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About The Solem Family
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About The Solem Family  

Census-1865 for the Solem farm in Orkdal, Sør-Trøndelag.
 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emigration on the bark Franklin on 28 Apr 1870. Destination Quebec, Canada: Arnt Torgersen Solem (54)
 Berit Jørgensdatter (46)
 Thomas Arntsen (16)
 Johan Arntsen (12.5)
 Ingeborg Arntsdatter (9.5)
 Anne Arntsdatter (4)

6429	1870 	156 	36 	801 	1 	28.04.1870 	28.04.1870 	Arnt 	Torgers. Solem 	 	m 	54 	Ørkedal 	Qvebek 	Thv. Moe 	Franklin
 6430	1870 	156 	37 	802 	
 	28.04.1870 	28.04.1870 	Berit 	Jørgensd. 	Kone 	k 	46 	Ørkedal 	Qvebek 	Thv. Moe 	Franklin 6431	1870 	156 	38 	803 	
 	28.04.1870 	28.04.1870 	Thomas 	Arnts. 	Barn 	m 	16 	Ørkedal 	Qvebek 	Thv. Moe 	Franklin 6432	1870 	156 	39 	804 	
 	28.04.1870 	28.04.1870 	Johan 	Arnts. 	Barn 	m 	12,5 	Ørkedal 	Qvebek 	Thv. Moe 	Franklin 6433	1870 	156 	40 	805 	
 	28.04.1870 	28.04.1870 	Ingeborg 	Arnts. 	Barn 	k 	9,5 	Ørkedal 	Qvebek 	Thv. Moe 	Franklin 6434	1870 	156 	41 	806 	
 	28.04.1870 	28.04.1870 	Anne 	Arnts. 	Barn 	k 	4 	Ørkedal 	Qvebek 	Thv. Moe 	Franklin

The Franklin was owned by Chr. Paus and Hans Hauen in Skien. Tonnage was 281 Norwegian Commercial lasts. The Franklin sailed with emigrants from Norway to Quebec 1867 - 1871. Master was Christian Winsnæs. In 1867 the ship Franklin departed from Trondheim May 2, and arrived at Quebec June 9. She was carrying 263 passengers. Master was Capt. Chr. Winsnæs, age 27 of Skein. In 1868 the bark Franklin departed from Trondheim Apr. 30, and arrived at Quebec July 4. She was carrying 331 passengers. Mastered by Capt. Chr. Winsnæs. In 1869 the "ship" [most likely she was rigged as a bark like the year before and after] Franklin departed from Trondheim Apr. 28, and arrived at Quebec June 18. She was sailing in ballast, and was carrying 304 steerage passengers and 3 cabin passengers. There was an outbreak of Small Pox on board. When the ship arrived to the quarantine station at Grosse Île, four were sick. Three deaths had occurred on the voyage, a woman of phthisis (wasting away), and two children of diarrhoea and wasting away. Mastered by Capt. Chr. Winsnæs, and a crew of 15. In 1870 the bark Franklin departed from Trondheim May 1, and arrived at Quebec June 20. She was sailing in ballast, and was carrying 321 steerage passengers and 7 cabin passengers. All was well at arrival. There was one birth on the voyage. Mastered by Capt. Chr. Winsnæs, with a crew of 16. In 1871 the bark Franklin departed from Trondheim May 10, and arrived at Quebec July 2. She was sailing in in ballast, and was carrying 4 cabin and 311 steerage passengers. There was one birth on the voyage. One passenger was sick at arrival. Mastered by Capt. Chr. Winsnæs, with a crew of 14.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name:  	Arnt Solem
 Home in 1880: 	Spink, Union, Dakota Territory
 Age: 	68
 Estimated birth year: 	abt 1812
 Birthplace: 	Nor
 Relation to Head of Household: 	Self (Head)
 Spouse's name: 	Dorthea J. Scott --------this is a mistake---it should be Berit Jørgensdatter Father's birthplace: 	Nor
 Mother's birthplace: 	Nor
 Neighbors: 	View others on page
 Occupation: 	Farmer
 Marital Status: 	Married
 Race: 	White
 Gender: 	Male
 Cannot read/write:


Deaf and dumb:

Otherwise disabled:

Idiotic or insane:
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 Household Members: 	
 Name 	Age
 Arnt Solem 	68
 Dorthea J. Scott Solem 	56 ---this should be Beret J Solem
 Thomas Solem 	26
 Anna Solem 	13
 Ole Oleson 	22
 Andrew Oleson 	22
 Emma Oleson 	35
 Thomas Oleson 	28
 Knud Oleson 	22
  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------   This is the research I have have found going back to Norway so far. I am still learning more. Thanks

 ----------------------------The Haarstad Farm----------------------------

Erik HÅrstad----------------------
 Född beräknat 1560. [1] Död beräknat 1635. [1] Bruker Nørgard Hårstad 1610-1635.     --   children:Arn ERiksen Hårstad. Bruker.
 Född omkring 1590. [2]
 Död omkring 1650. [2]
  	Fredrik Eriksen Hårstad. Bruker 1635-1663.
 Född 1595.
 Död 1663.

Arn Eriksen--------------------
 "Bruker" User of he farm.
 Born about 1590
 Dead about 1650.
 Håsrstad, Nørrigard (a local pronunciation for the Northern farm) was split up about 1600. First probably in two equal parts, Nørrigard and Søstuggu (Norhern and Southern Hårstad). Then Søstuggu was split up in two farms, Utstuggu (Outher Hårstad) and Søstuggu. The value "Skyld" for Nørrigard was the same as for the two other farms together. In 1645 6 people older than 12 years lived on the farm, among them Fredrik and his wife. In 1635 Fredrik signed an agreement concerning "førsel" (not sure, likel acting about a road, trespassing etc.)

"Skyld" valued the farm if it was sold, by inheritance and set the tax paid to the king.      ---children:	 Torger ARntsen Hårstad. Bruker Nørgard Hårstad 1663-1709. Född omkring 1625. [1]
 Död 1709, 93 år gml. [1]

Fredrik Eriksen--------------------------

 User of the farm 1635-63
 Born 1595
 Dead 1663
 Signed an agreement in 1635 consernig "Førsel" of Ore and Provisions concerning Inset/Kvikne(likely two farms) Fredrik and his wife lived on the farm in 1645. Fredrik paid tax for one of the largest Lifestocks in the country side.      ---children:not sure

Torger Arntsen-------------------------    
 User of Nørrigard Hårstad 1663-1709
 Born about 1625, dead about 1709, age 93
 1689, "Munderingspenge" to Colonel Lieutenant Fyhn, Torger paid 13 Riksdaler (Munderingspenger was a tax ment for uniforms to the soldiers) "Ved prestens mantall" the 1664-66 census, Torger was 40 years, i.e. born about 1624-26. 1701, age 80, an old soldier.
 Fredrik TOrgersen Hårstad. Bruker Nørigard Hårstad 1709-1741. Född kr 1661, 40 år i 1701. [3]
 Död 1755, 86 år gml. [3]
  	Sivert Torgersen Hårstad. Född omkring 1680.

Fredrik Torgersen--------------------------
  user of Nørigård (Northern) Hårstad 1709-1741
 Born kr (could it means før/before) 1661, age 40 in 1701
 Died 1755 at age 86
 Fredrik set up a bond (an instrument of debt) on Sept. 20. 1729 to Mr. Hans Hamond (face value) on 100 Riksdaler against a pledge in Hårstad including leased land 4 øre (the value of 108 Gram in silver).
 The bond was was paid for on Oct. 12. 1737.
 Fredrik sold Hårstad, including "bøksel" the leased land 1 spand 1 øre to his son Torger Fredriksen for 100 Riksdaler on July 10. 1741

Erik Fredriksen Hårstad. Bruker på Innstuggu Sørflå.
 Född 1698. [2]
 Död 1768. [2]
  	Torger FRedriksen Hårstad. Bonde på Hårstad 1741-1781.
 Född omkring 1702. [2]
 Död 84 år gml i 1786, 84 år gml. [2]
  	Arnt Fredriksen Hårstad. Född 1706. [4]
 Döpt 1706-12-26. [2]
  	Udøpt barn Hårstad. Född 1707.
 Död Kvalt i sengen 1707.
  	Marit Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1708. [2]
 Död 1791.
  	Ole Fredriksen Hårstad. Född 1711. [2]
 Död 1711.
  	Anne Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1712. [2]
  	Ole Fredriksen Hårstad Flå Søgard Voll. bruker Innstuggu Sørflå fra 1745, Søgard Voll fra 1758.
 Född 1714. [2]
 Död 1761.
  	Gunnhild Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1717. [2]
  	Gunnhild Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1721.
 Död 1794.

Torger Fredriksen------------------------
 Torger Fredriksen Hårstad born about 1702, he died at age 84 in 1786. Farmer on Hårstad from 1741-1781.
 Torger Fredriksen´s deed (property) or as a gift he sold and handed over to his son Svend Torgersen his "broderlodd" his allodial birthright (as fredrik Torgersens brother) 1 øre 14 2/5 marklag (an old measurement for a piece or a part of land in a farm), "med bøksel" including the leasehold land and the "odel" allodial birthright for 200 Riksdaler, the payment was on August 26.1769.
 February 26. 1777 Torger sold his part (50%) including the leasahold 2 øre to his son Fredrik Torgersen for 125 Riksdaler. Torger Fredriksen and his son Svend Torgersen sold Hårstad including the leashold 1 spand 1 øre to the oldest son Fredrik Torgersen for 300 Riksdaler. This took place on January 2. 1781.
 Gjertrud Torgersdatter Hårstad Ås. Född 1739. [3]
 Döpt 1739-05-03. [1]
  	Gjertrud Torgersdatter Hårstad. Född 1741. [1]
 Döpt 1741-11-19.
 22 uker gml i 1742. [3]
  	Fredrik TOrgersen Hårstad. Bonde og eier av Hårstad fra 1781-1790. Född 1744. [3]
 Döpt 1744-04-12. [1]
 Död 47 år gml i 1790, 47 år gml. [1]
  	Svend Torgersen Hårstad. Född 1750. [1]

Fredrik Torgersen---------------------
 "Bonde og eier" Farmer and owner of Hårstad 1781-1790
 Born 1744, christened April 12. 1744. Died at age 47 in 1790. Fredrik Torgersen died in 1790 and in 1793 Hårstad, on behalf of all the children, their Guardian sold the farm to the step father Løden Olsen Bjerkaker on certain conditions for 399 Riksdaler
    -----children:Torger FRedriksen Hårstad. Bonde på Hårstad og eier fra 1804 1829. Född 1777. [2]
 Döpt 1777-09-14. [2]
 Död 1863.
  	Riborg Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1779. [2]
 Döpt 1779-10-24. [2]
 Död 1863.
  	Marit Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1783. [2]
 Döpt 1783-02-16. [2]
 Död 1840.
  	Anne Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1785. [2]
 Döpt 1785-05-15. [2]
 Död 1857.
  	Gjertrud Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1788. [2]
 Döpt 1788-04-06. [2]
 Död 1789.
  	Nils Fredriksen Hårstad. Husmannsfolk på Hårstadgjerdet,Underoffiser. Född 1790. [2]
 Död 1833.

Torger Fredriksen---------------------  
 farmer on Hårstad and owner from 1804-1829
 Born 1777
 Christened Sept. 14. 1777
 Dead 1863.

Hårstad including the leased land (1 spand 1 øre was a part of land) is taken ower from late Løden Olsen Bjerkakers step son Torger Fredriksen on July 7. 1804 for 400 Riksdaler. Løden died 1804.
 At the same time Torger Fredriksen by contract put under an obligation to keep half of the farm Hårstad and to pay for half of the costs as long as it suits him. Hårstad by the owner Torger Fredriksen put under an obligation, by a public contract on August 21. 1812, to secure his weak/sic sister Riborg a surtein standard of living and free food for the rest of her life.
 February 23. 1829 deed (properrty) from Torger Fredriksens to his son Fredrik Torgersen takes ower a part of the land in farm Hårstad (1 sp 21 mark) for 500 Spesiedaler was officially published
 Marit Torgersdatter Hårstad. Född 1805. [1]
 Döpt 1805-03-24. [1]
 Död 1874.
  	Fransvis Torgersdatter Hårstad. Född 1807. [1]
 Döpt 1807-07-09. [1]
 Död 1892.
  	Fredrik TOrgersen Hårstad. Född 1809. [1]
 Döpt 1809-02-19. [1]
 Död 1889-09-07. [1]
  	Gjertrud Torgersdatter Hårstad. Född 1810. [1]
 Döpt 1810-09-23. [1]
  	Ole Torgersen Hårstad. Dei flytta i 1845 til Orkdal og kjøpte Spranget,senere Tronvoll. Född 1813. [1]
 Döpt 1813-02-07. [1]
  	Arnt Torgersen Hårstad. Kjøpte halve Solem .-----------------------------My gggrandfather----------------
 Född 1815. [1]
 Döpt 1815-06-18. [1]
  	Løden Torgersen Hårstad. Född 1817. [1]
 Död 1817-08-04. [1]
  	Løden Torgersen Hårstad Moan Voll. Bruker Moen Voll , fra 1864 Oppstuggu Voll. Född 1820-10-21. [1]
 Död 1908. [4]

Fredrik Torgersen-----------------
 Born 1809, christened Feb. 19. 1809, died July 8. or Sept 7. (Norwegin or English date?) 1829, deed (property) on 1 spand and 21 marklag (a value of a certain part of the farm) from Fredrik Torgersen to Torger Fredriksen for 500 Riksdaler. 1829 "Kårkontrakt" he set up a contract which secured him and his wife free room and board on the farm as long as they lived.
 1863 Deed (Property) from Fredrik Torgersen to his son Torger Fredriksen of the farms Hårstad and Hårstadkroken, 1 spand 1 øre for 1000 Spesidaler. 1863 "kår" (see kårkontrakt abowe) from Torger Fredriksen to his parents 1871, Mai 12. A contract for Salomonfishing in the river Orkla lasting for 10 years between Torger Fredriksen, Parker and Simond (could be two well-to-do English Lords)     ----children:
 Ingeborg Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1839. [1]
 Död 1906.
  	Torger Fredriksen Hårstad. Bonde og eier av Kroen og Hårstad fra 1863. Född 1841-01-28. [2]
 Död 1905. [3]
  	Anne Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1843. [1]
 Död 1923.
  	Lars FRedriksen Hårstad Skjerve. Bruker Nordbo Oppstuggu Skjerve. Fødd 1846-12-17. [2]
 Död 1903-04-26. [2]
  	Fredrik Fredriksen Hårstad. Född 1850.
 Död 1850.
  	Marit Fredriksdatter Hårstad. Född 1851-10-09. [2]
 Död 1914.
 Husholderske hos sin bror Torger.
  	Tor Fredriksen Hårstad. Född 1854.
 Död 1855.

Torger Fredriksen--------------------------------
  Torger Fredriksen farmer and owner of Kroen and Hårstad from 1863 (Kroen is likely a farm, but it means Inn/Tavern)

Född 1841-01-28. [1]
 Död 1905. [2] 
 Guru Torgersdatter Hårstad. Född 1881-11-13. [3]
 Död 1882-07-01. [3]
  	Fredrik Torgersen Hårstad. Född 1883-07-20. [3]
 Död 1884-05-17. [3]
  	Guru Torgersdatter Hårstad. Född 1885-05-04. [3]
 Död 1969.
  	Fredrik Torgersen Hårstad. Född 1887-07-13. [3]
 Död 1887. [3]
  	Kristine Torgersdatter Hårstad. Född 1889-05-26. [3]
 Död 1942.

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