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THE TOP 10 SURNAMES WITH TOTALS AS OF 1/21/20 ARE:(1) RIVARD 2946 ( 2 ) HAMELIN 2146 (3) SIMARD 2073 (4) BOUCHER 1909 (5) TROTTIER 1635 (6) AUBUCHON 1204 ( 7) GAMACHE 1181 ( 8) GAGNON 1020 ( 9) TREMBLAY 988(10) TRUDEAU 791
About Hamelin Family
The purpose of this site is to connect to those who have gone before us. As with most trees, most  of those in this one have had little impact on history, but We exist because, in some cases, they  did. Family trees are like a house of cards, remove a piece and it all comes apart. One of My  Ancestors, My GGG Grandfather, Joseph Jacques Robert was executed by the British in 1838 for his  part in the rebellion in Quebec the year before. Fortunately, for me, He was older and already had  Children by then, including my gg grandmother, Melina Robert. One of my Uncles from that same era,  Francois Xavier Hamelin, was also hung for his actions in that same rebellion, He was young and  had no children. His descendants never came into being. Many others in this line took part in  defending their nations, Most survived and had Children and their lines continue on today. Others  died without Children and their lines snuffed out. Of course there are many people, living Today,  In this tree, that I have never had the honor of meeting and may never get that opportunity, but  the fact remains we are related, however distantly, because we share 1 or more ancestors who, of  course, had Children which through the generations, resulted in Our being here today.       Genealogical research is an ongoing project. It can never end, really ,since one can, with  the right information, trace their line back as far as written history began, My main focus as  been 
 on the Hamelin side of my tree, with The Hamelin line on that side resulting in the majority of  surnames In Here. I am sure, however, that some of these names will also be found in my Deyette  line, when I can find information on that line. One of the issues with the Deyette Line is that,  unlike Hamelin, the surname of Deyette has changed over time with many variations of the spelling  of the original surname and it's changes. 
    Eventually, I hope to remove the roadblock on the Deyette side of my  Hamelin line, and  perhaps be able to work on My Mother's lines of Duraj, and Dyba. That side being Polish is harder  to trace because of Poland's history of being invaded repeatedly by her neighbors, Russia,  Austria, 
 and Germany. The borders of Poland have been drawn and redrawn since WWI, and WWII. This makes  tracing that side difficult, as I am not sure of which nation the town they came from is now a  part.
      The fun part of researching my tree has been uncovering the Saints,( St. Marguerite  D'Youville 
 founder of the order called The Sisters Of Charity( commonly known as the grey nuns),and sinners  (Lucien Rivard, a Canadian Mobster thought in some circles to  have been connected to the JFK Assassination) in here. I also have uncovered relationships to  people I personally know or knew, but had not known we were related, however distant the  relationship.
    One of the things I learned early on is that, due to the small French Population in Canada at  the end of the French and Indian war, and the resulting Surrender of the French Territory in  Canada, all of those who are of French- Canadian descent are related to each other. This has borne  true, so far, though a search on the relationship tool may not show a connection to any 2 people  in 
 here. everyone in here, though, is related to at least 1 other person in here. not finding a  relationship doesn't mean there isn't one, it just means if there is one,(and there probably is)  it 
 hasn't been uncovered yet.
      Most of the people in here however are normal everyday people who went about their daily  lives in anonymity but they live on today in their descendants.      though I don't list my sources in here they are many, much of my information comes from  obituaries either posted online or found in newspaper archive sites like  old Fulton postcards and NY Historic newspapers, both of which can be found through links on  the 'useful sites tool in addition they have newspaper articles about the members of this tree  such as births, family gatherings, arrests, convictions, births, weddings, Etc., that helped me  link people to others in here. some of the sites listed under "Useful Site" were helpful to me in  gathering my information. I also received some help, early on, from other members of Ancestry.com.  I also discovered that many names were misspelled in census forms, due to the French accents, and  the fact that the last letter in French surnames tend to be silent. the Census takers would write  the names as they heard them. I had great difficulty in finding my Father's Father until I found  afew censuses, each one with the Hamelin name misspelled or badly mutilated by the census taker.  another example of a name change, due to mishearing of the surname, is My Father's grandmother, I  hit a roadblock with her because her surname was Seymour, Seymour is a difficult surname to  research because it isn't a French name, and rather common, however once I discovered that it was  originally Simard, a name whose pronunciation, in French, sounds like Seymour to English speaking  ears, I was able to uncover her line.
  years ago, most people went by their middle name, or a nickname, rather than their first  name, this was due in part to the practice of parents giving several of their Children the same   name. in addition , just as today, some people chose to go by their middle name. or a nickname,  rather than their first name. in any case I have the people here listed by their given first name  rather than by the name they were generally known. The obituaries I used and have posted in here,  of course, use the name the individual was known by rather than their given name. In those cases  the name will be different from the one I have them entered in here under, Even official legal  documents like death certificates will list the deceased, or parents of the deceased under the  names they went by rather than their legal given names.Some families had a 'dit' name added to  their surname. Dit names were sort of  a way of distinguishing one family from another with the  same surname. if a family name continued on without the dit name I eliminated the dit from that  person and used just the surname. if the dit name was the one that continued on, I kept it for  that individual, and following generations until the dit was dropped, as a way of explaining how  the surname got changed. Headstones can be of some help, but even they can be wrong. My Mother's  Mother was a twin, Her Twin sister and she have different years of birth on their headstones. I  know, however, for a fact that they were twins. they came over to America together and the Ellis  Island records list them as being the same age. Of course when someone dies the family may not  know the exact date of birth for the deceased, they may know the day, and the month, but not  necessarily the year. Another factor with obituaries is that, at one time, generally, only living  family members were mentioned in them. If a family member died before the deceased, they would not  be mentioned in the obituary. This is true if My Father's Mother Whose obituary doesn't mention a  brother, but I know He existed because I have cousins with my grandmother's maiden name in the  same city other members of my family live.The person I have, as her brother. did indeed die before  She did.
    Headstones, obituaries, and death certificates have one thing in common, all the information in  them comes from surviving family members who provide the information as they know, or believe they  know it. the one providing the information may have never have thought to ask beforehand, where or  when the decedent was born, and gave the information the did based on assumption. Subsequently,  the headstone, obituary, and death certificate may be off on some of that information. I use the  information I find in them, unless, and until, I have or find better information to the contrary.     While it's important to be correct in researching genealogy, one cannot be strict in deciding  whether a person belongs in a tree or not, Spelling errors are common with many surnames, and  again 
 many times people used Middle names or nicknames rather than the given first name. The reality is  that why there may be more than one person with the same name, generally, there will be enough  other information to collaborate whether one belongs in a tree or not. for example how many John  Does are there out there married to Mary Roe, with a child name Nancy Elaine Doe?.       This site is not perfect there are errors and duplications in here. Because of the huge  number of names in here now, I fix those as I encounter them. If anyone encounters an error or  duplication I haven't discovered, or wishes greater access to this site, please feel free to  contact Me.
____________________________________________________________________________________                             Candidates for President of The United States Of America
   Lyndon Larouche ( 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2016) various minor 3rd                 
 Hillary Rodham Clinton (2008) Lost in primaries to Barack Obama (2016) Lost to Donald J. Trump
 William Jefferson Clinton(1992) Defeated George H.W.Bush (1996) Defeated Robert Dole
____________________________________________________________________________________                                         Prime Ministers of Canada
                           Sir Wilfrid Laurier (July 11, 1896- Oct. 6 1911) Liberal 
 Pierre Elliott Trudeau (April 20, 1968- June 4 1979) Liberal Party (March 3 1980-June 30 1984) Liberal
                                 Jean Chretien (Nov. 4 1993- December 12 2003) Liberal
                               Paul Martin (December 12 2003- February 6 2006) Liberal
                                         Justin Trudeau (November 4 2015-Present) Liberal
            Flag raiser on MT. Suribachi, Iwo Jima immortalized on the USMC Monument

                                 Pvt. Rene Arthur Gagnon

                           Crew Member of the Enola Gay on 8/6/45                                                             
                 Staff Sgt. George Robert Caron Tail Gunner / Cameraman

            Men who perished aboard the USS Arizona (BB 39) Pearl Harbor, HI 12/7/41                                   

                     Ens. Edward Webb Gosselin USN           RM 1/C Joseph Adjutor Alfred Gosselin USN

       Men who were in the crew of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) on 7/30/1945 *= survivor                                  

      S2 Lester James Ayotte US    GM3 Charles A. Bruneau USN  S2 Joseph E.J, Dronet* USN                               
               MM2 Leslie Robert St. Pierre USN      LT. Edmund Arthur Trudeau USN ___________________________________________________________________________________ 

             Sailors who died in the sinking of the USS Reuben James (DD 245) 10/31/41

                         Water Tender First Class  Gilbert Joseph Doiron  Sanford, ME   
                                Coxswain   Gerald Joseph Delisle  Fitchberg, MA


  Winners of the Congressional Medal of Honor (Name war date of action) * awarded posthumously

                                      David George Ouellet Vietnam* 3/6/67 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 

           Winners of the Silver Star (Name war date of action) * awarded posthumously

                            Lawrence Joseph Doucette* Korea 9/21/50

                                    Richard D. Abare Korea 5/24/51

                          Joseph John Albert Lemieux* Korea 9/3/51


          Winners of the Bronze Star  (Name war date of action) * awarded posthumously




                          Members of This Tree who were Portrayed in movies   
                          Lou Boudreau " The Kid From Cleveland' (1942)                                                                          
                       Marie Aurore Lucienne Gagnon " Little Aurore's Tragedy (1952) "Aurore" (2005)             
           Leo Durocher 'Whistling in Brooklyn" (1943) "Main Street to Broadway" (1953)  "42" (2013)               
                                Eddie Cicotte "Eight Men Out" (1988) "Field of Dreams" (1989)                    
                                    Francis Ouimet "The Greatest Game ever Played" (2005)                       
                                         Maurice "The Rocket" Richard "The Rocket" (2005)                                
                    Rene Arthur Gagnon " The Outsider" (1961) "Flags of Our Fathers" (2006)                         
                                 Ron Guidry " The Bronx is Burning"-TV mini series (2007)                           
                                      Lucien Rivard "The American Trap" (2008)                                                
                                       Ron Turcotte "Secretariat" (2010)                                                     
                                          Cyprien Noé Cyr "Louis Cyr" (2013)                                                
                                  Philomene Berger Cyr " Louis Cyr" (2013)                                                  
                            Justin Trudeau "God Save Justin Trudeau" (2015) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
       Members of this tree, who played for the greatest  MLB team ever, The New York Yankees              
                  ( From 1903-1913 they were known as the New York Highlanders)   
                                          Leo Louis Leroy 1905-1906                                                                  
                                            Leo Durocher 1925-1929 
                                                Joe Giard 1927                                                                               
                                                Al Cicotte 1957 
                                              Ron Guidry 1975-1988
                Members of this tree who made their MLB debut Vs. The New York Yankees                      
                             Bob Hamelin 9/12/93 1 AB, 0 H, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 0 SB  ___________________________________________________________________________________ 

                        Members of this tree in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie 1937   Lou Boudreau 1970   Harmon Killebrew 1984  Leo Durocher 1994


                                       Members of this tree named MLB MVP
              Lou Boudreau AL 1948  Denny McClain AL 1968  Harmon Killebrew AL 1969

                       Members of this tree named MLB CY YOUNG Winner                                           
                     Denny McCain AL 1968.1969    Ron Guidry AL 1978 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                         Pitchers who threw No Hitters
                        Charles Monroe "Jeff" Tesreau 9/6/12 NY Giants 3 @ Philadelphia Phillies 0                 
                             Eddie Cicotte 4/14/17 Chicago White Sox 11 @ St. Louis Browns 0 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                Members of this tree named MLB Rookie of The Year                                          
                                       Bob Hamelin Kansas City Royals AL 1994

                                             MLB Batting Champions                                                                        
               Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie  1901 Philadelphia Athletics (582 PA.426),                                   
              1902 Philadelphia Athletics AL (4 PA .250) Cleveland Naps AL (381 PA .379)(385PA .378)                     
               1903 Cleveland Naps AL (525 PA .344) 1904 Cleveland Naps(594 PA .376)                        
                          Lou Boudreau Cleveland Indians AL 1944 (681 PA .327) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 

                                Highest Career Batting Average

             Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie 21 Seasons .3382 tied for 18th on all time list

                   Lou Boudreau .2951 15 Seasons tied for 283rd on all time list

                                              Seasons Played MLB

                                  Harmon Killebrew 22 1954-1975

                               Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie 21 1896-1916

                                Mark Belanger 18 Seasons 1965-1982

                                    Clem Labine 13 Seasons 1950-1962

                                 Andre Ethier 12 Seasons 2006-2017

                                            Games Played MLB

                                     Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie 2480

                                           Harmon Killebrew 2435

                                             Mark Belanger 2016

                                            Lou Boudreau 1646

                                            Leo Durocher 1637

                                             Andre Ethier 1455

                                          Robert James Hamelin 497

                                                    Career AB's

                                     Larry " Napoleon" Lajoie 9590

                                            Harmon Killebrew 8147

                                               Lou Boudreau 6029

                                              Mark Belanger 5784

                                                Leo Durocher 5350

                                               Andre Ethier 4800  

                                        Robert James Hamelin 415                       ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                                   Career RBIs

                                    Larry "Napoleon' Lajoie 1599

                                         Harmon Killebrew 1584

                                             Lou Boudreau 789

                                              Andre Ethier 687

                                             Leo Durocher 567

                                            Mark Belanger 389

                                            Games Played as Pitcher

                                          Eddie Cicotte 502

                                                  Career IP

                                          Eddie Cicotte 3226

                                            Ron Guidry 2392

                                           Denny McClain 1886

                                 Charles Monroe " Jeff " Tesreau 1679

                                             Clem Labine 1079 2/3 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                                MLB HR Champions
                             Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie AL 1901 (14)                                                           Harmon Killebrew AL 1959,(42) 1962.(48) 1963,(45) 1964,(49) 1967,(44) 1969 (49) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                              All Time SB Leader
                                       Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie 380

                                 MLB Triple Crown Winners
                           Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie AL 190 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                      HBP Leaders
                            Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie 134

                                      ERA Leaders 
                       Charles Monroe "Jeff" Tesreau New York Giants NL 1912 1.96                                                       
                                      Ron Guidry New York Yankees AL 1978 25-3 1.74 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                   Legal spitball pitchers in this tree                                                                       
                     Charles Monroe "Jeff" Tesreau New York Giants NL 1912-1918                                       
   Eddie Cicotte Detroit Tigers AL 1905, Boston Red Sox AL 1908-1912, Chicago White Sox AL 1912-1920 
                                            single Season Leader in saves                                                     
      Clement Walter "Clem Labine Brooklyn Dodgers NL 1956 19 Brooklyn Dodgers NL 1957 17 
                               Eric Gagne Los Angeles Dodgers NL 2003 55
                                 single season Leaders in wins                          
                             Eddie Cicotte AL 1917 28, 1919 29
                           Denny McClain AL 1968 31, 1969 24
                                 Ron Guidry AL 1978 25
                                   Single Season Leaders in Complete Games pitched                                    
                                            Eddie Cicotte Chicago White Sox AL 1918 30                                   
                                              Denny McClain Detroit Tigers AL 1967 28                                                     
                                              Ron Guidry New York Yankees 1983 21
                                                 lifetime leader in complete games pitched                                                     
                                               Eddie Cicotte 1905, 1908-1920 249
                                               Single Season Leaders in Shutouts
                                       Jeff Tesreau 1914 New York Giants NL (8)                                           
                                       Denny McClain 1969 Detroit Tigers AL (9)                                                                       
                                             Ron Guidry 1978 NY Yankees AL (9)                                      ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                                        Career Leader in Shutouts
                           Eddie Cicotte Detroit Tigers AL 1905 (0) Boston Red Sox AL 1908-1912 (7)          
                                       Chicago White Sox AL 1912-1920 (28) (35)
                                                     Season Leaders in Wild Pitches
                                           Eddie Cicotte 1908 Boston Red Sox (14)

                                           Family Tree Leader in Lifetime wins                                                  
                    Eddie Cicotte (209) Detroit Tigers AL 1905 (1), Boston Red Sox AL 1908-1912 (52)  
                    Chicago White Sox AL 1912-1920 (156)
                                       Family Tree Leader in Lifetime HR's given up by pitcher                         
          Denny McClain (242) Detroit Tigers AL 1963-1970,(195)   Washington Senators AL 1971 (31)                        
               Oakland Athletics AL 1972 (4) , Atlanta Braves NL 1972 (12) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                                      MLB Managers
                                 Leo Durocher 1939-1946, 1948-1955, 1966-1973                                          
                      Lou Boudreau 1942-1950, 1952-1954, 1955-1957,  1960

                                     Managerial Wins
 Leo Durocher Brooklyn Dodgers 1939-1946, 1948,(738) New York Giants 1948-1955 (637)                Chicago Cubs 1966-1972 (535) Houston Astros 1972-1973 (98) 2,008

Lou Boudreau Cleveland Indians AL 1942-1950,(728) Boston Red Sox AL 1952-1954 (463) Kansas City Athletics AL 1955-1957 (151) Chicago Cubs NL 1960 (54) 1162

                           Longest MLB Hitting streak in this tree                                                              
      Larry "Napoleon" Lajoie Cleveland Naps AL 31 Games 1906 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                               Family Tree Leader Lifetime HRs
                                      Harmon Killebrew 573

                                                 MLB All Stars
                            Lou Boudreau AL 1940-1944, 1947-1948                                                               
                                Leo Durocher NL 1936, 1938, 1940
                            Clement Wallace "Clem" Labine NL 1956-1957 
                                  Denny McClain AL 1966, 1968-1969
                                       Mark Belanger AL 1976
                                    Ron Guidry AL 1978-1979, 1982-1983                                                 
                      Harmon Killebrew AL 1959 (2) ,1961 (2), 1963-1971
                                       Andre Ethier NL 2010-2011 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                  Ejections as MLB Manager
                                    Leo Durocher (94)
                                          Leo Durocher Quotes
                      "What are we at the park for except to win?"   
 "If I were playing third base and my mother were rounding third with the run that was going to beat  us, I'd trip her. Oh, I'd pick her up and brush her off and say, 'Sorry, Mom,' but nobody beats  me."
    "I do not care if the guy is yellow or black, or if he has stripes like a zebra. I'm the manager  of this team, and I say he plays. What's more, I say he can make us all rich. And if any of you  cannot use the money, I will see that you are traded." ( settling the issue of Dodger  players refusing to associate with Jackie Robinson in 1947)

    "Give me some scratching, diving, hungry ballplayers who come to kill you." 

   "I believe in rules. Sure I do. If there weren't any rules, how could you break them?"

            "I never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes."

   "I made a game effort to argue but two things were against me: the umpires and the rules."

             "You don't save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain."

                     "God watches over drunks and third baseman"

                  "Nobody ever won a pennant without a star shortstop"

                    "Show me a good loser and I'll show you an idiot."

"It was Brooklyn against the world. They were not only complete fanatics, but they knew baseball  like the fans of no other city. It was exciting to play there. It was a treat. I walked into that  crummy, flyblown park as Brooklyn manager for nine years, and every time I entered, my pulse  quickened and my spirits soared."

                       “Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.” 

                  "There is only one way to pitch to Musial - under the plate."

"Ballplayers are a superstitious breed, nobody more than I, and while you are winning you'd  murder anybody who tried to change your sweatshirt, let alone your uniform"

"I would have liked to go into the ninth inning with a two-run lead. I’d take my chances”        (when questioned after the Dodgers lost a three-game playoff to the Giants in 1952)

“Something went out of baseball when the Dodgers left Brooklyn, and neither all the king’s   horses nor all the king’s men can ever put it back again.” 
 “By my rules, the manager is the boss, and you respect him and you play like hell for him. If they  weren’t going by my rules anymore, I didn’t have to go by theirs.”
______________________________________________________________________________________                              National Football League Coaches
                                 Tom Landry Head Coach Dallas Cowboys (1960-1988)
                                      Canadian Football League Players
                           Roger Hamelin DE Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1961-1969) 

                           Members of this Tree in the NHL Hall of Fame

Georges Vezina 1945  Newsy Lalonde 1950  Frank "Raffles" Boucher 1958  George "Buck" Boucher 1960

Maurice "Rocket" Richard 1961  Emile "Butch" Bouchard 1966  Jean Beliveau 1972 Bernie Geoffrion 1972

Jacques plante 1978 Henri Richard 1979  Serge Savard 1986 Guy Lafleur 1988 Mario Lemieux 1997 

Bryan Trottier 1997 Patrick Roy 2006

                                     NHL MVP Winners
 Maurice "Rocket" Richard 1947 Jean Beliveau 1956 1964 Bernie Geoffrion 1961 Jacques Plante 1962

Guy Lafleur 1977 1978 Bryan Trottier 1979 Mario Lemieux 1988 1993 1996

                                    NHL Rookie of the year winners

Bernie Geoffrion 1952 Bryan Trottier 1976 Mario Lemieux 1985

                                         NHL Leading scorers

Bernie Geoffrion 1955 1961 Jean Beliveau 1956 Guy Lafleur 1976 1977 1978 Bryan Trottier 1979

Mario Lemieux 1988 1989 1992 1993 1996 1997
                                 NHL All time points Leader
                             Mario Lemieux 1723 (690 G 1033 A) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                  NHL All Time Assists Leader                                                                              
                                     Ray Bourque 1,169
                                               Goals Against Average Leaders

                                  Patrick Roy 1987 1988 1989 1992 2002 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                               Members of the World Golf Hall of Fame                                                     
                                             Francis Ouimet 1974   
               Members of the National Racing Hall of Fame (Thoroughbred Racing)                                  
                                            Ron Turcotte (Jockey) 1979

                                                     Triple Crown Winning Jockeys                                                   
                                               Ron Turcotte (Secretariat) 1973 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
                                                   Olympians in this Tree                                                          
                     Charles Hamelin ( Canada-Winter) 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018                                      
                       Gatean Boucher (Canada-Winter) 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988
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