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Welcome! This website was created on Jan 30 2007 and last updated on Jun 29 2020. The family trees on this site contain 1725 relatives and 2003 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About The Hillis Family (Northeast Texas)
   We are the family of Joe and Alice Peel- Hillis, both of whom were born in 1861.   
   The President at the time of their birth was Abraham Lincoln.    
   The family originated in Cass & Morris Counties located in Northeast Texas in the towns of Naples  and Hughes Springs, Texas. In Addition, the family owns 75 acres of land in Naples, Texas.    
 The family once farmed Cotton, Sweet Potatoes, Purple Hull Peas, Sweet Corn, Sugar Cane, Iris  Potatoes & Watermelons, etc...
 Also, the family raised horses, cows, pigs, & chickens.
 Joe and Alice raised ten children on this track of land. 
 The ten children were: Georgia b.1880, Irene b.1882, Rebecca b.1884, Lee Ollie  b.1889, Dollie Mae b.1892, Helena b.1894, Boise b.1896, Emma Lou b.1897, Dewey b.1899 and Raymond b.1903,
 My great-grandmother being Lee Ollie, whom her daughter my grandmother Geneva,  whom her daughter my mother Barbara June.
 Late in the evening, when the sun would go down in the west for the day;  Mother Alice could be heard singing an old hymn, "The Day Has Passed and Gone" everyone in the  house 
 knew it was prayer time when she would begin singing.
 Daddy Joe would sing a hymn, "Lord In The Morning They Should Hear My Voice Ascending High".  Singing 
 and prayer were the two major factors in the "Hillis" home.  
   In this present year of our Lord, they are "Gone, But Not Forgotten",  "Precious memories how they linger, how they ever flood my soul, in the      stillness of the midnight, sacred secrets are untold".
   We will keep the rich heritage of our family alive so that the next  generations will know who we are, and where we came from.
 There are family members from east to west as well as north and south in the United States of  America, also, in Canada. In this site, you will find some of the names of our family members, this  is not all of them, we are adding names daily. 
 The family started a Reunion back in August of 1964 on the second  Sunday of each year, now it is on the second Saturday in August of each year.  Dollie Mae Hillis-Edney at her home started the reunion alone with her sister Emma Lou Hillis- Carter located in Naples, TX. 
 The Family Reunion when started was called, 
 "The Hillis Family and Friends Reunion".
  The reunion went in remission after the year of 1992. 
 In the year of 2000, the reunion resumed and now called "Carter - Hillis" Reunion.  
 We are the lineage of Joe and Alice Peel Hillis, regardless of any surnames resulting from their  children.
   In the year of 2006, the reunion was in Dallas, TX for the first time in history; it has always  been in East Texas. However, in 2007 it has been Determined that it will be in Dallas once again.  The date for the family reunion will be... 
 August 11, 2007, At the Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center. The 2008 Family Reunion was held in Houston, Texas - 
 "August 8th-10th" 
 Hosted by Joe and Teresa Betts-Kimble.
 The 2009 Family Reunion was held in San Antonio, Texas - 
 "August 7th-9th"
 The 2010 Family Reunion was held in Mount Pleasant, Texas 
 "August 13th-15th"
 The 2011 Family Reunion will have a repeat in Mount Pleasant, Texas "August 12th - 14th" The Family Reunion 2012~ Mount Pleasant, Texas - "August 10-12,2012" The Family Reunion 2013 ~Mount Pleasant, Texas - "August 2-4, 2013" The Family Reunion 2014 ~ Dallas, Texas "August 8-10 2014"   The Family Reunion 2015 ~ Mount Pleasant, Texas "July 31st -  August 2nd"
 Any information needed for activities regarding the Family Reunion, you may contact, Phyllis  Harrison at email address: pkjohn37@windstream.net or phone:(903)736-4500 / Family Reunion  President, Larry Betts Sr. email address: larry.betts@sbcglobal.net or phone:(972)979-0375  
    We have been researching our family history for some time now; have found interesting  information, some of our families were in slavery, after being sold into slavery some of them were  separated from each other. Some we do not know what has happened to them, as of today. However, the  search is on!
   For instance, information on the father of Joe Hillis could not be found  in any of the archives, it's a possibility he could have been a slave owners  child; only information on his mother; it was not much just her name, no date  of death, It was found possibly that she came from Arkansas and moved to Naples.     
   Alice Hillis, father and mother's information was found. The Peel family originated out  of the state Alabama and relocated to Northeast Texas. 
   Thanks to Mr. Floyd Jackson for the information he shared with us about    Alice Hillis family members. He gave us information about Alice Hillis's  mother, her name was Jane Peel and she was born in the State of Alabama in  1830. He also shared the names of Alice's brothers and sisters, which you will find in the family  tree of Harry Peel, Alice's father.
   The search will continue in other archives until we can go as far back  to our African Ancestry, 
   Thank you for visiting this site. If you think there is a possibility you are a descendant of  this family or have information about our ancestry, 
 please contact me by email or postal mail. My contact information is located on this page. We  welcome any information you might have that would increase our research efforts about the families  on this website.
 In addition, please sign the "Guest Book" located at the top of this page, I would personally like to thank Mrs. Theresa Sheets-Foster for her  contributions to this website, She has been most instrumental in gathering  information to assist in this endeavor, In addition, I thank her, for her  stupendous and magnificent as well as her untiringly work in this effort to  bring more history to our family.
 Thanks again for visiting,                      
 Michael T Blackmon
                    " Strengthening Family Ties "

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