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About Dove History and Stories
The "Dove History and Stories" site is a work in process and is therefore 
continuously updated with information from verbal, handwritten, photographic 
and other sources. The site contains collected data from the following principle 
family names but includes many other family names: DOVE, KNIGHT, MINOR, WARREN, 
KILGORE, SIDES, GURGANUS. All data is shown as obtained (verbal, hand written, or 
from documents or pictures) and will be changed as necessary due to error. Copies of 
documents, your pictures, or pictures of headstones are very welcome. In spite 
of every effort to be factual with published information, this site is not "Pure, 
infallible history", but a collection of facts and stories. Some are possibly fictional as created in the 
minds of our ancestors, both living and dead . As in most families there are some skeletons in 
closets and some may show their face on occasion, but no harm is intended as these "facts" 
and "stories" are integral parts of our heritage. If you have pictures, documents, or stories that you 
would like to see included in this site, please go to "Contact Me" and let me know. We have the 
capacity to add up to 5000 pictures and documents, so your participation is welcomed 
along with your verbal stories. Have fun and check back often to see what and who has 
been added. You may find a surprise or two. Thanks for visiting and please sign the Visitors 
Book... Jim R. Minor ....(jrm)

UPDATE 11/10/18: Some Jim Butler Knight and  Bryant William Dove data updated as well as 
Wesley Chapel's role as a family cemetry for Knights... JRM 
UPDATE: Nadia Saleen Minor added to the website...jrm

UPDATE: Nov. 20, 2016: The passing of Stevan Tiffin while on a vacation/fishing trip to Alaska was 
added; On October-3-2016: I invited our cousin Terry Tate to update our Dove family history for 
those descendants of Bud and Bunion Dove who left Alabama and moved to Texas in the late 
Cousin Terry Tate will add stories, names, and pictures. This will introduce our western family 
members to those of us living in the East and other parts of the US who are descendants of 
Benjamin and Mary Jane Roberts. Enjoy and feel free to make contacts among yourselves... jrm

UPDATE AS OF JUNE 5,2016: My new email is Please use this address to 
contact me directly to add information, pictures, or just to chat... Jim Minor 6-5-16
FAMILY DEATHS IN 2014: Raymond Howell Dove, the youngest son of George Roland Dove, passed 
away on August 1, 2014 at his home near Sulligent, Alabama from cancer. Raymond was the last 
surviving child of George Rolland Dove... jrm

FAMILY DEATHS IN 2013: Foster Dove, son of Benjamin "Dude" Dove, passed away in March 2013 
in Alabama. Details will be posted as received... jrm

FAMILY DEATHS IN 2011: I am sorry to report to you that we have lost the most Senior Member of 
the Minor family in Parrish, Walker County, Alabama. Aunt Bessie Jewell Mullinax-Minor, age 93, 
passed away on Tuesday May 17, 2011 at her residence in Parrish. Aunt Bessie was born and grew 
up in nearby Liberty Hill community, the daughter of Virgil Mullinax and Mary Evans-Mullinax where 
she met and married Isaac Milford Minor, son of James (Jim) W. Minor and Mannie Warren-Minor, 
all of whom have preceded her in passage to that realm of peace with God. The funeral will be 
Thursday, May 19 at 2:00 PM at the Parrish Church of Christ. Visitation will be from 12:30 untill 
2:00 PM. She will be laid to rest in the Gray Cemetery with her husband Milford at her side. She 
will be sadly missed by all who knew "Aunt Bessie"... jrm

DOVE REUNION 2013: The 2013 Dove Reunion will be held June 1st 2013 at the Gattman, MS 
Community Center. Please invite all your family and relatives. Bring your favorite covered dish and 
drinks and join us at 10:00 AM Central Time for fun and fellowship. If you have old pictures, bibles, 
newspaper articles, etc, please bring them to share with other members of the family. Invite our 
Knight and Roberts cousins to attend.... jrm 
DOVE REUNION 2012: The 2012 Dove Reunion was held at the Gattman Community Center on 
June 2, 2012 in Gattman , MS. A covered dish meal was enjoyed by all. The 2012 Reunion will be 
held the first Sat. in june at the Community Center in Gattman. Every on is encouraged to bring old 
pictures, albums, or heirlooms for others to enjoy.  You can contact me at 423 472 7636 other 
information. In the meantime check this website for new information. Please ask all your family 
members to come to The Dove Reunion in 2013... jim minor
DOVE REUNION 2011:  The Dove Reunion is June 4, 2011 at the GATTMAN COMMUNITY CENTER in 
GATTMAN, MS. Max Dove, son of Trannie Dove and grandson of "Roll" Dove is the Master of 
Ceremonies this year. If you have questions or comments PLEASE call Max or me at 423 472 7536. 
Please bring a covered dish, any old pictures or historical items for others to see and join your 
cousins at 10:00 AM for fun, information on the latest in the family and some good food.  Invite all 
your family members and be sure to bring the children. The date for 2012 will also be the First 
Saturday in June 2012 and the building has been reserved for that date.
School Bldg) on June 26th at 10:00 AM. It was the only date the bldg. was 
available.  Max Dove, Rex Dove and Wayne Dove and other cousins were in charge this 

REUNION 2009: The DOVE Family Reunion was held at the old Gattman School in Gattman, 
MS on Saturday, June 6, 2009. The affair was attended by family and friends from MS, 
AL, GA, TN, TX, CO. Many old and new family pictures will be added to this web site 
in the next few days along with family history book winners. If you made pictures at 
the reunion and will share them, please send them to by email 
or you can mail copies to me by usps.  The 2010 event was the fourth Saturday in 
June...  Jim 

REUNION 2009: The MINOR Family Reunion was held at the Pleasantfield Community Center 
on Saturday, Aug. 1st, 2009. It was great fun, fellowship and food in quality and 
volume that is seldom experienced. Family heirlooms, pictures, and documents were on 
hand for all to see. Thanks for visiting with us and being a part of the Family. We 
look forward to seeing you again next year. The first group of pictures are in the 
Minor Reunion Photo Album. See yourself there. If you have pictures that you can 
share, send them to me by email or CD or prints or any other way and they will be 
added to the Minor Reunion Photo Album... jrm (jim r minor)

MINOR REUNION 2010: The 2010 Minor Reunion was held at the Pleasantfield Community Center 
near Parish, Alabama on August 7th. It began at 10:00 AM and prox 83 family members attended. 
Sarah Francis Breland and James Howard Minor, children of Anderson Minor, chaired the event this 
year. There were old photos, Bibles, documents brought by family members for others to see. A 
covered dish was the mealticket to the event. Everyone enjoyed the fellowhip and good food and 
we look forward to seeing you next year. 
The Minor, Warren, Earnest, Hutto, Sides, Gurganus, Kilgore, Dove, Knight and other related 
families have a website at the following address: If you are 
related to any of these families, please give me the data so I can add you and your family 
members.  When you access the site you will need to use the password which is 'rolland'.... and 
you will be able to see all families in the site although in some cases there is limited data on each 
family member with some pictures. Only by using the password can you view the site. Please 
send me your family history and pictures by contacting me at my e-mail address which is or call me at 423-472-7536. Or you can send me an e-mail with your 
phone number and I will call you. Be sure to let me know if you find errors in any of my information 
and I will correct them. I hope you enjoy the site... Jim Minor (jrm)

RECENT ADDITIONS, CHANGES, CORRECTIONS: June 15, 2016: See new email address below. 
Nov. 3, 2011: added Coquat and Dove data.Feb. 1, 2011: DOVE REUNION DATE ADDED added. 
Aug: Pictures added;July 202010:Presently updating the James Anderson Minor Family data. Feb 
1-2, 2010: Updated Roberts Ancstors;Oct. 2009: Enoch Spencer Minor data updated. Sept. 
2009:Updated Knight photos and Andrew Jackson Knight family files and JC & Jerry Walter 
Knightfiles;Aug. 2009: Completed list of Felix and Raymond Dove's families; Added Texas Dove 
Photo Album with all known ID's;
 July 2009:There are errors in the Jerome Knight Family data that must be corrected; May 2009: 
Corr. to bemade to Ben E Dove's biographical sketch. May:Added more Knight pics and data;April 
09: Added Knight data; Added pics of John Wesley Minor and Bunion Dove family pics; March 09: 
Added Curtis Bunion and William Edward Dove data and made corr.; Feb.09: Added Tate family of 
Curtis Bunion Dove & Photo Album; Jan. 09: Added "Nancy" as first name to Adeline Minor; Nov. 
2008: Kilgore and Sides data added;Jan.2009:Updated Isaac Hutto & Martha Earnest-Hutto-
Smallwood data.  Pls check the Assignment Photo Album for unassigned pictures and documents... 
NOTE: To send pictures or documents, please call me or use my personal e-mail (see above) or US 
Mail address which I will send to you when requested. 

Please give any member of our family names listed above this website address and the password. 
Thanks a million and visit your site often. jim Minor (jrm)
The 2014 Dove reunion was held at Gattman, MS as scheduled. No pictures are available at this time... jrm

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Ancestors of Dove, Benjamin E.
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.

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