am currently one of the sextons of Avon Cemetery in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Some of the things I enjoy are cleaning headstone, teaching others, mapping cemeteries and all technologies that involve 
genealogy or cemeteries. 

I hope what I have found will help others find me and more of their family.  If you are
having a problem, share it with others, they may have a different way of thinking, that goes for
genealogy and everyday life.

     Feel free to contact me and I will show any proof I have not proven.  On all lines I can prove
5 generations from me.  A few have been easy, a few have been a challenge, after that, I will be
glad to share what I have.  As I go on, I hope to prove these as well.
Ancestors of ******
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.
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