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Welcome! This website was created on Jul 23 2009 and last updated on Jun 16 2020. The family trees on this site contain 1761 relatives and 110 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About  Krickmann-Hagemann / Basse / Kolnick-Kolnik / Filegranz Families
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 PLEASE: help me to update your family's branch. Contact me (Kathy Kolnick) with corrections and additions. Help to make this an accurate and complete reference and source to our histories. Read below for more notes about progress and specific research questions. *
 NAME OF SITE: Have changed the name of site to reflect the family names of my 4 grandparents. Most research so far has been concentrated on my male grandparents (German KRICKMANN/HAGEMANN and Slovakian KOLNIK/KOLNICK) because of numerous connections with cousins who have been very generous with their help. 
 BASSE data (German) results primarily from conversations with my grandfather in the 1980s about my grandmother Käthe (1902-1962), my own memories and the limited documents in my possession. My aunt Florence Kolnick Mikel shared her materials from her mother Agnes FILEGRANZ (1896-1983) that have given me a start on this branch from Austria (though I suspect it is culturally similar to the Slovakian branch).
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I have again paid the renewal for the enhanced membership in Tribalpages, which allows for         more photos and longer text descriptions than the free version. Please contact me if you         have additions or corrections.

HERE'S AN IDEA FOR A 2018 RESOLUTION: scan family photographs in your possession so that         they are preserved. Scanners are available for a very small investment these days. You         don't need to be an expert: any scanned record is better than none if the original is          somehow damaged, lost or destroyed.

        No scanner? No problem! Take a digital image with your camera or phone.

Also, gather your digital images in one place and organize them - you've wanted to do this          for a long time, right??? Assign a number to each image file, and make a separate file          (excel is good for this) with as much information as you know about each image: who is          pictured, the date, the place, the circumstances. Contact me if you need help in creating         a numbering system or database. 
         Please burn a CD and send me a copy along with the excel spreadsheet of the contents.          I've been collecting family photos from various Kolnik, Krickmann and Hagemann branches          for the past 15 years and would be happy to store your own family's branch.

And if you have current family photos you would like me to display alongside your entry,          please send them to me for consideration.

23 July 2017
       1735 names as of today - a few more added today, the rest here and there over        the last 17 months.

Have made a number of additions and corrections based on information received at the Kolnik reunion held over the weekend 22-23 July 2017, hosted Saturday by Susan and Matt McMillin and on Sunday morning

9 February 2016
       1682 names as of today. Added Buchholz, Volberding, Reineke families. Not certain yet how       [or if] they are related. They are close friends of of Kaethe Basse and perhaps her relatives.

27 January 2016
       Newest KOLNIK - son of Martina Gregusova, who lives in Fresno CA. Her son Matthew       was born on 1/25/16. Will officially add in proper place in database when I learn how       they are all related!

22 December 2015
       1631 names as of today. Searched Chicago Tribune obits for Kolnik/Kolnick and added from ones        I could identify. Remainder in Unknown Kolnik folder.

6 December 2015
       1595 names as of today. Have completed all that I can do on the Mikel, Hubacek and       Beranek (and Havel/Barta) families - or so I keep saying, until Pat Waltz sends more        information!

I have taken some families back to the date of immigration to the US (like the Mikels and       Krubls). Have made some guesses about relationships based on obituaries and other items.

And have contacted the people who were at Aunt Flo's funeral and expressed an interest in       helping on the Mikel/Hubacek branch. Now waiting on their contributions.

There is more I could add, with some research, but won't devote more time unless someone       shows an interest as it is getting too far removed from the "trunk" of the tree.

23 November 2015
       Sometimes a very sad event can inspire new directions in augmenting this database.

My aunt and godmother Florence Kolnick Mikel died on 11/8/2015 at 87 years. I will miss our       frequent conversations and reminiscences. She was the kindest of persons who brought much joy       to our lives.

Over the past few years, we had many conversations about Kolnik and Filegranc family history.       She was very excited to learn so many details about our extended family in Illinois,       Wisconsin and Slovakia that her own parents had never discussed. We worked together to fill       in the names and dates, and flesh them out from her memories and my research. While I'm very       sad that our conversations are now ended, am so grateful that we had them in the first place.

During the last few years of her life, she inspired me to learn more about our shared       Slovakian and Austrian heritage - something she never learned from her parents. Attending her       memorials in Illinois last week, I reconnected with the Hubacek family. Have spent the last       few days to fill in that hole in the history, adding many new names.

Next project is to update the Mikel branch. In September, I sat next to Uncle Ed and Aunt Flo       at the wedding of their granddaughter Danielle. We spent a lot of time talking about the       Mikels - his father and grandfather. I have gathered a lot of materials and will begin to       sort them out and add to the database in the coming months.

      As of today, there are 1444 names in this database (mostly Mikel/Hubacek branch).

26 September 2015
       As of today, 1365 names (246 additional were added since return from Europe in June),       primarily from correcting connections to Slovakian branches of family, additional Mikel names        (ancestors of the husband of my Aunt Flo Kolnick), as well as updates, corrections and        additions to the Phillips Wisconsin branch of Kolniks descended from Jan/John Kolnik        (1885-1980). Many thanks to all who have contributed!

23-24 May 2015
       Looking forward to the Kolnik family reunion in Hrachoviste, Slovakia at the end of this       month! And then a good visit with German cousins after that. Hopefully, I can add more        details on 2 sides of the family on this trip!

In preparing for the trip, am reviewing all the materials I've gathered in the past 6-7 years        on the Kolnik line. Have added more than 175 names (total now 1119) today of the Kolnik        branch from Nirianska Blatnica.

Fall 2014
       Have worked a little to update the Wisconsin Krickman branch (German) of the family this year        - Heinrich Friedrich Krickmann (1857-1911) was my grandfather Fred's uncle. He emigrated to        Wisconsin about 1888 with his wife and young son, Fred's cousin Heinrich Wilhelm Krickman.        This son later moved to Chicago with his four daughters (Elsie, Ceona, Marilyn and Marcella).

12 March 2014
       Added more information about Gen (Noonan) Reimann, Fred Hageman's companion, also her "first"       husband Otto. During recent trip to Chicago, added family of Diana (Justin Solarski's        partner).

5 February 2014
       As of today there are 941 family members listed, after the birth of my great-niece Amelia        Solarski. Not much work on this over the past year as I haven't had time and no one else has        contributed any new information.

3 Jan 2013
       As of today there are 934 family members listed. A number of cousins have contributed       to the family history thus far; I much appreciate their help.

7 Oct 2012
       Long discussion with Mary [Kolnik] Plocharczyk and her daughter Donna about the Philips WI        branch of the Kolnik family. Mary cleared up a couple of longstanding mysteries. Of course        there are always more to puzzle over!

Little Sophia, daughter of Ashley Mikel, is number 907 on the family tree. Newest of the        KOLNIK branch!

Have added the Kolnik family and ancestors of Zuzana Kolnik so that we can understand the       relationships better. Haven't yet added all the children each generation; just enough to        connect us all to Pavel Kolnik (1819-1870), our common ancestor.

9 Sept 2012
       Today have reached 900 names on this tree but a sad event precipitated the activity.       Don Hageman, my mother's cousin and the last of his generation of the Hageman clan in the US,        died in April 2012. I last met with him and his wife Jan a couple of years ago in Woodridge.        He shared pictures of his grandmother Dora Krickmann. Jan filled in some other information        about Don's mother Lillian Sickert and the Sickert family in Hinsdale that I have added and        augmented tonight.

Have put together some research questions about 3 Kolnik families who are connected either        through Hrachoviste origins or Phillips WI (or both). Please contact me if you have any more        information.

(1) Alice Catherine (1919-2003) and Evelyn E. (1914-???) Kolnick - daughters of John Lester               Kolnick (1888-???) and Elizabeth Liska (1892-???) who married in 1913. John was also               from Hrachoviste and came to the US in 1902. Alice was a prominent Chicago atty.               Obituary mentioned several stepchildren (surnamed Tokoph); have located 1960 marriage               record with a George Dana Tokoph. There might have been a first marriage to James R.               Crain in 1957. Evelyn Elizabeth married Howard W. Burke in 1946 and had a daughter               Elizabeth born 1947.

The 2 sisters took a trip to Europe together and came home in Aug 1936. Alice was               diagnosed with Guillan-Barre syndrome in the 1970s - which I noted with interest in an               obituary as I contracted Miller-Fisher syndrome, a rare variant of GB, in 1992.

My father was aware of Alice and referred to her as a cousin but never mentioned or               didn't know how they were related. Don't know if they ever met. [updated 13 October               2012]

(2) Kaspar/Kasper/Gaspar Kolnick (most references include the "c" but some do not). Born              1/7/1881. Came from Hrachoviste in 1895 (only 14, so perhaps came with parents but               can't find through Ellis Island records). Married Katherine/Katie/Kate Stahulak (born               about 1878) in 1905 at St Michaels Church, Chicago. Daughter Mary born about 1912 -               she married a man surnamed Hensley; they lived with her parents at the time of the               1940 census with sons Robert Hensley (1938) and Richard Hensley (1939).

There is a second set of records for a Kasper Kolnik with a birthday of 1/2/1882 who               may be a different person, or could be same. If different, who is he?


8 Sept 2012 
       Donna Plocharczyk [Roche] has started to add names from her branch of the Kolnik family. She        is the grand-daughter of Jan/John Kolnik - cousin of brothers Jozef/Joseph Kolnick and        Jan/John Kolnik. He started off in Chicago after emigrating from Hrachoviste and then bought        a farm up in Phillips WI; all of his children were born there (except the oldest, born before        he and wife Veronika left Chicago).

With the names available, I've been able to fill in some of the birth, marriage and death        details tonight. Donna's mother Mary Kolnik [Plocharczyk] will soon help to fill in other        names and dates. Donna has added about 100 names in the past week!

Also, tonight have added WILMA KOLNIK to the family of Jozef/Joseph Kolnick's brother        Jan/John's family. Wilma was born to John and Alzbeta (Elizabeth) in 1913 and died the next        year. No one ever mentioned that there was another daughter.

3 Sept 2012
       New records are available all the time! After many years of searching, have discovered        details about the twin daughters of Joseph and Agnes Kolnick who died shortly after birth        around 1920 (all the details my aunt knew). Agnes lived a few hours after her birth 9 Jan        1919 while her sister Virginia lived almost 2 months. Very excited to be able to share this        information about my aunts! Saddened too, to think about the loss not only of these 2        daughters, but of my grandparents' first-born son, who died later that same year at age 2        yrs.

2 Sept 2012
       Updated many entries with information from the 1940 US Census; located Grace Kolnik Martin in       Oakland. Added about 50 names of the Kolnik family, descendents of Jan Kolnik (Grandpa        Kolnick's cousin) who came to the US a few years earlier than he did, about 1904, with his        wife Veronika. They eventually moved from Chicago to a farm in Philip, Price County,        Wisconsin.

Have decided to begin updating my paternal ancestors and cousins KOLNIK / KOLNICK here on the       KRICKMANN / HAGEMANN family site that I originally started to record my maternal lineage        research. The KOLNIK tree that you can find elsewhere on Tribal Pages is a wonderful        resource, put together mainly by Slovakian cousins. But I am concerned about the accuracy of        information (particularly use of women's birth vs married names) as well as back ups of data.        So any updates I make on the paternal side will be here now - and welcome any Kolnik cousins        to participate by joining this site and sending information.

While much of the information on this website originated as hearsay and guessing, everything        added over the past 2 years is backed up by archival resources, with notes to indicate when        info is sketchy or unreliable.

9 July 2012
       Added some detail about the Krickmans who moved to LaCrosse WI in late 1800s and later       to Berwyn IL.

25 June 2011
       Added Andre Howes (great-grandson of Caroline Krickmann Howes, grandson of Enrique and       nephew of Estefany). Born May 5th in Mexico City. Family member #669! Courtesy of Stef's        Facebook page.

7 April 2011
       Haven't had a chance to update much or do any further searching. I did notice today       that Jennifer Macro-Heard, great-granddaughter of Ceona Krickman, cousin to Fred Hageman,        reported on Facebook that she had her baby today. The Macro-Heards live in Carol Stream IL.       The newest addition to the large Krickmann legacy!

4 Dec 2010
       Today Klaus and Barbara sent their latest research - 33 new names from the Krickemann       branch of the family in Germany. These are the descendants of Johann Otto Krickemann, brother        of my great-great-great-great grandfather Johann Cord Krickemann. As always, many thanks to        the Iggesens for all the hard work to verify these names, dates and places!

12 Nov 2010
       Have added more than 60 names and updated birth/death information for a good number       more. These are the family and descendants of Ray Kolnik (cousin of Florence Kolnick Mikel).        Linda Kolnik Austin contributed the list of their family members - many thanks to her! Now        need to update this family branch with place of birth and marriage as well as marriage dates.        A couple of different last names (parents --> children) so there are some second marriages        here too - hope eventually to get that information from the different families.

10 August 2010
       36 names added, ancestors of Jozef Kolnik (Grandpa Kolnick to me, my father's       father) in Slovakia as well as his many siblings, their spouses and children. Mostly from the       "Rodokmen Kolnikovcov" Tribalpages website courtesy of Zuzana Kolnikova of Bratislava.

5 August 2010
       More Basse family... Robert and Auguste (parents of Robert Basse) - from a wonderful       1935 Braunschweiger Tages Zeitung article, given to me by Fred Hageman, about the 95th        birthday of Auguste. Will scan article and photo soon...

3 August 2010
       Added details about Erna (Englram) Hageman (1902-1983) and Joe Kolnick (1921-1983)       from funeral memorial cards and other notes. Began to add in Käthe Basse (1902-1962)        ancestors from old notes in my possession - as yet very incomplete. And added the remainder        of the descendants of the three Hagemann sisters who emigrated to Hinsdale.

And most exciting: Don & Jan Hageman have sent an image of Doris Krickmann (Hagemann) - this        is the only image I know of showing my great-grandmother, and the common ancestor of so many        of us (image now attached to her record). THANK YOU DON & JAN!!!

5 July 2010
       Exhaustive search online this morning for records on "Uncle Dick" Heinrich Dietrich       Hagemann, Fred Hageman's older half-brother, who came to Hinsdale from Liebenau at age 16 in       November 1908. Have updated his information. Confirmed that he had moved to Woodland Hills CA        (San Fernando Valley near LA) by 1952 and died there in 1963. His second wife Alice died in        1973. Can locate no information on his first marriage with Lillian Sickert (mother of their        three children). Other notes under his entry in database.

Uncle Dick's address in Western Springs is listed as Fred's destination in his immigration        records; the two half-brothers had some sort of falling out in the 1930s (likely over money        or business practices). Fred told me that Dick had to get out of Illinois because he was        mixed up in shady dealings (like organized crime). True?

I spoke with Don Hageman on 30 July 2010 (son of Uncle Dick) - he told me most emphatically        that it is untrue. Fred likely said what he did because of the bad blood between the two        (more about this at a later date). They actually moved out to the west coast in part because        Dick's wife had an ailing relative out there. Don and his wife Jan also briefly described the        contracting and construction businesses that Dick ran in Illinois - fascinating history! We        will talk more about this subject very soon as it is a particular interest of mine.

2 July 2010
       After a long break, we have added 24 new names. Klaus and Barbara (Koch) Iggesen       have sent updates on the "middle" Hagemann/Krickmann children of Doris Krickmann - those born        after the 1892 death of Karl Hagemann (yes, after!) and before her marriage to Heinrich        Klünder in 1913. My grandfather Fred Hageman was the youngest of this middle family with        unknown father/s. Note there is another son born to Doris Krickmann BEFORE the Hagemann        marriage!

Of particular interest is the additional detail concerning Heinrich Krickmann (1911-1942),        elder brother of Caroline (Linchen) Krickmann, who died during WWII. He was a member of the        8th Company SS Death's Head Guards Rifle Regiment "Thule" (Totenkopf Kradschützen-Regiment)       and was re-buried in 2000 in the Sammelfriehof in Kharkiv, Ukraine through the efforts        of the Verein Russland Kriegsgräber (Russian War Society).


20 March 2010: More information & photos, courtesy of research by Klaus and Barbara (Koch) Iggesen      in Germany. In particular, note that they have located the birth certificate of Caroline      "Linchen" Krickmann that shows she was born in 1909, not 1912 - Oh, Omi!

13 Feb 2010: Klaus Iggesen has again provided more family details, including the siblings of our      great-grandmother Doris Krickmann. One of these, her older brother Heinrich Krickmann (born       10 Sept 1857) is the link to the Wisconsin Krickmann family I have been trying to find       (see bottom of this essay for my questions). This is VERY EXCITING NEWS!

I have made the link to Heinrich, and have added the info I have about this branch of the      family from the US and Wisc Census (1905, 1910, 1930), West Salem Cemetery records, WWI draft      registration records and social security death records. Will try to confirm the immigration      records (no luck so far). And of course will try to contact descendants. I remember the       4 grand-daughters of Heinrich (Henry) Krickman very well from visits in the 1950s to their      homes in the Riverside area.

4 Feb 2010: Most importantly: Klaus has discovered the identity of the man named Klünder who       married Doris Krickmann, our great-grandmother, as well as the date of the marriage       (22 Mar 1913).

Fred Hageman, my grandfather, told me this story: When his mother Doris re-married, he walked      out of the wedding in anger, packed his few belongings, and walked across the fields to      Landesbergen where he was taken in and raised by Oma Dörge, a friend of his mother's.

Now we know, if the story is accurate, that Fred was only a few months past his 8th birthday      when he moved out! He never explained why he left, or what happened that caused him to move      away from his mother. Fred always spoke affectionately of his mother to me.

Fred was then raised by Oma Dörge, and her children were like foster siblings to him. Oma's      daughter, Mariechen, remained close to Fred, and continued to correspond with him as long as      they both lived. Fred was godfather to at least one of her children. Oma's granddaughter      Ursula Dörge has been my close friend for almost 45 years.

30 Jan 2010: Additional names and information about the descendants of Karl Hagemann and       his first wife, Louise Menzel.

27 Jan 2010: Many new photos! Also: Have updated with corrections and additional information sent      by Barbara & Klaus Iggesen. Where their information differs from what was previously noted,       I have added a note with their correction (see above note). Inken Finnamore also pointed out      several errors, now corrected. Thank you for checking the family tree so carefully!

5 Jan 2010: Barbara & Klaus Iggesen of Germany have sent a family tree showing more details about      the Krickmann family from the 19th and late 18th centuries, as well as more updates about       the more current generations. We really appreciate your contribution! On my mother's 80th      birthday anniversary, I added all the information that they sent - a fitting celebration of      our family's life!

29 Nov 2009: Information about another Krickmann branch, in Wisconsin by the late 19th century was      added (from census, birth/death/marriage records, WWII draft card). Still do not know how they      were connected to the rest of the Krickmanns. See notes below.

8 Nov & 13 Nov 2009: Jürgen Bomhoff (Liebenau, Germany) has contributed updates on Marie Dorothea      Krickmann (mother of Fred Hageman), Heinrich Krickmann as well as his own family       (wife: Elga Krickmann). See more notes below.


 by Kathy A. Kolnick, Ph.D.

What was the inspiration for this website? Fred Hageman (1904-1992), my grandfather, corresponded with Caroline de Howes (1912-1994) in Mexico City over many years. I did not know exactly who she was, though at some point understood the connection was through the Krickmanns. I do recall that in the 1950s, we knew some Krickmann families in the west suburban Chicago area, and Fred stayed in touch with them whenever he came back to Illinois from Florida for a visit after he moved in 1976.

After Fred died in 1992, I spoke with Bill Howes (1932-2006) in Minnesota. He explained that he was Fred's cousin (His mother was Caroline). It was only when I did some research in the Liebenau municipal records six years ago, that I discovered that Fred's mother was a Krickmann.

Karl Hagemann (1857-1892) married Louisa Menze in 1878. They had six daughters over the next ten years. Louisa then died, in June 1888. Karl immediately found a step-mother for his daughters when he married Dorothea Krickmann (1861-1950) three months later! They had two sons together before  Karl died in December 1892. Three of the Hagemann daughters immigrated to the US over the next few  years, and settled in Hinsdale, Illinois - perhaps the deaths of first their mother, and then their  father, were among the reasons they decided to leave their homeland. Their younger half-brother Dick Hagemann eventually followed them to Illinois (as did Fred in the early 1920s).

But there were two more Hagemann children listed in the town register - AFTER Karl Hagemann died! The younger of the two was my grandfather, Fred Hageman (1904-1992). Upon examination of the birth certificates, I found that both children were born to "the widow Hagemann" with no fathers listed. Imagine OUR surprise! Fred of course had never breathed a word of this - and I can only assume he knew all about it. Perhaps one of our unsolvable mysteries then is the identity of Fred's father (his mother Marie re-married around 1912, to a local man surnamed Klünder).

Since that discovery, I have turned my research attention to the Krickmann side of the family [our cousin Barbara Wilbur, whose grandmother was one of the three Hagemann sisters, has done much research and has worked with me on the Hagemann portion].

Several years ago, I dug out one of Fred's old address books and wrote a letter to the address listed for Caroline de Howes in Mexico City, hoping someone would know where the family had gone. Not long afterward, I received the first email from Enrique Howes, Caroline's youngest child (and Bill's brother). His sister Silvia still resides at the family home; she had passed the letter on  to him! Through him, I have connected to his daughter Estefany, and then to her cousin (and ours) Sherilyn Howes in Minnesota. And thus began our snowballing family reunion!


The foundational information for this website is courtesy of Sherilyn Howes of St Paul MN, on 23 July 2009. She shared the notes that her father, Bill Howes, compiled in the early 2000s. Enrique Howes in Mexico City and his daughter Estefany have provided much additional information. On 8 Nov 2009 Jürgen Bomhoff contributed some interesting updates that change the whole pattern of relationships! Early January 2010, Klaus and Barbara Iggesen sent more information on the German  side.

You can see that it was - and remains - a collaborative effort.


I have added what I know of the Krickmann family data, compiled through many discussions with my grandfather Fred Hageman (at various times in his life aka Friedrich Hagemann as well as Friedrich Krickmann) and research I have completed in his hometown of Liebenau, Germany.


What we would like now is to know more about the branch of the family remaining in Liebenau and  Germany:
    * DONE! This includes the children of Otto Krickmann (Elga, Gudrun and Sigrid)      and their families. [Jürgen Bomhoff, husband of Elga, has contributed updates on       their branch of the family on 8 Nov & 13 Nov 2009; Klaus & Barbara Iggesen on      5 & 12 January 2010]

* DONE! We now know, thanks to Jürgen Bomhoff (8 Nov & 13 Nov 2009 updates), that Heinrich      Krickmann was Marie Dorothea's Krickmann's SON, not her brother! This site has      been updated to show the new relationship.

* STILL LITTLE INFORMATION: What about the other children of Marie Dorothea Krickmann:         - Carl Hagemann (born 1889 in Liebenau, half-brother of Fred)         - Marie Hagemann (born in 1901 in Liebenau, and like Fred, father           unknown according to her birth certificate). 
      As far as I know, both remained in Germany.

* And finally, what about those other Krickmanns, in Illinois? These Krickmanns came from       West Salem, Wisconsin. The family lived in Berwyn at the 1930 census.   
         Oldest was Elsie Krickmann [Wolf], who was a witness to my grandfather's         wedding in 1929 [born about 1908 in WI].

Her sister was Ceona Krickman [born 24 Apr 1911, married Morris Segal in 1934,         died 13 Feb 2007]. 
         The third sister was Marcella [Barnes, born about 1914 in WI].

The youngest sister was Marilyn [Lane, born about 1921 and listed as         "Maryland" in the 1930 census].

Father: William Frederick Krickman [from Hannover, Germany, born 4 June 1882,         died 1 June 1946]. Mother: Ella Diekroeger [born in WI 14 Jan 1888, died 8 May         1962]. They were married 3 Oct 1906 in LaCross WI. William came to the US in         1888 as a child, according to the 1930 census information. His parents are         possibly Heinrich Krickmann [10 Sept 1857, died 11 Dec 1911 OLDER BROTHER OF          DORIS KRICKMANN AND UNCLE OF FRED HAGEMAN] and Dorothea M. Krickmann          [27 Jan 1853, died 30 Dec 1932]. All four are buried in Hamilton Cemetery         in West Salem, WI [according to cemetery records].

If anyone can help complete any of this information, please contact me.


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