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林季瞻 (號: 星次;曾用名:仲如、作新)
1879年10月21日出生 (己卯年九月初七子時)生於廣東梅縣閣公嶺。十七歲背井離鄉去毛里求斯謀生,依靠勤奮和聰慧,生意發達,逐漸創立雄厚家業。林公於1948年返祖國定居。 1951年7月2日在閣公嶺家鄉逝世,終年七十二歲。


Lam Cham Kee, Lim At Cham (alias: Lin Xingci, Lin Zhongru, Lin Zuoxin)

Mr. Lim At Cham was born on October 21, 1879 in Gegongling, Meixian, Guangdong, China. At the age of seventeen, he left his hometown and ventured to Mauritius to earn a living. With his shrewd business acumen and endless determination, he gradually accumulated a fortune by owning several stores and real estate properties in both Mauritius and China. After returning to his hometown to retire in 1948, he passed away a few years later on July 2nd , 1951 at the age of 72.

Mr. Lim At Cham left behind nine sons and three daughters. All his children attended schools in China. Six generations later, there are currently hundreds of his descendants residing in more than ten countries around the world. The LCK family has inherited and put in practice the fundamental Chinese values passed on by Mr. Lim, his spouses, and his 12 children: Appreciate our roots, be responsible to our parents, belief in education, work hard, keeping an open mind, and be diligent.

The LCK descendants are living successful and purposeful lives around the world, none of which would have been possible without the sacrifices of our ancestors.  We are united in our profound appreciation of where we came from.
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