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Welcome! This website was created on Apr 16 2009 and last updated on Jul 26 2021. The family trees on this site contain 34230 relatives and 366 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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Welcome to our Eastern Kentucky Families Website! Pour that cup of coffee and pull up a chair and visit with us. If you are a cousin - request an invitation to the site - click on the security link!
About Eastern Kentucky Family Ties
My ancestors are located primarily in Clay, Perry, Breathitt, Letcher and surrounding counties in Eastern KY. I have lots of information about Fugate, Miller, Noble, Mullins, Hicks, Caudill, Adams, Clemons,Hounshell, Back and their related lines.

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If you want to compare ancestors or have questions/queries you may email me at patriciacaudill@gmail.com  

Here are some of the lines I am researching:

 James CAUDILL Sr. Born abt 1720 in Old Surry Co, Virginia. James died abt 1784; he was 64. ABT. 1 JAN 1747/48 when James was 27, he married Mary YARBOROUGH, in Lunenburg Co, Virginia. They had the following children:
 	i.	James (~1753-1840)
 	ii.	Stephen (~1763-1839)
 	iii.	Thomas Aaron (1764-1848)
 	iv.	Matthew (~1766-)
 	v.	Abner (~1773-)

 Joseph BACK. Born in 1745 in Culpeler Co, VA. Joseph died in Knox Co. (later Harlan Co) Ky, on May11, 1819; he was 74. Buried in likely buried Maggard Cemetery, Partridge, KY. In 1773 when Joseph was 28, he married Elizabeth HOFFMAN, daughter of Nichalaus HOFFMAN & Barbara Elizabeth KOESTNERIN. Born in 1755 in near Swift Run Gap in Augusta Co., VA. Born on Jul 13, 1746. Elizabeth died in 1826; she was 71.
 They had the following children:
 		i.	John (1774-1854)
 		ii.	Mary (1777-)
 		iii.	Henry (1785-1871)
 		iv.	Lewis (1787->1860)

William MULLINS. Born in 1720 in Virginia. William died in Franklin Co, Virginia, abt 1791; he was
71. Abt 1745 when William was 25, he married Elizabeth, in Virginia. Born abt 1725.
They had the following children:
		i.	John (Buttin John) (~1745-1849)
		ii.	Nancy (~1750-)
		iii.	William (1751-<1840)
		iv.	Ambrose (1758->1835)
		v.	Booker (~1762-1864)

 Andrew HOUNSHELL.  Born on Feb 2, 1811 in Wythe County, Virginia.  Andrew died in Breathitt County, Kentucky, on Jun 22, 1875; he was 64.  Buried in unknown. On Dec 1, 1834 when Andrew was 23, he married Levina BRYANT, daughter of Unknown BRYANT, in Smyth Co VA. Born on Nov 2, 1812 in VA.  Levina died in Breathitt Co, Kentucky, on May 23, 1878; she was 65. Buried in Breathitt Co, Kentucky.  They had the following children:
 	i.	Minerva Jane (1834-1867)
 	ii.	Susannah (1836-1922)
 	iii.	Harvey W. (1837-1924)
 	iv.	William Patrick (1838-~1862)
 	v.	Andrew Jackson (1840-1898)
 	vi.	Sarah (1842-1928)
 	vii.	Lydia (1846-1906)
 	viii.	Marissa (1847-1915)
 	ix.	Rosanna (1848-)
 	x.	Armina (1849-)
 	xi.	Isaac Henry (1853-1941)

Jonathan FUGATE. Born on Jan 25, 1778. Born on Jan 25, 1758 in Shenandoah, Virginia. Jonathan died
in South Fork, Breathitt Co, Kentucky, on Sep 21, 1859; he was 81. Bef 1800 when Jonathan was 21, he
married Lettie WELLS. Born in 1777 in Russell Co, Va. Lettie died in Breathitt Co, Kentucky, aft
1860; she was 83.
They had the following children:
	 i.	Hannah (1800-<1850)
	 ii.	Tabitha (Betty) (1803-)
	 iii.	Mary (Polly) (1813-1887)
	 iv.	Sarah (Sallie) (1814-1880)
	 v.	Martha Patsy (1815->1887)
	 vi.	Rachel (1820-1860)
	 vii.	Jesse (1822-<1860)
	 viii.	John (1825-)
	 ix.	Ibby (~1825-)
	 x.	Katherine (Katie) (~1828-1880)

Benjamin CLEMONS Sr. Born on Oct 13, 1792 in Lee County, Virginia. Benjamin died in Breathitt Co
Ky,on May 19, 1862; he was 69. Buried in Laurel Cemetery, Breathitt Co, KY. On Mar 19, 1819 when
Benjamin was26, he first married Mary (Polly) HAMMON, daughter of John HAMMON & Margaret EVANS, in
Floyd Co, KY. Born abt 1804 in Montgomery/Floyd Co, KY. Mary (Polly) died in Near Tygart Creek,
Carter Co, KY, in 1879; she was 75. Buried in probably Carter Co, KY.
They had the following children:
	i.	Dora (Vicie) (1827-<1840)
	ii.	Katherine (Katie)
	 iii.	Francis (Franklin) (1822-~1865)
	 iv.	John (1822-1889)
	 v.	Rhoda (~1823-1855)
	 vi.	(Mary) Jane (~1827-1840)

Abt 1840 when Benjamin was 47, he second married Mary (Polly) FUGATE, daughter of Jonathan FUGATE & Lettie WELLS, in Breathitt Co Ky. Born in 1813 in Breathitt Co Ky. Mary (Polly) died in Breathitt Co Ky, on Sep 24, 1887; she was 74.
 They had the following children:
 	 i.	Isaac (1832-1864)
 	 ii.	(Doctor) Moses (1833-1897)
 	 iii.	Benjamin Fugate (1835-1929)
 	 iv.	Francis (1836->1865)
 	 v.	Elizabeth (~1838-1893)
 	 vi.	Sally (~1839-)
 	 vii.	Rebecca (1842-)
 	 viii.	William (1842-1914)
 	 ix.	Andrew Jackson (1845-1914)
 	 x.	Johnston (Jonathan) (1846-1918)
 	 xi.	Nancy (1850-)
 	 xii.	Lewis (1852-)
 	 xiii.	Rhoda (1858-1870)

 Ira NOBLE. Born on Jul 3, 1819 in Perry Co, Kentucky. Ira died in Lewis Fork, Breathitt Co, KY, on Feb 6, 1890; he was 70.Bef 1835 when Ira was 15, he first married Cynthia ALLEN (family legend, not proven). Born in 1820.
 They had the following children:
 		i.	William Mason (1836-1862)
 		ii.	Samuel (1839-1920)

Aft 1839 when Ira was 19, he second married Rachel FUGATE, daughter of Jonathan FUGATE & Lettie WELLS. Born in 1820 in Perry Co, Kentucky. Rachel died in Breathitt Co Ky, in Apr 1860; she was 40. They had the following children:
 		i.	Mary (1842->1863)
 		ii.	Lawson (Losson) (1844-1929)
 		iii.	Nancy (1845-)
 		iv.	Katherine (1846-1874)
 		v.	Louisa (1847-)
 		vi.	George Washington (1850-1909)
 		vii.	John M. (1853-1935)
 		viii.	Henry (1856-1920)
 		ix.	Rachel (1856-)
 		x.	Emery (1857-1931)
 		xi.	Irwin (1857-1859)

Abt 1861 when Ira was 41, he third married Samantha (Mintie) MULLINS, daughter of Ambrose MULLINS &
Marra (Mattie) MULLINS. Born on Feb 12, 1844 in Floyd County,  Kentucky. Samantha (Mintie) died aft
1920; she was 75.
They had the following children:
		i.	Rebecca (1863-<1880)
		ii.	Louranie (1865-1933)
		iii.	Manerva Jane (1866-1918)
		iv.	Delitha (1872-)
		v.	Alexander H. (1873-1963)
		vi.	Green R. (1874-1942)
		vii.	Sylvester (1880-1944)

 Benjamin FUGATE. Born in 1755 in Fredrick Co, Virginia. Benjamin died in Perry Co, Kentucky, in 1837; he was 82. In 1778 when Benjamin was 23, he married Hannah, in Washington Co, VA. Born in 1753 in North Carolina. Hannah died in Breathitt Co, Ky, on Aug 10, 1853; she was 100.

They had the following children:
 	i.	UNNAMED (Twin) (-~1795)
 	ii.	UNNAMED (Twin) (-~1795)
 	iii.	Martin (1783-1839)
 	iv.	Zachariah (~1785-~1805)
 	v.	Charles D. (1787-)
 	vi.	Francis (Franky) (~1789-1838)
 	vii.	Catherine (1793-1855)
 	viii.	Eli “Flint” (1795-1863)
 	ix.	Henley (1797-~1881)
 	x.	Rachel (1798-)

 Jeremiah HOLLINGSWORTH. Born abt 1825. Jeremiah died on Jul 7, 1864; he was 39. On Mar 19, 1852 when Jeremiah was 27, he married Sarah RADER, in Manchester, Clay Co. Ky. by D. W. Murray. Born in 1826 in Kentucky.
 They had the following children:
 		i.	Elizabeth (1859-1929)
 		ii.	Christena (1853-)

 John PRITCHARD. Born abt 1805 in Wales. John died in Beattyville, Lee Co. Kentucky, in 1865-1870; he was 60. In Aug 1840 when John was 35, he married Elizabeth WARD, daughter of Jilson WARD & Ruth PURSEL. Born in 1817-23 in Kentucky. Elizabeth died on Oct 30, 1903; she was 86. They had the following children:
 		i.	Bonapart (~1846->1910)
 		ii.	Jilson (1852->1920)
 		iii.	Rutha J. (1857-1900)

Esquire ADAMS. Born on Jul 25, 1830 in Perry Co, KY. Esquire died in Aurora, Stone Co, Arkansas, on
Jan 21, 1909; he was 78. On Nov 12, 1849 when Esquire was 19, he married Elizabeth CRAFT, daughter
of Archelous CRAFT & Elizabeth ADAMS, in Whitesburg, Letcher County, Ky. Born abt 1830.
They had the following children:
		i.	Archelaus (1850-)
		ii.	Jane (1852-)
		iii.	Elihu (1854-)
		iv.	Nancy (1856-<1897)
		v.	William R (1859-)
		vi.	Martha (1861-)
		vii.	Reuben Rudolph (1863-1932)
		viii.	Elizabeth (1866-)
		ix.	Stephen T (1867-)
		x.	Nelson (1870-~1908)
		xi.	Jacob G (1873-)
Patrick RILEY. Born in 1751 in Frederick Co, VA. Patrick died in Clay Co, KY, in 1823; he was 72. In
1769 when Patrick was 18, he first married Catherine ? FUGATE, daughter of Martin FUGATE & Sarah, in
Virgina. Born in 1750 in Fredrick or Washington Co VA. Catherine died in Clay Co, KY, in 1820; she
was 70.
They had the following children:
		i.	Catherine (~1770-)
		ii.	John (~1771-)
		iii.	Zachariah (1774-1865)
		iv.	William (~1774-)
		v.	Allen (~1776-)
		vi.	James Hamilton (1778-1850)
		vii.	Patrick (1784-1852)
		viii.	Thomas (~1801-1850)
		ix.	daughter (Anna??) (<1810-)
		x.	daughter

Patrick second married Polly CADIX (HADDIX).
 They had the following children:
 		i.	Zadock
 		ii.	Allen (1798-)

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