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About Mims Joyner Potter Green & Families
Hello family members I decided to do a family web site after seeing the encouraging 
work my cousin Kate Sheffield has done on our other family site. Seeing the work she 
has done on my Grandmother Gladys Sheffield's father side Henry Sheffield, I decided 
to do Henry's wife side Mary Green (Potter, Green). I thought, I would like to gather 
the rest of my family in this also, to include my mother side of her family (Joyner, 
Mims). There have been plenty of research, but still touch only the surface. I'am one 
person, and could not possibly tell the stories of our entire rich heritage, so feel 
free to share your stories so that all may benefit, so that the next generation may 
know the story of our families travel through history and time. 
Thank you for taking the time to scan through time for a brief moment in time. I will 
continue to search to include others. So help me by including your branch of the tree.
If you have personal comments contact 
(716)940-4229 Cell
God Bless you all.
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