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About Weaver/Cook Family Tree
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“LEAVING NO ROCK UNTURNED”         Updated: 1/04/2023

The oldest member of our family that I was able to find any information on was Martine A.  Smith.  He born in 1814 in the state of Tennessee. If he was still alive today, he would be 205 years old. He was married to Jane Smith Sr. who born in Cherokee, Alabama in 1823. If she was still alive today, she would be 195 years old.  They had six children.	 		 
 James P. Smith		1835	Cherokee, Alabama
 Jane Smith Jr.		1838 Cherokee, Alabama
 Lucinda Smith		1840	Cherokee, Alabama
 Mary Smith		1844	Cherokee, Alabama
 Misouri Smith		1846	Cherokee, Alabama
 Polina Smith		1849	Cherokee, Alabama

I was able to find this information on the 1850 Census Report.

We are all the descendants of Jane Smith Jr. I was not able to find any information on her brother and four sisters.  Also, I was not able to find any information on Jane and Martine Smith families leaving that “rock unturned” on what part of Africa we came from.  Since receiving my DNA Report, I can now say that we are from Nigerian, West African.  This website contains information on ten generations of our family. 
 Jane Smith Jr. had four children. There are no records of her being married or the name of her children’s father. She arrived in New Orleans with a slave owner by the name of Anton Knapper who was from Oldenburg, Germany.  This information was taken for the 1870 Census report.  Her children were:

 Clara Smith-Lewis             1864 New Orleans, LA
 Lucinda Smith			1866 New Orleans, LA
 Daniel Smith			1869 New Orleans, LA
 Henrietta Smith         	1881 New Orleans, LA – May 1942

Clara Smith-Lewis was married to Joseph Lewis. They got married in 1893 and had no children.

Lucinda Smith had four children with Manuel Weaver Sr., and they were not married. They had four children:
 Adaline Weaver		 14 November 1882 – 03 October 1928
 Alexander Weaver Sr.  07 September 1886 – 29 July 1962
 Philip Weaver		 07 June 1887 – May 1971
 Manuel Weaver Jr.	 30 November 1893 – July 1963

The story has been passed down that all we known about Lucinda Smith is that one day she left home and never returned. We been told that her mother Jane Smith Jr. would go around looking for her, and she had a distinguishing birth mark on her upper back.  However, she was never able to find out what happened to her daughter.

Lucinda's son’s Philip Weaver, Alexander Weaver Sr., and Manuel Weaver Jr. went to live with her sister (Aunt) Clara Lewis and (Uncle) Joseph Lewis which is indicated on the 1900 Census Report. But Adaline Weaver name does not show on the same page of the 1900 Census Report as her brothers, because she went to live with her grandmother Josephine Bryant who is believed to be the mother of Manuel Weaver Sr.  Her mother and father were both from the state of Virginia.  The 1900 Census Report shows that Adaline Weaver was living with Josephine Bryant at the age of 14.  Josephine Bryant was born in December 1830 and was the mother of 7 children. She had no living children in 1900.  Her son Manuel Weaver Sr. was born in 1863 and died on 16 February 1895.  Adaline birth certificate was not recorded until 5 March 1897 which stated her mother and father were never married and both of her parents were no longer alive, and Josephine Bryant witnessed her birth.   Adaline first husband name was Fred Foster, and they were married on 21 March 1905.  I was not able to find them having any children and record or what happen to him.  She got remarried to Emile Coleman Sr.

The 1900 Census Report also indicates that Aunt Clara Lewis at age 35 and Uncle Joseph Lewis at age 34 along with Philip Weaver at age 13, Alexander Weaver at age 11 and Manuel Weaver Jr. age 8 living with her.  They had been married for 7 years and that her mother and father both were from Alabama, and she was the head of the household.

The 1910 Census Report indicates that Aunt Clara Lewis at age 45 and Uncle Joseph Lewis at age 43 along with Alexander Weaver Sr. at age 19, Manuel Weaver Jr. at age 17, and Charles Nelson at age 14 who is the son of her youngest sister Henrietta Smith living with her.  This report indicated that her mother and father were both from Alabama.

The 1920 Census Report indicated some very important information to all of us.  This report shows that a woman by the name of Elizabeth Smith is now living with Aunt Clara and Uncle Joseph Lewis at the age of 96. It states that she is the Mother-In-Law of the Head of House (Joseph Louis vice Lewis).  If this was correct it should be showing her age as 82, because Jane Smith Jr. were born in 1838 (1920-1838=82). This woman is his Grand Mother-In-Mother who is our Great-Great-Great-Grandmother.  If you were to do the math, Jane Smith Sr. was born in 1823; 1920-1823=97. The report state’s her age as 96 because she has not had her birthday at the time the information was recorded.  Her name and place of birth is wrong also, Elizabeth may have been her middle name. It also states that she from Missouri.  The 1900 Census Report record states Aunt Clara’s mother place birth is Alabama which is correct. It has Manuel Weaver Jr. still living with her at age 25.  It has Alexander Weaver Jr. name spelled Aleck at age 3 and Mathew Weaver Sr. age 5 which is once again not correct.  Matthew (not Mathew) is not the oldest.  Alexander is the oldest of the two.  Whoever recorded the information for this report did not know how to spell their names.  As you can tell a lot of this information was recorded wrong.  Just by me knowing enough about the family I was able to tell.  Alexander Weaver Jr.  and Matthew Weaver Sr. were the first two sons of Loretta Jackson-Weaver and Alexander Weaver Sr. Loretta was his first wife. She was born on 17 May 1889 and died on 08 November 1918 at the age of 29 of pneumonia.  They got married on 29 June 1914.  Alexander Weaver Sr. got remarried to Beatrice Lewis-Weaver.  She was born on 06 February 1904.  They got married on 29 September 1919.  Beatrice Lewis-Weaver died on 07 July 1968.

The only information we have on Daniel Smith is that his name appeared on the 1870 Census Report along with his mother Jane Smith Jr., Clara Smith and Lucinda Smith.  However, the Family History Book that is located in Omaha, NE shows that he went by the name of Johnny.

Henrietta Smith-Layton-Nelson-Dobard-Moore-Cook had six children.  She was married to Harry Cook Sr. on 04 April 1912.  Her children were:

Charles Nelson Sr.	     06 November 1896
Maud Dobard-Gettridge   09 September 1902 – 28 September 1995 
Edward Moore	     	     1909
Jennie Cook-Batteau	     31 August 1913 – April 1978
Harry Cook Jr. 		     26 March 1916 – 01 February 1970
Joseph Cook Sr.		     10 February 1918 – 25 January 1976

Charles Nelson Sr. and his father Frank Nelson left New Orleans in about 1922 and moved to Omaha, NE so he can find work.  He did this because times were hard for a black man to make a living for his family living in New Orleans.  That is the why the Nelson branch of the family now live in Omaha, NE. Charles Nelson Sr. was raised by Aunt Clara and Uncle Joseph Lewis as stated on the 1910 Census Report.

Aunt Clara and Uncle Joseph Lewis were the glue that held our family together.  They raised just about everyone children if anything were to happen to their parents.  As you can tell from reading this story that she was the Big Mom of our family. Charles Nelson Sr. oldest daughter  Umimay Nelson died in Aunt Clara arms one day.  She was feeding her, and she choked on a piece of food and died.  They open their home to anyone who needed help. The 1900, 1910, and 1920 Census Reports shows that other people where living with them that I can’t find any information on how they were related to our family. I don’t know how her mother Jane Smith Sr. (our Great- Great-Great Grandmother) made it from Cherokee, Alabama in 1920 to New Orleans and living with her at the good old age of 96 years old.  I don’t know the date Aunt Clara died but do know that she died sometime after 1938.  The address to the house where they lived was 2316 Desire St. in the City of New Orleans, LA.

On 23 January 2022 marked a sad today for our family.  On this day we loss the last Family Member of our 5th Generation on the Weaver Side of the Family.  Augustine Weaver-Johnson at the age of 93 years old she was the daughter of Manuel Weaver Jr.  On 13 December we loss my mother Shirley Weaver-Green the second living member of our 5th Generation at the age of 89 years old.  She was the daughter of Alexander Weaver Sr.

On 29 January 2022 we lost Henrietta Rose Barnhill. She was the oldest living member of our entire family at the age of 101 years old. She would have turned 102 on her next birthday 22 February 2022. 

This is “our family story” please pass it down to the rest of the family from now until the end of times. I August Green III started this website in 2004 and it took about three years to get all this information together along with other family members. “May God Bless You All”

Cousin August Green III
 “The Grandson of Alexander Weaver Sr. 
 and Beatrice Lewis-Weaver.  The son of 
 their daughter Shirley M. Weaver-Green”

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