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Welcome to Hanson / Anderson in the Memory of Sidney Hanson Family Tree,
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About Hanson/Anderson Family /In The Memory of Sidney R. Hanson

Welcome to our family tree. It is the intention of this site to keep alive the memory of those  who have gone before us and to make those who are in the future to be aware of their past and their ancestors. This web site is in the memory of Sidney R. Hanson who worked countless years on our family tree. Hanson/Anderson/In The Memory of Sidney R.Hanson web site is a work in progress and may be under construction at times. We extend an invitation to all cousins researching our ancestors in Denmark and Sweden,to join us in compiling  Family Tree. If you have information and/or photos to  share we would be thrilled to hear from you. This way, we can cross reference our information  and help to build a correct account of our shared Family History...Kent Hanson


Sidney R. Hanson

" About Hanson, Sidney Rudolf February 9, 2008. 'How I got involved in the Genealogy of our families by Sidney Hanson.' First I would like to take you back to how all this got started. The following letter from Alila will begin to explain how I got involved. P. O Box 562 Newhall, Calif. July 7, 1964 Dear Folks; We were so very happy to receive a letter from your folks a couple of days Ago and to find I had some kin folk that lived not too far away. Perhaps You would like to know the family ties and how we are cousins [from way back!]. If you will trace the Hanson side back far enough you will find that we both had the same great grandmother but different great grandfathers. You are of the first marriage and I am of the second marriage- Sophie 1st marriage 2nd marriage Hans Hanson Louis R. Hanson H. P. Hanson Hans R. Hanson Sidney Hanson Alila [Hanson] Chambers Does that make us second cousins? My Aunt Carrie [Hanson] Fry has asked me to compile the family records for her. She is the daughter of the late L. R. Hanson of Nelson, Minn. She is now living with her Daughter, Iona [Fry] Bruce and her husband Robert [Bob] at 204 Palm Court Drive , Santa Maria, Calif. She’s about 82 years of age and quite active for her age. She loves flowers and spends a lot of time giving them tender care. Her eyes don’t permit her to do any close work but she is able to write very legible yet. I hear from her nearly every two weeks or so. There are only three children out of seven left in her family now. I am under the impression that you are a member of a large family. I’m enclosing a form that I wish you would fill out to put in the family records. It certainly is wonderful that you still have your Mother and Father. Are they living with a Member of your family? Perhaps you could member get all the information on your Father and Mother asked for in the form. Could you start with your grandmother and grandfather on your father side [Hans Hanson] then your Mother and Dad - List all your brother and sisters [oldest first] as a family unit. Then break it down for each child giving the full name of their mate including single names of women who married into the family. Then list their children as a family unit, etc. It sounds very complicated [and believe you me it can become complicated trying to keep family records in order].Especially when the Giving names are repeated in the different family units. Sample of Records 1 Hans Hanson married Amelia Boesen Children A. Sophie [or Mary] B. Annie C. Peter D. Lewis E. F. William F. Emma or Louisa G. Ella H. Ida [Skip A and B for now] C. Peter Hanson married Annie Children [List children as a family unit first] 1 - 7 8. Sidney R, Hanson married___________. Children a. b. c. I hope this isn’t too confusing! By the way, Clarence was sorry not to ask you what your first name is when he was talking with you yesterday. I am at a disadvantage as I would like to address you properly. Please excuse; use it for now. Please write and tell me your first name and those of your children. Does your Dad have any record of the maiden name of Sophie or her birth date or any other information asked in the form? Does any member of his family have a family Bible? Diary or family Records where this information could be obtained? I realize that generation is well up in years and dates have long slipped being recalled. Perhaps some of them might have some sources of history of the family. Please complete the forms as much as possible and mail them back at your earliest convenience. Thank you for all your time and effort in helping me to complete this project. Please write and tell us about your family. What is your sister married name and address who lives in Glendale? Thank you again until I hear from you by letter of phone. In case Clarence didn’t give our number to you the other day it is805-259-2308. We have direct dialing here in Newhall. Maybe one of these days we could all get together and really have a goof the family records. May we hear from you in the very near future. Most Sincerely, Cousin Alila Mrs. Clarence S. Chambers P.O. Box 562 Newhall, Calif. 91321 P.S. I have so very little information on the Hans Hanson. I sure wish you could help me. P.S. #2 Would you folks like a little puppy for the taking. We have four that needs a home and some one to love. ___________________________________________________________________ Over several years I sent Alila quite a bit of information on our side of the family and then it sort of died by the wayside or so I thought.Now lets go to a later date. My cousin Mildred [Anderson] Dahl contacted a researcher in Salt Lake City in regards to the ancestors in my Mothers side of the family. We pooled our resources and had him check out the Swedish ancestors of which we think he did a fairly good job. On June 15, 1994 I received a call from my cousin once removed, Dave Hanson the son of my Cousin Leslie Wallace Hanson. Leslie had passed away and they had just been to the funeral in Glasgow, Montana. Dave mentioned to me that there was a lady there who had a copy of the Hanson Genealogy that Alila had put together. I asked if I could speak to this lady. Later that day I received a call from Phyllis[Smith] Granning the daughter if Carl Frederick Smith and Mary Christine [Hanson] Smith who I had never heard of before but now Ilearn that we are related. I asked Phyllis if she would send me a copy of the information she had. She said she would if I would payfor it and of course I agreed. Next please view the cover page of Alila’s Genealogy and a couple pages of her comments. ___________________________________________________________________ Family Records of Sophie Hanson and Hans Hanson Compiled by Sarah Emily Alila Hanson Chambers Another Hanson Cousin' [Cover Page] ___________________________________________________________________ 'Greetings from Arkansas!' Many long years ago as a teenager living in California I took a trip to Osakis, Minn. to visit Aunt Carrie Fry. It marked the beginning ofan extensive effort over the past 40 years to accumulate and compile family data from all branches of 'Our Tree that now spreads from Coast to Coast and border to border blending threads of many nationalities. It was a beautiful day on the 19th of June ;in the year 1939. Started taking notes in pencil in a small loose leaf note book. Thecover has been long gone but I still possess those old faded notes now held together by a solitary paper fastener. Aunt Carrie would sit and talk of those early days and the people involved. Down through the years she would stop awhile in her busylife to jot down and send me by mail the bits of information as she would recall people and happenings. Several other family members, some who are no longer with us now, have also joined me in gathering records of whole families of kinfolk and have sent me their information. Even this past month a good many relatives have graciously cooperated in supplying me with additional data for the records. It has takenthe entire pad save one sheet.- 49 page. Many countless days and long painstaking hours have been involved to incorporate the latest additions also 2 Bottles of white out. I have enjoyed the work immensely as a hobby. Also I have become better acquainted with the vast branches of our family, many of whom I have never met but would love met them in person some day, if only just today 'Hello! I am your cousin'. However, there still remains much more badly needed information to make this project complete. Perhaps another younger cousin will become involved to gather the missing data and put it in book form. But r now I am lovingly submitting this draft in honor of AUNTCarrie's one hundredth BIRTHDAY. May she have many happy hours enjoying the fruit of our efforts. Most Sincerely, Your Hanson Cousin Alila Hanson Chambers The granddaughter of L R H P.S. The colors of the yarn represent the colors in the flags of Norway and Denmark May 14, 1982 _____________________________________________________________________________ Please note Alila's challenge for a 'younger cousin to take up her work to complete her project'. I don’t know why but I guess I must accepted her challenge. Alila's Genealogy opened a whole new world for me. I soon started sending out forms to many all over the country and collected more information. Next I bought a computer and subscribed to Family Tree Maker. This opened up more doors for me and I soon learned about relatives I had not known anything about. In1995 my nephew Robert 'Bob' Hanson suggested to his niece Judy[Hanson] Henderson that we should have a Family Reunion. Judy contacted me about 'Bob’s' suggestion and between us we sent out invitations to relatives all over the country and the response was great. We heard from relatives in Washington, California, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Florida, New York, Wisconsin, Georgia and others. In August we had a Family Reunion at the park in Osakis. In the evening we had a dinner and picture showing at what we call the Senior Center. Sunday morning we had a catered breakfast at the Nelson Town Hall. This was followed by many going to visit farms, churches and schools that they remembered from childhood. Everyone enjoyed the reunion and many suggested we have another one in a couple of years. In 1997 we had another reunion and many came. Many that came to the first reunion came and others who could not make it to the first reunion came to this one. Over the years I added more information to the Family Tree and then one day I met Josie Haggard on the street and our conversation turned to relatives from Denmark. She told me that a friend of hers, Doris &Wally Miller, had some research done by a lady in Denmark. I went to see Doris and Wally at the Scandinavian Gift Shop and Doris gave thee-mail address of a gal in Copenhagen who had done research for them. The next day I sent an e-mail to Anne Bach in Copenhagen and received an immediate reply. Anne said she wasn’t busy at that time and she would help us in our search for information on our Danish Ancestors. Some of this information cleared up some mysteries in the family. We soon learned that the young girl called Bodel Hansen that came with my great- grandmother to America in 1868 and no one knew who she was, turned out to be Sophie [Hansdatter] Hanson% Please Email family pictures and information and story's to kerbo5455@gmail.com .

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