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About Gates NZ
English: variant of Gate with plural or excrescent -s. The English surname Gate has three possible origins: (i) a topographic name from Middle English gate ‘gate’ (Old English geat, dative plural gatum), denoting someone who lived by a gate or set of gates (possibly sometimes an occupational name for a gate keeper; compre Yates); (ii) in northern England, the East Midlands, and East Anglia, a topographic name from Middle English gate ‘street, road, path’ (Old Norse gata) for someone who lived by a road (compare Street ); (iii) a nickname meaning ‘goat’, from northern Middle English gate, gait (Old English gāt, Old Norse geitr).

WE emigrated on 8th September to New Zealand in 1960 arriving in Wellington on 16th October of that year. We had very strong ties to the UK and were very interested in the family history - (on both sides!)- so having a family tree was important.

We were very lucky to have Eric Gates (The Gates and Harries Family) review his side of the family and consequently have a wealth of information which we were able to use:

Most of the Gates family that Eric Gates researched to date were born in and around the Ninfield and Hastings area. William Gates born 1749, as yet not much known about him. It is possible that William was born later than 1749, there are no records of a family in Ninfield that Eric has found to date. A Thomas Gates born 1724 Married an Ann Paris and had a child named William born 1754 in Ripe Sussex, This is a possibility. Against it is the fact that William was buried in Ninfield 0n the 11th February 1816 and his grave states he was 67.

William's wife Mary born 1755 had two names, not known why. she was called Waite and Vigor, the  Vigor tree goes back earlier than the Gates one does. The Vigor Family also came from Sussex many  of the early ones came from places such as Dallington, Burwash Wadhurst, and of course Ninfield.  The earliest connecting records are those already shown, before this time one can only surmise a  descendancy from Vigor, Bishop of Bayeux who died in 579 AD and was elevated to a sainthood through  Odo a later Bishop of Bayeux and a half brother of William the Conqueror, a de Saint Vigor came  over to Hastings with William according to two lists of accompaning Knights. Since 1579 the Vigors  have been mainly Yeomen, Mercers, Wool Merchants,Cordwainers, Farmers and Butchers. For whatever  reason and when the alias Waite/Wayte/Whate/Wate was first used is not known both surname  associations were used well in to the 1700's, many of Ninfield records show this. The Waite alias  is not used in the descendancy record although it does occur often in the local parish records.

There are I'm sure, some of these records that others may argue with, any corrections, additions or comments will be gratefully received by me and passed on to Eric.

Many thanks Eric for your diligent work! We are very grateful, for what you have created xx.

The GatesNZ site also follows my mother's Rice side of my family who come from South East London, and into the Aston's who are my daughter's heritage.
We have been very lucky to have another couple of whizs looking into the Rice side of the family. Any input is gratefully received!

NOTE: As an update on the Gates side of the Family - Through Colgate's to Carey - John Richard Carey II born around 1583–1661, who married Elizabeth Thomas Hereferd, we may possibly be related to Roger Montgomery 9Z47-JK7 (Family Search)- Birth About 0800 - England. Working on it!

This is a webpage I found about Ninfield, where many of the Gates' came from. Interesting reads: http://ninfieldhistorygroup.org/shops/4572403471
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