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Since the Chipman and Tuttle families came to America in the early 1600`s, many famous descendants are in this tree: Both Pres Bush`s, Gerald Ford, Winston Churchill, Aaron Burr, Jonathan Edwards, Humphrey Bogart, Dr Seuss, Jimmy Doolittle
About The Hampels
This genealogy centers around the HAMPEL, KEMME, BENDEL, FAUTZ, TUTTLE and CHIPMAN Families. In 1996 I traveled to the areas in Europe where the Hampel, Bendel, and Kemme families came from and visited with relatives that still live there. We are still in communication. If you wish to correct, add, or delete any of your  family's information, please contact me through this Web site. When you are invited as a family member of this web site, you are able to edit, or add information/pictures to your immediate family members. 

The HAMPEL name was originally spelled Hampl. The earliest Hampl member found so far is Karel Hampl, born (place unknown) in 1684. He lived in the village of Velky Kbel in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) with his wife Katriny. Karel was a cottager (similar to a tenant farmer but he owned his own home and had a small garden plot). The area was a silver mining region that supplied the ore and charcoal to the mint in Kutna Hora (the largest city 30 KM away). When the mines were depleted, the area turned into mostly farming communities. This area is approximately 100 KM south-east of Prague. 
      Four generations later, Josef Hampl (b.1813), a tailor and living in Uhlířské Janovice, emigrated to the USA in 1858 from the port city of Bremen, Germany on the ship 'Ottilie' and settled in Cincinnati. He came with his wife (Josephina Vlach) and his 3 sons (Franz, Louis, and Anton).  During the Civil War, he made uniforms for the Union soldiers.       Two of his sons (Frank and Louis) went to Dayton to raise their families, Joseph (born in Cincinnati) went to Cleveland and Anton (or Anthony) remained in Cincinnati. Upon Josef's death, he left $10,000 to each of his sons, a tidy sum for back then. [equal to a little over$300,000 today]
      Karel Hampl's great grandson, Josef (b.1783) and father of Josef (b.1813) took a second wife after his first wife died. The grandson of this second marriage, Frantisek (b.1875) came to the USA on the ship 'Amalfi' in 1895 and settled in St. Paul Minnesota, where family members still remain. They retained the original spelling of Hampl.

The oldest information comes from the KEMME family. In the 1500's, the Bailiff in the northern county of the Duchy Osnabrück, collected farms when freefarmers could no longer meet their obligations. By 1600, he had 20 farms including the Kemme farm. In 1590's he had some difficulties with the tenents (not our relatives) on the Kemme farm and asked them to leave. He brought a bonded man and his wife from a nearby convent to work the farm. His name was Otto Dobblehoff. Otto came to the Kemme farm in 1602 and accepted the name of the farm (Kemnade at that time) as his surname in 1604. The Dobbelhoff farm (where Otto came from) is located near Bersenbrück and was owned at that time by the Cistercian Convent (founded in 1231 by Otto von Ravensberg).      Otto Dobbelhoff (now Otto thor Kemnade) was successful in managing the farm, even though farming was  difficult during the 30 Years War. During this time, his son, Harms, protected the farm by hiding the livestock in the nearby dense oak forest.  The farm has remained in the family for 11 generations, usually the youngest son inheriting the farm. In 1760, the Kemnade family name (from the Latin 'Kaminata' meaning stone house) was abbreviated to Kemme. The Kemme family remained bonded (working for the land's owner) until 1827. That year they bought their freedom and farm ownership for 2000 Talers. 
      Because the Prussians were drafting citizens of the area into their Army, August Kemme, at age 19 in 1883, walked from the farm through the night to Bremen, Germany, the closest free harbor.  There he booked passage to America. Upon arriving in Cincinnati, he lived with relatives and immediately went to work for his uncle, Anton Hesselbrock learning the cooper trade (making wooden barrels). He met his wife, Anna Drees, at a family function in Cincinnati.   August settled in St. Bernard, Ohio where he raised his family.

      The earliest date found in the BENDEL family was the birth of Johannes BENDEL, born on December 12, 1743, in Magenhaus, Germany. He was the son of Johan Georg BENDEL of Magenhaus and Kunegunde Zant from Hillershof. Both Johannes and his father were farmers in this southern German region (Württenburg) near Lake Constance (Boden See). Magenhaus is a small village nestled between the larger cities of Ailendorf and Waldsee.
   Johannes's grandson Karl BENDEL was a baker and tavern owner in Tettnang (just south of Magenhaus).  In 1884, Karl sold his business and came to America with his wife (Maria Wacker) and four children (Maria, George, Karoline, and Elizabeth), settling on a farm just outside London, KY. In 1889, Karl's wife Maria and daughter Elizabeth returned to Germany to live out the rest of their lives.  Besides farming, Karl and his son, George, were carpenters in London, KY. Most of the children of George BENDEL moved to Middletown, Ohio between 1918 and 1924 shortly after the open of the Armco Steel Corp.
  Notable descendants in the Bendel family through the Templin/Bayless/Turner lines include Actors: Johny Depp, Ted Danson, Chevy Chase, Seth MacFarlane; Actress Markie Post; Politicians: Adlai Stevenson III and John Foster Dulles; and Author Ernest Hemingway. From Christopher Todd: Humphrey Bogart. Rock Star: Pat Giraldo.
     With DNA testing, 12 of the descendants of Peter Wyandt (1782-1855) have up to 1% of Native American genes in their DNA. Not all descendants will receive this gene since you only received half of the genes from each parent.  Family history from Paul Bendel (1916-1996) has the Wyandt family coming down from Pennsylvania in the late 1700's to North Carolina. There were several tribes in Pennsylvania at that time, so it is difficult to know which tribe we descend from unless someone's family history recorded that fact. Paul Bendel said he had heard that there was Indian blood in the family but didn't know anything more than that. In reaching out to the Wyan descendants with the Native American gene, several had also heard from family lore that they had a Native American ancestor in the past. One of the descendants who received the gene is Tom Hampel.

The FAUTZ family originates in the Black Forest area of Baden in the town of Ohlsbach, Germany.  The earliest Fautz family member found was Benedict Fautz (1521-1602). His 7th great-grandson, Mathias FAUTZ, a tailor, move to Switzerland with his wife (Franziska Werpler) where their son, Paul was born. From there, they emigrated to America in 1887, living briefly in Cincinnati and Louisville, before settling in London, KY. Franziska died two years after arriving in the USA due to childbirth complications and Mathias remarried to Alphonsia Ebner from Untergaimberg, Tirol, Austria. Besides working as a tailor in London, he was also the organist at the Catholic Mission Church of St Andrew. Mathias's son Paul (from his first wife) moved to Louisville where he married and raised his family. Mathias's daughter, Rose (from his second wife), married Charles BENDEL. Charles and Rose moved to Middletown, Ohio to work at the Armco Steel Corp and to raise their family. He only stayed at Armco a short time before establishing his Contruction Company with his brothers.

The TUTTLE family came to America in 1635 on the 'Planter' ship, landing in Boston, during the time of The Great Migration. In 1639, they were a founding family of the town of New Haven Colony, Connecticut. Living on the same block of William Tuttle (8th great-grandfather of Nancy Tuttle) , was Capt. Nathaniel Turner (10th great-grandfather of Tom Hampel through the Bendel and Templin line) The TUTTLES were Puritans, seeking religious freedom. Willilam TUTTLE arrived in the Colonies with his three oldest children. His brother, Richard TUTTLE also came over on the 'Plantar' ship with his 4 children, settling in New Haven Colony. Richard's descendants are many, the most notable are: President Gerald Ford, Nancy Reagan, Lucille Ball, John Hinkley Jr., 
 William's notable descendants: Aaron Burr, Jonathan Edwards., and the 26th Vice Pres. Charles Fairbanks. Their father, Symon Tuttle (Tuthill) has even more notable descendants: Sir Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Cecil B. DeMille, Burt Reynolds, Ted Danson, Chevy Chase, Billie Eilish.
    From William Bradley comes: Viggo Mortensen (Strider/Aragorn of LOR) and Treat Williams.
    From Samuel Hotchkiss: Thomas Alva Edison and Actor Edward Norton. 
    From John Brockett- Princess Diana Spencer.
    From William Marche - Grover Cleveland, Frank Woolworth, Bill Belichick, Howard Dean, and Lilian Gish.
    From Joseph Curtis: Amelia Earhart, Charles Goodyear
    From Francis Bell: P.T. Barnum

The CHIPMAN family has seen the most impact in our nation's history. The main figure is John Howland who came to the American Colonies on the 'Mayflower' as a servant to one of the passengers. He almost died on the crossing when washed overboard, but was rescued. He married Elizabeth Tilley, who was also on the Mayflower with her parents. Another direct relative to this family, who was on the 'Mayflower' was Richard Warren. John Howland's daughter Hope, married John CHIPMAN, whose family eventually settled in North Central Kentucky. 
    Many notable descendants are from this family. John Howland - William Jennings Bryan, Geena Davis, Jane Austin, John Ritter, John Stamos.
     Henry Howland (John's Father) descendants - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joseph Smith, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, O. Henry, Richard Nixon, Humphrey Bogart, Bing Crosby, Sir Winston Churchill, Christopher Lloyd, Johnny Carson, Meryl Streep, Cecil B. DeMille, Gerald Ford, Norman Rockwell, Chevy Chase, Astronaut Story Musgrave, Glenn Close, David Carradine, James Taylor, Dr. Jill Biden, George H W Bush, George H Bush.
    Richard Warren descendants - Ulysses S Grant, J Franklin D Roosevelt, Frank Doubleday, Henry Folger, Laura Ingalls-Wilder, Orville and Wilber Wright, Astronaut Alan Shephard, Orson Welles, Julia Child, Erle Stanley Garnder, Amelia Earhart, Admiral William Halsey, Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift, Joanne Woodward, Sam Waterston, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Gere, Raquel Welch, Ernest Hemingway, Matt Damon, John Ritter, David McCullough, Shelley Fabares, Geena Davis, Sarah Palin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kristin Wiig, Kurt Cobain.


John (1571-1621), Joan, and Elizabeth Tilley came to America on the Mayflower. John is the 11th Great Grandfather of Jessica Chipman Hampel. John and Elizabeth died in the first year at Plymouth.

Norton Parker Chipman (1835-1924) Successfully prosecuted Captain Henry Wirz, the commander of the famous Confederate Anderson Prison Camp where almost 13000 Union soldiers lost their lives. Wirz was eventually hanged. Norton is Jessica Chipman Hampel's 5th cousin, 5 times removed.  Samuel Wilson Steel (1834-1914), great-grandfather of Nancy Tuttle Hampel, was imprisoned at that camp.  

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) Became the leader of the International Evangelical Movement that transformed Protestant Christianity in the eighteenth century. Jonathon is Nancy Tuttle Hampel's 2nd Cousin 6 times removed. He is most famous for his sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God".

Aaron Burr (1756-1836) 3rd US Vice President. Dueler, causing the death of Alexander Hamilton. Aaron is Nancy Tuttle Hampel's 4th cousin 4 times removed.

Capt. Leonard Houston Tuttle (1835-1924) fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, positioned atop Cemetery Ridge during Pickets Charge. Leonard is the Great Grandfather of Nancy Hampel

Anthony B Hampel (1918-1989) Received the Bronze Star for Valor during WWII while fighting the Japanese in the Philippines. Anthony is the father of Thomas A Hampel.

Pinkney Henderson Wyan (1836-1920) fought for the Union during the Civil War. Was captured twice but released twice after imprisonment. Pinkney is the Great-Great Grandfather of Thomas A Hampel

John Howland (1600-1672) came on the Mayflower. Almost drown on the trip over during a violent storm when washed overboard. John is the 9th great-grandfather of Jessica L Chipman He married Elizabeth Tilley, who was also on the Mayflower.

Gerald R Ford (1913-2006) 38th President of the United States. Gerald is the 9th cousin once removed to Nancy (Tuttle) Hampel.

George W Bush (born. 1946), the 43rd President of the United States is the 8th cousin once removed to Nancy (Tuttle) Hampel

Jimmy Doolittle (1896-1993) of the Doolittle Raiders during WWII. James is the 7th cousin once removed to Nancy Tuttle Hampel.

John D Rockefeller (1839-1937) Philanthropist Is the 7th cousin once removed to Nancy T Hampel

Sir Winston Spencer-Churchill (1874-1965) England's Prime Minister. Winston is the 8th cousin, once removed to Nancy Tuttle Hampel.

Willliam Tuttle (Tuttell); (1607 - 1673) one of the founding fathers of New Haven, Connecticut is both the 7th great-grandfather of Nancy Tuttle Hampel and the 10th great-grandfather of Thomas A Hampel

1) James M Effler (b.19__) Artist behind the annual Bockfest posters. James is a 3rd cousin to Thomas A Hampel
2)Frank Albers (1883-1930) studied under the famous artist Frank Duveneck in Covington, KY. Frank is a first cousin three times removed to Thomas A Hampel
3) Charlotte Steel Tuttle (1919-2007) Artist for Gibson Greeting Cards. 

1) John Hesselbrock (1908-1992) President of the Hudepohl Brewing Company (that his grandfather Louis Hudepohl founded) during the 1980's. John is the 2nd cousin twice removed to ThomasA Hampel
2) Charles Lee Marshall (1901-1989) Founder of the Grismer Tire Company in Dayton Ohio. Charles was married to Gertrude Bucher who is a 2nd cousin once removed to Thomas A Hampel
3)Heinrich Herman Albers (1846-1917) Proprietor of the Pike Street Tavern in Covington, KY. Heinrich was married to Johanna Drees who was a 1st cousin four times removed to Thomas A Hampel
4) J Anton Hesselbrock (1841-1904) Partner in the 'Hesselbrock & Rasche Cooperage. J. Anton Hesselbrock is the uncle three times removed to Thomas Hampel.
5) Michael Effler (1887-1970) Owner of Michael Effler Jewelers [since 1920]. The business is now  owned by son William Effler. Michael is husband to Helen Drees who is the first cousin twice removed to Tom Hampel
6) Charles H Bendel (1894-1987) Owner of the C.H. Bendel General Contractor. Charles is the grandfather of Tom Hampel.

AWARDS: Eagle Scouts:              Other:
Paul E Tuttle, Jr.                          Daniel T Imfeld - 1996 American Legion Firefighter of the Year
Joseph L Hampel                         Thomas A Hampel - Silver Beaver Award (Boy Scouts of America)
Andrew R Moyniham                    Clyde Howell Jr. - Silver Beaver Award (Boy Scouts of America)
                                                 Anthony B Hampel  - Bronze Star with Valor in WWII
                                                 Eugene D Franklin - Distinguished Service Cross; Bronze Star-WWII
Lt. Col. William J McKusker IV (b. 19__)  USA      Thomas C Bendel (1930-2006) USA
Lt. Col. David C Hampel (b. 19__)           USA     Capt. Paul E Tuttle Sr (1919-2007) USN
AB Thomas A Hampel (b. 19__)        USAFR        Edward J Hampel (1876-1910) USN
SSgt. Anthony B Hampel (1918-1989)   USA       Capt.  Paul E Tuttle Jr (b. 19__)    USN
Ferdinand J Vogt  Jr. (1919-2006) USN                Capt. Leonard H Tuttle (1835-1924) USA
Daniel C Imfeld (1916-1994)        USA                Capt. John McClelland (1734-1819) USA
Emanuel A Hampel (1879-1951)   USA                William Steel (1834-1914) USA
Pvt. Barzillai Willey (1734-1771)   USA                Pvt. Pinkney H Wyan (1836-1920) USA
Capt.  Vincent P Fautz (1922-2015) USN             Capt. Eugene D Franklin (1933-1965) USA
Elmer T Fautz (1928-2018)          USA                Raymond L Fautz (1929-2017) NtlGrd
Albert J Fautz (1931-2013)          USMC              Sgmn 2nd Cl.  Frank Fisher (1922-1991)   USA
Richard C Bendel (1922-2016)    USA                  Pvt. Jesse Stith Chipman (1837-1897)  USA
Charles L Marshall (b. 19__)       USA                  Pvt. Solomon Brown (1779-1860) Militia 
Sgt. Richard S Stapleton (1850-1906) USA          Lt. Cmdr. Gerald R Ford (1913-2006) USNR
Eugene C Pratt (1916-1977) USA                        Stanley E Huff (1918-2005) USA
Charles E Fautz (1926-1993) USMC                     Pvt. William Lumpkin (1824-1886) CSA
Steven C Tuttle (b. 19__) USA                            Sgt. G.  Tyler Franklin (1842-1917) CSA
Ralph E Williams (B. 19__) USA                          Bernard Roll (1902-1972) USA
Pvt. Enos Tuttle, Jr. (1762-1843) USA                  David Lewis Tanner (1923-2000) USN
Joshua J Adams (1836-1930) CSA                       Leo Charles Rosselot (1891-1984) USA
Hobart L Chase (1921-2016) USMC                     James H Bendel (1939-2020) USAF
Hubert J Bendel (1896-1973) USA                      Lt. Samuel Williams (1759-1825) USA
                                               not a complete list
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