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=== Adding info about Burnum and related families as I can!!! ===
About The Burnum Family History

Welcome to THE BURNUM FAMILY HISTORY and thank you for visiting! This website was created on October 1, 2005 by John Eric Burnum. Substantial information is also listed regarding the Young, Allgood, Holley, Shelton and many other related families.

UPDATES/NOTES OF INTEREST:Hello to Everyone! Right now I'm adding many photos and other info on the Burnum family and other families as I can. Please check back often!

On 10/1/2005 I created my BURNUM FAMILY HISTORY website which is dedicated to the memories of my father CHARLES GWIN BURNUM and my grandmother LENA ESTELLE YOUNG BURNUM. Without their many decades of tireless genealogical dedication this website would not be possible. All research they did was pre-Internet and consisted of numerous trips to the State Archives in Montgomery, Alabama, local archives in North Alabama, National Archives in Washington, D.C., as well as countless weekdays and weekends visiting cemeteries and local libraries or archives throughout the South. With the advent of the Internet age I have expounded on their original works and added many details and photos acquired through the years.

For their invaluable contributions which may have confirmed my original information or may have been partially added to the creation of this website I would like to thank the following relatives and friends for their input over the decades: Frances Jones Young (Young family lineage); Dena Burnum (William Henry Burnum lineage); Rebecca Jane Fields (Louisa Toles Burnum Fields lineage); Bruce Burnum (the Tennessee Burnums we can't quite connect up with as of yet); Kathleen Burnum & Louise Sanders (Joel Washington Burnum lineage); Neal Burnham (Searcy Grover Burnum/Fredrick Burr Burnham family); Nell Duncan (Nancy Burnum Elliott lineage); Charlotte Wooten (Postmaster Mary Burnum and Wooten connections); Dr. Mac Stiles (Allgood lineage); Paula Burnum Salter (James Marion Burnum lineage)as well as many, many others. If you find anything in this website that is unintentionally incorrect, then please contact me and I would be glad to credit the information and/or remove it, as requested and as time becomes available.

PLEASE DO NOT take the work at my Burnum website as the ultimate literal or factual truth about family lines. My intent is to be as exact and educated as possible in my presentation of the Burnum Family History. However, mistakes and errors inevitably occur. As with any research --- fact check, fact check, fact check. "AS ALWAYS, GENEALOGY WITHOUT METHODOLOGY IS MYTHOLOGY."

As you can imagine, my Burnum website will always be a work in progress. I have hundreds of photos and stacks of information yet to upload over the months and years ahead. Much information that is posted is an amalgamation of decades of work that is either original work by myself, my father and my grandmother, or may have been constructed from the works of my many interested relatives, living and deceased.

Please note that this website is for personal use and is not to be used for commercial purposes. All genealogical information, including photos, is not to be used other than for personal enjoyment only. NO GENEALOGICAL INFORMATION OR PHOTOS SHALL BE POSTED TO ANY OTHER WEB SITES OR REDISTRIBUTED OR DISSEMINATED WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE WEBMASTER IN ANY FORMAT WHATSOEVER.

Please feel free to send me information, corrections, or pictures at:

John Eric

I hope that all of ya'll enjoy reading about our family history as much as I do writing about it. We all have a rich, family tradition that every one of us can be proud of. JUMP IN AND HAVE FUN!!!

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