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Everyone Has Roots, Some Just Know How Deep They Grow
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About Rooted In Family
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This tree is a work in progress and I hope to continue adding to it for a long time. Some of the 
surnames in my branches have changed spelling over the years...For example (however not limited 
to) Becker became Baker, Tullos became Tullis, Auchterlonie became Lonie (in some cases Loney, 
Ouchterlonie, and Augterlonie).  Also I believe Christensen, at one time may have been 
Christenson. Please keep that in mind when scanning this tree for familiar names.

I was given a jump start to my family tree in December, 2005. My mother had recieved a list of 
names on her mother's mother's family, and that sparked an interest in me to search for more 
names. In my processes, I've found several other people in that same line researching this tree. 
I've been greatful that they have shared with me their findings. I have been able to give limited 
in return through names and photos that I received from my grandmother. I have been blessed in 
finding names on other branches from those researching the tree as well. I also stumbled upon some 
of my branches (and my husband's) through familysearch.org or through findagrave.com. These sites 
have been most helpful in editing details of some names already found. I hope that once the dust 
settles, I can go back and fill in more blank spaces I have for the tree. 

I have added a few people with the surname Hall. Although not all of them are in my blood line,
(that I can currently tell) they all appear to be related to each other. Some other surnames with
the same spelling, such as Adams, I do not believe they are all related. But that could change as I
continue to add to the many branches of this tree.

Here is a list of those who have helped me thus far: G. Akin, M. Armstrong, M. Auchterlonie, P. 
Babington, A. Baker, J. Baxley, P. Blanchard, M. Bowen, A. Branham, B. Brist, J. Brown, M. Brown, 
N. Burns,  I. Butterworth, B. Campbell, E. Cipriano, B. Christensen, J. Clement, S. Coleman, J.
Copeland, L. Davidson, C. Dennis, C. DiPietro, S. Eden, M. EneRiis, P. Flint, L. Fox, P. Freeman, D.
Frerk, H. Gaugert, P. Gourlay, A. Grimm, B. Grove, J. Grove, M. Grove, S. Grove, T. Grove, S. Hall,
C. Hansen, T. Haskett, M. Hintz, T. Howard, S. Hoyt, M. Irish, D. Jaggi, J. Kerr, K. Krans, C. Kuhl,
A. Kurtz, P. Lea, J. Leavitt, D. Loosemore, W. Ludwig, M. Maciocia, J. Marris, M. Marris, R.
Mathisen, D. Miles, M. Miller, E. Milne, C. Montgomery, R. Nettesheim, K. Newman, J. Parks, A.
Patterson, K. Pech, G. Provan, J. Preston, J. Reynolds, S. Richards, B. Robinson, M. Scheffler, C.
Schultheis, D. Pease, W. Prokasy, D. Scoggings, S. Simpson, G. Smith, L. Snellgrove, J. Spinney S.
Steffen, T.Stenzel, T. Stewart, S. Stuart, R. Taylor, E. Troemel, J. Twist, J. Waddell, J.Waite, D.
Woodhouse,(and countless others). My thanks go out to them for all they have done to help me expand
my tree thus far. (Without them, I wouldn't have many branches or details.) 

Please sign the guest book, and let me know you were here! I look forward to hearing from you, 
and hope we can share names, photos, and stories about our connected ancestors! Happy Searching
through the generations and decades dedicated to our past!

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