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There are 683 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Blanton, Sir John in 1620. The most recent event is the death of Covington, Richard (Richie/Rae in 2019.The webmaster of this site is Cindy Higdon. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

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About Joplin Higdon's Family Tree
Origin of the surname Higdon

Source: Higdon Family Newsletter, February 1972, Number 2, page 4, Editor Jo Ann Smith

THE NAME AND FAMILY OF HIGDON, compiled by The Media Research Bureau: 

The surname HIGDON is of somewhat uncertain origin. One writer on the origin of surnames says of  it: "Baptismal, "the son of Higdon" (?). So the evidence seems to prove: but it has a very local  appearance.” The first syllable of the name is sometimes a shortened form of the personal name of  Hugh, which means "intellectual", and at other times is a nickname for Richard, which  means "strong ruler". The second syllable may be the familiar shortened form of the English down,  meaning "the slope of a hill", in which case the name is probably of local origin and derived from  the residence of its first bearers at a place called Hig's Down or Higdon. In ancient English and  early American records the name appears in the various spellings of Higden, Higton, Higdon, and  others, of which the last is the form most frequently in evidence in America in modern times.

Possibly the earliest record of the name in England is that of one John "Hikedun", who was living  in Worcestershire in the year 1273. In 1379 one "Higdon de Synesby" was living in Yorkshire. John  Higden, who was resident at Epperstone, in Yorkshire, about the middle of the sixteenth century,  may have been descended from the last-mentioned Higdon of Synesby, but this is conjectural.

John Higden, of Epperstone, married Bridgett, daughter of Edward Odingsells, of Nottinghamshire,  and was the father by her of a son named John, who married Ann, daughter of Henry Parkins, of  Fishlake. John and Ann had issued at Epperstone of at least one son, another John Higden, who was  living in 1612 at Laxton, County York, and probably left issue there by his wife Margaret, who was  a daughter of John Cator of Lancashire.

In the early seventeenth century one John Higdon, "gentleman", was living at St. Clement Danes,  London. In 1640, at thirty years of age, he married Joane Durden of St. Martin-in-the-Fields.  Little is know of the London line but in 1740 one Daniel Higden, of London, was married at St.  George, Hanover Square, to Margaret Clifton, of that place.

The first of the name in America was Peter Higden, who emigrated from Salisbury in Wiltshire to  America about the year 1635. He was lost in the great storm of that year, being wrecked with his  master, Anthony Thacher, on Cape Ann.

There was a family of the name early resident in Maryland. Probably the progenitor of this line  was John Higton or Higdon, who died in Prince George’s County, Maryland, in 1723…..  About the origin of the name HIGDON..it means 'dweller on a high hill'. A high hill  was called a dunn in Northern England and still is in Scotland

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