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About  The Various Tree
Hello, I am Karen Stacey (nee Hoare), I became interested in the family tree in 1987/89 when my  mother died and when my son, Robert was born.

The reason I named this the "Various Tree" was simple ...I had to name the tree to create it, on the spur of the moment I just thought which line do I name it and I just thought there are many various  lines....I did not want to be selfish or offend...so there the name The Various Tree was born.

When I was a young girl (in the 1960's/70's) I loved it when my great Aunts Blanche, Dorothy &  Phyll would come over for lunch.  After lunch the girls would sit around the table and just talk of  their memories. I expect that then I got my first "hit" of what happened in their day and that  although seemed old to me at the time...they actually were little girls at one time.

In about 1988 I received some documents about the "Roesner" part of the tree from my great Aunt  (Dorothy Burtt/Bowley).  These documents were organised by Vernon Moore.  I have never met  Vernon.

Vernon compiled information on Amalie/Amalia Roesnor's marriage to John Johnson who was Swedish.  They just took it for granted that he came from Stockholm in Sweden.

In 2004 Janene Hannett/Evans queried Sweden with no other knowledge about "John Johnson" Only that  he married Amalie/Amalia.

....That is when I entered the trace.. We met Ulf Jonsson who still lives in Pitea, Sweden and  then Christer Oberg who still lives in Lulea, Sweden, online.  They helped tremendously.  Transcribing Swedish Ancestors was very difficult as no-one had the same surname...In about 1850  the law came in to create a family name and that would have also applied to most of Europe and the  UK.

The Johnson side in Australia was contributed by Tess, Ruth and Janene.  John Adolf Johnson was  born Johan Adolf Lundmark.

I feel that this is my field, maybe I should have been a detective or a Historian.  Although you  may have not much information one minute...a few more years may come by before the information just  comes flooding in and a story comes together, as we have found not only with John Johnson but also  Henry Groom.

England Groom's were contributed by contact with Nik and Adi through Ancestry.com due to my  researching on Ancestry.com.

Terry Groom, helped with Frank Hazelton Groom etc as did Jackie Sergeant/Mussared.

In 2004 I became serious about putting a tree together and I have met many helpful people in our  tree, Tess Del Fabbro (sadly now deceased), Ruth Pryor, Janene Evans, Ulf Jonsson, Christer Oberg,  Sue Dudek, Ardys Van Valkenburg, Linda Danek, Terry Groom, Jackie Mussared, Nigel (Nik) Allen, Adi  Mason and recently Hannah Groom ( Queensland, Australia) and we are and have been getting together  to help each other with our tree.

I was in contact with Joan Gioffri (nee Hackett who lives in WA)about 6 years ago, I met her  through Tess, I felt like Joan and I got on like a house on fire. We lost contact but now Joan  looked me up again through Ancestry.com

Joan is a decendant of Ewald Roesner and has placed many photos and extra information on the  Roesner side of the tree...Many thanks....Joansie.

I love it and I hope everyone enjoys and appreciates what I/we have contributed to our tree.

Please feel free to add, edit etc...It is your tree too.

Good luck and happy researching....see what you maybe able to contribute to keep our tree growing!

In January 2018 Barry, Daina and Lyla Groom went to Norfolk UK to take some photos of Henry Groom's life...he was born in  1809 but was hung in  the 20th century at Norwich Castle....thanking  my uncle, Aunt and cousin for the contribution.

In May 2018 Daryl Goom, daughter Kara, son Colby, brother in law Tim with his daughter Flynn traveied To Norfolk for a wine  tasting in Norwich.  Prior to Norwich they headed to Burnham Market and met up with local Historian Michael Welland, who  showed them
 sites relating to Henry Groom.  Later they met up with Adi Mason and his wife Debbie who are related.  A good time had by all  in such a few short hours... was very happy that the meetings up all went smoothly.  Thank you Adi for being involved with  arrangements to make sure Daryl's time in Norfolk to be very memorable. xxxx

Now it is April 2019. Quite a few years have gone by.  At first it was compelling for me to find connection, now I relax, many  connections have been made, not just the past but current family members.

Due to online communication like Facebook etc myself and current family members are relaxed with each other, share their  day and what is going on in real time.... how lovely.  I have sometimes have not physically met cousins etc, but we do have a  connection....I love it!!!!

I still request for you to add what you want to add to your line, as in occupation etc, maybe some special events and maybe  photos.

My subscription will expire early 2020, I have kept it for quite a few years.  If not renewed, only the first 50 photos I have  added along with all of the information will stay on our tree, all of the rest will not be able to be viewed online.               Therefore  If you  would like a copy of the Various Tree  as is, it maybe worth ordering a DVD or a USB stick to keep the  almost 5000 other photos.  Just letting you all know.   You may not know when you may need a photo for future generations. ❤️


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