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About Gruwell(no matter the spelling), Lepage,Pelletier, Kononchuk trees
this site is made up of my own family tree research,with the main surnames of GRUWELL, LePAGE,  KONONCHUK, and PELLETIER.
 But also added are contributions from many others who have shared their research, as well as  downloads from the internet.
 If your name is Gruwell, Grewell, Gruelle, or Gruell or any variation of them, or your married  to one your family might be here. If your not in here and you think your connected e-mail me  your family connections and it will be added, if you find information that is wrong or missing  please e-mail me and it will be corrected at the next update. What I'm trying to do is collect every variation of the Gruwell name that is connected to the  family into one site.
 This is a compilation of my thirty years of research and the contributions of many individuals  that all can't be named here. I want to publicly thank them for their help. Not everything has  been verified. It should be used with caution, but it is a good place to start. In tracing the history of many families, very little can be found differing in great degree  from that of thousands of others. But this can scarcely be said of the Gruwell family. the men  and women of this name have never been commonplace, on the other hand they have been unusually  energetic, enterprising and courageous.

In no way do I intentionally diminish the importance of person's not named below.

I've found that the "Gruwell Family"  participated in numerous historical events of our country with barely a mention in the  footnotes.

If you "Google Books" with our name you'll find an extensive collection of books with our  family mentioned.

                         FOLLOWING IS A SHORT LIST OF FAMOUS OR NEAR FAMOUS                      
                                   GRUWELL'S, GRUELL'S, GRUELLE'S, GREWELL'S                                      
                                    AND THE PEOPLE WHO MARRIED A GRUWELL

                                      SEARCH FOR THEIR NAME TO LEARN MORE

Grewell Arlington W. -------1930 --------Built his own auto from scratch.

Grewell Daniel C. pvt. -1837 --------Captured during civil war, held at Camp Lawton,Cahaba, and  Andersonville prisoner of war camps,and lived to tell about it.

Grewell Ella May----------1909-------Husband Stanley Ellis Pfander died on uss Hull during WWII

Grewell Robert V.-----------1847 --------Last survivor of those who witnessed the golden spike  being laid.

Grewell Thomas-------------1765 --------The first Gruwell ancestor to change his name to  Grewell.

Grewell Thomas C.---------1863---------One of the original pony soldiers who fought in the  indian wars

Gruelle John Barton--1880 ------- The inventor of Raggedy Ann.

Gruelle Squire (Dan).....1856........He was a stock broker that was almost hung by a mob.

Gruwell Albert Clovis-1916------ Was a conductor on the Picking shortline railroad

Gruwell Alfred L.-------------1869 ------- Died in a mining accident and had a real nice poem  written about him by Jessie B Dixon.

Gruwell Asa-------------------1802 ------- Known as "Old Fearnot" took part in the Gruwell/Dorr  wagon train.

Gruwell Cecia Jane Millicent.-------------1872---------Husband was James Simpson Emmett the man  who influenced Zane Grey to write about him and the west

Gruwell Charles E.----------1884--------married a famous silent screen actress named "Hazel  Dawn"

Gruwell Columbus O--------1837---------Became a Senator for Montana

Gruwell Emory --------------1839 --------Street named after him in Widmar, California.

Gruwell David Brittain.......1872................A one legged champion bronc rider

Gruwell Erastus M.---------1841 ------- Killed in the battle of Fort Donelson during the civil  war.

Gruwell Ernest A.-----------1920 ------- operated a horse drawn streetcar then a curbliner for  30 years in Sacramento

Gruwell Harry C.-------------1889 ------ Helped open the first horseless carriage garage in  West Branch, Iowa. (Leech & Gruwell).Iowa.

Gruwell Deacon Jacob-----1807 ------ Was the first constable in quincy Ill. then left on the  Gruwell/Dorr wagon train. Left the wagon train With his brother Noah in fear for their lives.  And after Many hardships met up with their families in California.

Gruwell James --------------1838-------- One of the pony soldiers in the western plains that  was killed by indians

Gruwell James C.- 1838..............witnessed a duel (was the second to one man), wife was the pursued by an unwanted suitor, who killed himself in front of her, later killed herself for unknown reasons.  

Gruwell Joel Whiteside-1910-------------He was a really tough man! his record in heavy weight  fights 10-0 until his wife found out.

Gruwell John------------------1685 ------- Found thru records and family stories to be the  first Gruwell In the "new world". There is no records as of this date to connect him to a  family in the old country, the trail ends with him.

Gruwell John------------------1829 ------- Family stories have him dying on the riverboat  "Sultana" but no records establish that.

Gruwell John Daves--------1830 ------- One of the Gruwell's that took part in the Gruwell/Dorr  wagon train.

Gruwell Laban H------------1816 ------- One of many hardy souls who made the trip west by oxen  team in 1849.

Gruwell Lawrence W--------1880 ------- Wanted for horse stealing

Gruwell Melvin L------------1834 ------- Established a Mormon colony "Colonia Diaz" in northern  Mexico.

Gruwell Nathan E----------1846 ------- Records show he survived southern prisoner-of-war camps  only to die on the riverboat "Sultana".

Gruwell Peter --------------1740-------- Revolutionary War hero

Gruwell Robert M.---------1836-------- Holds patent for bed springs

Gruwell Robert N.----------1804--------One of the elders who took part in the Gruwell/Dorr  wagon train(the story is on his page)

Gruwell Robert O----------1893-------- Holds patent for tuna can packing

Gruwell Timothy A---------1848 ------- Captured during civil war. Died as a prisoner at  Andersonville Prisoner-of-war camp.

Gruwell Virginia June-----1921--------Performed in the U.S.O during the 2nd world war
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