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I have been gathering this information over the past 25 years and have finally been able to  
put some of it online for my family to view. This is a fun family tree that traces both sides of 
my ancestry. I have also included many other connecting family lines, through marriages.

My Father - James Francis Toomey
My Paternal Grandfather - James Joseph Toomey
My Paternal Grandmother - Mary Jane McKeown 
My Mother - Annie Pecola Frazier
My Maternal Grandfather  - John Williams Frazier 
My Maternal Grandmother - Effie Dora Eatman 

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Check out all the family surnames on this site. If you find a common surname here, please 
contact me and let me know how you are related. I will be glad to check for your ancestors 
in this tree. If a common ancestor is located, I will add the connecting line to the family 
tree and make you a member.

This is a story about immigrants, both royal and poor, who came to America for a new and better 
life. They came from England. They came from Ireland. They came from Scotland. They came from 
Poland. They came from all over the world, with hopes of a bright future for themselves and 
their families. 

This is a story about the first immigrants that settled in the Massachusetts and Virginia 
colonies. It tells how many of them fought and died in America's battle for independence from 
England and shows how the survivor's struggled for unity, resulting in the bloody Civil War 
between the Yankees (North) and Rebels (South). 

This family tree tells the story of the "coming-together" of people from all races and religions, in one 
great nation, under God, with freedom, liberty and justice for all. 

My father's heritage:

"The TOOMEY and MCKEOWN (MCKEON) Families"
from Ireland, Scotland and England to New York and Australia.
These lines all trace back to various counties in Ireland. I could use help locating our TOOMEY ancestors. I am currently stuck at the parents of John TOOMEY, born about 1835-1850 in Ireland. He married Elizabeth CARVER, who was also from Ireland (maybe Dublin)? She was the daughter of John CARVER and Bessie CLANCY from Ireland. I also need help with the WALSH line. I am stuck at William WALSH, born about 1851 in Limerick Ireland. He married Margaret SULLIVAN. Looking for information on both of their parents. As for the MCKEOWN line, I have traced us back to James MCKEON and Ann MCKEON from Westmeath, Ireland. These ancestors are from two separate branches of the McKeon Family.
I have not been able to find a royal connection in any of these families, but it's just a matter of time and further research. Not many people are researching these family histories online, so there is a lot less information about them. Most of this research will require visiting parishes and graveyards in Ireland; to discover our lost connections. Online parish records need to be searched as well. Notable people in this family tree include: GENERAL SEAN MAC EOIN, Famous Irish General of Longford (2nd Cousin 2x removed) JOHN TOOMEY, Famous zookeeper of the Reptile House at the BRONX ZOO (Great Grand Uncle) ______________________________________________ My mother's heritage: The FRAZIER, EATMAN, BROWN, HATCHER, HANCOCK and LYGON Families" from Mecklenburg, Johnston and other counties in North Carolina. These lines trace back to the original Jamestown Colony of Virginia, the Kings and Queens of Europe, the Holy Roman Empire and beyond. Many SAINTS are in this tree as well as LADY DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES and the current royal family. Princess Diana is a 13th cousin to all FRAZIER/EATMAN descendants of my generation. We share grandparents from 12 generations ago...Sir William Lygon and Lady Eleanor Dennis. Other Notable People in this family line include: ELVIS PRESLEY, 1950's Singer and Hollywood Movie Star (9th Cousin 1x Removed) SAMMY HAGAR, Lead Singer in the band Van Halen (9th Cousin 1x removed) MERIWETHER LEWIS, Leader of the Lews and Clark Expedition (9th Cousin 5x removed) UMA THURMAN, Hollywood Actress and Movie Star (10th Cousin) GLENN CLOSE, Hollywood Actress and Move Star (10th Cousin 1x removed) ZACHARY TAYLOR, 12th President of the USA (10th Cousin 4x removed) COURTNEY COX, Hollywood Actress (11th Cousin) GEORGE WASHINGTON, 1st President of the USA (13th Cousin 6x removed) The earliest known FRAZIER ancestor is James FRASER who arrived in Mecklenburg, North Carolina by 1772. I do not know his wife's maiden name (It is NOT Bradford) and I don't know where he came from. If you can help search for his ancestors please message me. I also can not find the grave of my grandfather John Williams FRAZIER. I do not know his birth date or death date...only that he was born in 1868 in Mecklenburg and died in 1927, possibly in Weldon, North Carolina. The earliest confirmed EATMAN ancestor is Kimbrel EATMAN, and he is a complete mystery. Please help me prove his parents. He was married three times and the records of all three marriages have been found, but I need a record of his birth, to discover the name of his parents. I have tentativelty connected him to John Eatman, based on a census that shows John Eatman living next door to Willie Price. Kimbrel Eatman married Piety price, whose father was Willie Price ______________________________________________
******* FAMILY NEWS ******* ______________________________________________ *** TOOMEY/MCKEOWN FAMILY and Connected Lines:
CONGRATULATIONS to Margaret Walker McKeown Lamont McIndoe, great grand-daughter of Michael McKoewn of Motherwell!! I have just connected her line of McKeown's to the English Nobel Pedigree through the Lamont family line. She shares common grandparents with Princess Diana and is a cousin to Prince William. MORE CONGRATULATIONS to Janet Ronnie Ohearn Adamiak, grand-daughter of Joseph McKeown of Motherwell!! I have just connected her line of McKeown's to the English Noble Pedigree through the Comstock family line. She shares common grandparents with Princess Diana and is a cousin to Prince William. If you would like me to trace your line, I need your parents and grandparents names. Just fill them in and I will find your ancestors. 2021 - I have added 2 other McKeon Family lines from Mullingar, Westmeath. They are tentatively placed as brothers of James McKeon and Ann McKeon. Please Be Aware that there is no documentation that has surfaced yet that connects all these McKeons. Can someone HELP? 2020 - Have also added a new branch of McKeon's to the family tree. This branch was found connecting to James McKeon of Longford's grandfather. 2017 - I just recently discovered the descendants of FRANCIS MCKEOWN of MOTHERWELL, SCOTLAND. He was the son of Thomas McKeown and Mary Sharkey and one of the many siblings whose ancestry is traced in this family tree. Up until now, his descendant's whereabouts have been unknown...but the family line has been found in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York! ******* FOUND AT LAST - BAPTISM for JAMES MCKEON ******* FOUND AT LAST - BAPTISM for ANNE REILLY
The McKeon Clan now goes back 2 more generations and the Reilly clan now connects to the Farrell Clan. O'Reillys and O'Farrels were Lords of Ulster and Leinster in Ireland. Also recently added the family lines of AHERN, DUFFY, FUORI, BURKE, GIBERSON, RINKER, TITUS, EDWARDS and TYRRELL which are connected through TOOMEY family marriages. I am still in the process of trying to connect one branch of the Irish MACEOIN family to STAPLETON royalty. I need help researching the Stapleton family from Tipperary, Ireland. I am stuck at Richard Stapleton, born about 1788 in Clonmel, Tipperary, Munster, Ireland. I need help finding his parents or verifying that he is the correct father. *** FRAZIER/EATMAN FAMILY and Connected Lines:
I have connected my maternal grandfather, John Williams Frazier, to the SCOTLAND royal lines of MONTGOMERY, MENTEITH, BRUCE and others, which include the many Kings and Queens of Scotland. Our Montgomery connection is John Frazier's grandmother "SUSAN DULCINA MONTGOMERY". Added the descendants of Willie Jane BROWN, sister of Barden BROWN and Aunt of Rosetta B. BROWN EATMAN. These lines include the families of CORBETT, HINTON, WILDER and CREECH, among many others.
_________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Most of the very early BC info in this tree is contested, controversial and somewhat mythical, but it's fun to think of the possibilities and the what-if's! I have researched a path back through the Kingdom of Troy, that supposedly connects to the Biblical patriarchs of ancient Mesopotamia. Using the family lines detailed in the King James Christian Bible, I have traced us back to Adam and Eve...JUST FOR FUN! REMEMBER....This is mythical information only. Since I only do this as a hobby, please realize that the tree probably contains errors. If any family member has an interest in genealogy, I would DEFINITELY appreciate help in searching out and filling in the missing information for past generations. Let me know if you want to help and I will set you up with free access to Ancestry.Com, so you can search for further connections. ADMINISTRATORS - PLEASE Upload your photos and your stories...your greatest memories of someone!!!!! If we all pitch in, we can grow this tree into something our family can be proud of. A legacy of our preserved heritage for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to come. This is an INTERACTIVE tree so have fun and Enjoy! ___________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: Since the TribalPages website does not support the BC Date format the tree does not read correctly. Please keep in mind that dates greater than 2016 are BC dates. Most all BC dates are hypothetical in nature and need further research. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Read the LATEST NEWS below for recent discoveries and NEWLY ADDED Family Lines.
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