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Allied Families for McKNIGHT: Pritchard, 
Hudson, Bowman, Baker, Spencer

Allied Families for HERLOCHER: 
New, Alford, Barner, Heckman, Rodgers/Garner, Graham/Green, White, Kirby, 
Young, Hall, Kennedy, Perrin, Finley/Finlay, Yarbrough, Calvert, Eggers, 
Cowart/Coward/Cowherd, Cannon, Benet, Smith, Heckman, Young, Walling, 
Elewell/Alewell, Gist/Guest, Riddle & many others

"I have reflected many times upon our rigid search. It has 
shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past. 
It is always along the side of us, on the inside, looking out. 
In this way, I will always be along the side of your life. 
And you will always be along the side of mine. 
Our families will be with us, and our families' families. 
I am sending you this because we have shared something to exist for. 
And, of course, in case anyone comes searching." 
-from "Everything Is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer

I would like to remind everyone that THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! 
I try to work on the site at least once a week. 
I am human and therefore subject to error. As with any genealogical 
information it is always best to double check the information for 
Not all lines in this tree have been researched thoroughly.
When available, census images and other documents such 
as marriage and death certs are added as photographs to individuals. 
I began researching this tree in 1994. 

If you have information/photographs to add to the tree please contact 
me . 
I always credit information and photographs 
to the individuals who share them with me.

THIS IS NOT MY COMPLETE RESEARCH! In most cases (not all) 
I have more information on most lines that I have not yet added to the site. 
I am working to get all my research added here.  

 I would like to say "thank you" to the following 
Dad, Mom, Grandma Betty, Grandma Mary, Aunt Anna 
De La Cruz, Aunt Virgie Mings, Aunt Mittie 
Howards, Aunt Sue (Margie) Hubbard, Constance Peck, 
Sharon Kesse, Wayne D. Barner, Gale D Stroud, Trena 
Gregory, Ramona Wagnon, Linda Walker, Candice Vader, 
Ray Isbell, Thea Gilliam, Jim Yarbrough, Todd Young, 
Constance Peak, Amy Stinehelfer, Valerie Pippi and 
anyone else I may have forgotten to name for 
all the information, photographs, tips and help they have 
shared with me that has allowed me to 
fill in so many gaps and break through countless brick 
walls in my research.

A really big thank you to: 

Cheryl Waldrop who has shared so much information and 
photographs of the Kennedy line of our 
family, you have truly been a blessing with all of your 

David New of Austin, TX for allowing me to use 
photographs of his branch of the New family, which 
provided names that allowed me to link together more of 
that line. 
Buel Rodgers for the information and photographs he has 
shared concerning the Rodgers branch of 
our family. The photographs you have shared are truly 

Jim Rodgers for taking time to add & share information & 
photographs regarding his line of the 
Rodgers family, you have been so wonderful!

Tom Glowatski for the information and documents 
shared on the Pritchards, you've been extremely 

Bobby Smith for the information & photographs of his 
lines of the White family & for the answer 
to "Riddle" which allows me to take my line of Whites a 
little further. Your help is greatly 
appreciated Bobby!

Patricia Leigh Sims for the information and photographs she has entered
of her line of the White family. Your help is greatly appreciated!

I would also like to thank Graham Palmer of Kent, England for his suggestions &
the information he has shared with us about the HMS Liverpool.

Jean Mims and Christopher J. McKnight for all of your help with the McKnight family line.

I really appreciate all of everyone's help ... Thank you


Images and information on the site fall under one or more of the following: (1) property of Mary Helen McKnight (2) used with permission (3)considered "free public domain" by law (4) fall under Fair Use laws. If you believe an image or information belonging to you was used without permission or is credited incorrectly, please contact me so I can work with you to correct the issue. Please remember, by law, facts, such as names, dates and places, cannot be copyrighted. © 2007-2017 Mary Helen McKnight

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