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Welcome! This website was created on Jul 31 2006 and last updated on Oct 12 2019. The family trees on this site contain 10418 relatives and 668 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About My Browning Connections
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As most of you know, our beloved, Yvonne Browning died in Toledo, Ohio on June 7, 2011. She spent may years researching and compiling information on the BROWNING family as well as others. She spent many hours in cemeterys putting together information for the Find-A-Grave web page. The material she has listed here is a treasure for all members of the  BROWNING family. After her death, I was asked to try and get this site back on line so all of  us could benefit from all this information that she had worked so long and hard to present to us. Yvonne will be missed by all that knew her. She will always be in the hearts & minds of all of us that loved her. 
 I am starting this on Aug. 25, 2011. This is completely new to me and it will take me a while to "catch on" to the way to do things on this site. Things such as changing the introduction, changing the password, adding & editing written information and photos and other things I don't even know about at this time. The best thing I can think of for now is that the website is back up and running. Please feel free to contact me about anything I can do to improve and keep this site going. Family information and photos are always welcomed and I will try and get the new  information & photos listed as soon as I possibly can. I hope you visit often and enjoy your experience on this site.

Clarence Long   

Before you start to surf the site Yvonne created I would like to thank so  many people in making it possible for her to have this information. They are  just to numerous to name. The people that have helped have been so generous  with information or leads to the information. Yvonne was therefore trying to give  back what some of them have given to her. Yvonne hoped it would be handed down to  future generations. Yvonne would have also like for you to sign the guest book so, as she said, I know you have been here. It would really be appreciated   
       Browning/Miles/Prewitts/Evans/Hopkins/Gipsons/Longs and more that came from England to       Virginia to Tennesee, Kentucky, Ohio and on to Utah

The earliest name found was Bruning. This spelling is found in the Domesday  Book. There is no mention of the name Brown. The first change of the name into  Browning appears in 1297 when Thomas Brownynge is mentioned. One of the  founders of the American Family of this name was Nathaniel, who was born in  1618 in London, England. He had suffered persecution because of religious  beliefs and when he came to the New World he opened a door of freedom, peace  and security. Arriving in the United States he settled in Portsmouth, Rhode  Island and became a member of Roger Williams' Colony of religious thinkers,  whose views were far in advance of the time. 
 Debruni, is said by the Poet Browning, to be the earliest form of the surname  Brewning. Later recorded as Bruning, Brueling, Browneing, Brimming, Brininge,  and Browninge. Acording to the scholar John Airon Browning, the surname in  High Germain is Browning and Low German, Bruning. This Ancient Germanic  Surname followed the migration to England where the Anglo Saxons changed it  into Browning. In England the family settled in the southern part of the  county of Kent, later spreading north over all of England, crossing also into  Scotland, Ireland and Wales. 
 The name Browning has been an eminent one in America. There were other  colonists of this name who came over at different periods and settled in  various locations. The name has been a distinguished one in the Southland  coming from lineage of the Virginia Families. 
 There are three branches of the Browning Family that came over from England  in earlier days. The one we are directly concerned with came from England to  America and settled in the Virginia Colony.
 There were other branches of the family, all related in England, who settled  in Massachusetts Colony, and in the states of New York and New Jersey.  The Southern branch of the Browning Family migrated westerly and southerly  through the Southern States. This branch of the family were Puritans, and were  driven from Great Britain by persecution, and came to the new world to enjoy  religious liberty, and the freedom to be found in America. 
 The Browning Family is one of the oldest and first families of America. It has been said we date as far back, and are related to one of the son's of Noah,  which I am sure many other families can claim the same lineage. Noah's sons  traveled over much of the old world as we know it and established many  families who in turn traveled the land, finally crossing over into Germany and  into England.  
 Captain John Browning, one of the first Brownings to come to America, was born  in England. In 1622 he was among the passengers of the "Abigail" bound for the  American Colonies. The ship landed on the "College Lands" in Virginia, later  known as Jamestown, York County, Virginia. Captain John Browning settled in  Elizabeth City with his family. He served as a burgess there in 1629 and  during that period purchased 250 acres of land. In 1632 he was a burgess of  Morris Bay and in 1635 of Elizabeth City. In 1638 he is recorded as having  purchased three thousands acres of tobacco from a land owner named Thomas  Gridon. John's plantation was about 3 miles from what is now Williamsburg.  Captain John, as he was known by, received the name not for his knowledge of  the sea, but by a set of circumstances and carried the name "Captain" for the  rest of his life.

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