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About The Gibson and Hall Families: Farmers, Cottonpickers, Loggers in the Southeastern United States
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This family tree has taken a long time in the making.  I first became interested in who
my ancestors were in the early 1970's.  It began with obtaining birth certificates for
my immediate family members and many questions to others.  I reconnected with long lost
family and made many telephone calls and did countless hours of computer related
research for information.  In 2006, I took a trip to Florida and Alabama and found
information that opened a doorway for the Gibson family history.  It is still being
developed and I hope you enjoy our family site.

My Uncles David and Carl Hall were phenomenal in gathering all the information on the
Hall family, spending many hours and years researching and documenting visiting
courthouses in many states.  I know that all of you will appreciate their efforts in
digging it all up for us to enjoy.  My Mom, Colleen Gibson who keeps copies of
everything and stays in touch with so many family members was an enormous jewel of
information, and a great judge of my many questions.   And last but not least,  my
brother Carl who pushed me finally, to just do it!

Thanks Carl for adding the music "Cottonfields", and making it feel like home
with all the memories.  It has been a journey of fun, surprises and love. 


NM cotton field

NM cotton field"


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