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Welcome! This website was created on 20 Jul 2009 and last updated on 06 Jul 2020. The family trees on this site contain 2702 relatives and 115 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About The Howe / Deane / Dee / Hart, Family Tree

Welcome to this Family Tree Site. Please feel free to explore and search for any family names & relationships of interest.

Also, should you wish to suggest any edits to information, or contact the owner, please click on the link provided & leave a message & we shall contact back to you.
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Much information, photographs & documentation has been gathered as a background to this Site, and  it is stored in my off-line database in Legacy.
 Also, some of the Family History information presented is not available in the official BDM records,  and is the result of painstaking searching through State Library Records & Documents, together with  Record search help from Parish Church researchers at a number of locations throughout Australia.

And for more in-depth details please donot hesitate 
 to contact us via "Administrator" to learn more about specific Branches and Family  Members, or to help fill in blanks in your Tree.

We have set the Privacy for this Site so that any information  about "Living Persons" cannot be accessed by Visitors. Generally, only basic Names &  dates are recorded here.


Gregory Hough (aka Howe) was convicted in Ireland, in 1821, for stealing a cow and  sentenced to 7 years transportation at Port Jackson. Gregory "Hough" was Transported to NSW on the "Isabella (2)" in 1822.
 On 19 Feb 1827, Gregory Howe was found guilty, in the Newcasle "Police Office", of Absconding from  his master's service. He was Sentenced to "3 months Gaol Gang". (Original copy is on this site.) He later married Mary Tilley in 1830, herself a transported Convict serving 7 years for attempting  to steal a piece of ribbon from a shop. They set up home in the Parramatta district and had a  family there. They are recorded in the 1841 Census as living in a “wooden house” with there  children. Gregory is a “store keeper” in this record but he had earlier been in the  Police Force, and had served on Norfolk Island. Gregory’s wife, Mary died in 1847 at  the same time as their fifth child, an infant, Emma. Later, Gregory married Elizabeth  Fraser, in 1848, who also died at the same time as her infant child, Ann in 1849. The Howe family appears to have then spent time living in Pleasant Creek (Stawell),  Victoria around the Gold Rush times and earlier, after which they moved to live in  around what is now Carlton & parts of  Central Melbourne. Gregory passed away aged 71  in 1867, in Carlton, Victoria.

Thomas Dee was convicted in Glostershire in 1849, for stealing poultry & a tea caddy,  and was also sentenced to 7 years transportation in VDL. He arrived in Hobart in  December 1841, and allowing time for the sea voyage must have spent about 1 ½ years  on a Prison Hulk in England.
 In 1854 Thomas married another Convict, Mary Cummings, in Hobart. (His occupation is  recorded as Shoemaker then and in all others subsequent documents until 1906, where  his has become a Potter.) Mary Cummings had been convicted in 1851 at the Central  Criminal Court (London), for stealing money from a foreigner. She arrived in Hobart  in 1853
 Mary had her official Pardon approved in 1856, but what became of her or befell her  after this time is still a mystery. This is still being investigated by the writer  with assistance from Genealogists over there. Much of Tasmania was a wild and lawless  place at that time and also there are questions relating to her character. Thomas Dee, by now 36 years old is next recorded as marrying Mary Burns, a “minor” in  Launceston in 1863. (Then, a minor was classed as a person under 21 years.) They went on to have a large family there, 13 in all at one count. Thomas' occupation  was originally a "Specialist" Boot & Shoe Maker, but later on the family became  friends of the well known Campbells Pottery family and Thomas moved into the Pottery  business in Lauceston. The sons also went into the Pottery trade. They moved as a family over to live in Melbourne in about 1898. Thomas died in hospital pn 1915, a short time after suffering accidental burns  incurred when he fell into the living room fireplace fire at his home in Box Hill  Victoria.
 He had suffered with severe dementia for some time and was in his late 80s. His wife  Mary passed away after suffering from a heart condition, in 1920, at the family home  in Mont Albert Victoria.


Piecing together a brief “Story Line” History for our Deane, (Dean & Deen), Family  line has proved to be problematic journey.

It has only been done so far by locating and gathering documents from both local  Australian & in English sources, including Census Records, then cross referencing the  names & dates backward & forward over the years.

From the 1841 England Census for Wirrall, Wallasey, we can see Robert Dean [snr], 25  yrs, is record as a Stone Mason, with wife Margaret, 20 yrs, and children Ellen, 6  yrs, Elizabeth 5yrs, Thomas 5 yrs, & Robert [jnr], 2 months.

The 1851 Census records Robert Dean [snr], 36 yrs, as a Quarryman Stone, with wife  Margaret 35 yrs, with children Ellen, 17 yrs, Elizabeth 15 yrs, Thomas, 11 yrs,  Robert [jnr], 5yrs, Eliza 3 yrs, & Fanny 1 yr.

We note that Robert [jnr] is recorded as 2 months old on the 1841 Census, but 10  years later in the 1851 Census, he is recorded as being only 5 yrs old, so this is  most likely not the same person. It appears that this Robert died young and another  was born some years later, about 1845~46, who appears as 5 yrs on the next census. (On the FreeBMD site there is a death record of a Robert Dean at Wirral in the Dec  1841 quarter. This would appear to match up.)

This family has not yet been located in the 1861 Census.

The 1871 records Robert [snr], 59 yrs, as a Market Gardener with wife Margaret, 55  yrs, and children Elizabeth, 24 yrs, Ann 16 yrs, Margaret, 14 yrs. There is no  mention of our Robert [jnr], so we can believe that he had already migrated.

I have as yet not located a reliable date, or Ship’s name, that our Robert came to  Australia on.

The next Record is of Robert [jnr] is his marriage to Sarah Ann White, a daughter of  the Selector, Eden White, (1830-1901), in 1872 in Benalla, Victoria, where he marks  his age as 23 yrs. Occupation “Groom”. Sarah Ann is recorded as 16 yrs, “House Maid”. Here Robert’s name is recorded as “Deen”.
 Robert’s [jnr] parents are Robert Deen & Margaret Chadwick.

We have located a copy of the 1833 Marriage Record from St Peter's Liverpool, for  Robert Dean, [snr], "Carter" &  Margaret Chadwick, "Spinster". The Marriage date was 21st October 1833, by "Banns". The Celebrant was "John  Robinson, …. Curate".
 Robert signed his own name, but Margaret made an "X". Witnesses were Peter Sparks &  Matilda Dean. 
 The Groom, Robert, [snr], has signed his own name and a Matilda Dean was a Witness.

Robert Dean [jnr] (Deen), & Sarah Ann went on to have a large family. It appears that  the family moved around a lot, possibly because of Robert’s employment with Cobb & Co  Coaches. Most of the children were born in towns, as Wangaratta, Violet Town, Albury,  Wagga Wagga, Violet Town, & Benalla.
 Sarah Ann died on 31 May 1934 in Corowa, NSW, but to this day it has not been  established what became of Robert [jnr] Dean, as no official death record can be  located. It has been mentioned that he had travelled back to England later in life  and died there, but this is not confirmed.

My line of the Family is descended from Robert & Sarah’s third child, Thomas Eden  Deane, born 1877 in Albury, NSW.
 For reasons at this stage unknown, Thomas Eden has had an “e” added to the Dean name,  therefore having it recorded from then on as Deane. This could possibly just been a  recording error.
 Thomas Eden Married Caroline Hart in 1907 at St Pauls Church of England, Warragul,  Vic.
 Thomas Eden & Mary Caroline went on to have eight children, two of who died on  Infancy.


To learn more about some other branches of our Ancestor Tree, go to some of the other  Web Sites listed below at "Usefull Links" for greater detail.

Again, thankyou for visiting our Site & we would appreciate it if you could please  sign the Guest 
 Book before leaving.
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Last revised 2 July 2020
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