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In each Family, there is one who is called. We are the Storytellers. All Tribes have one, that we might remember our Family, and so we do. We would not exist without our ancestors, and so we love each one, as far back as we can reach.
About BLOSS,FAUSNAUGH-WINSTEAD and related families
Our families are fortunate. They have a 7th great 
grandfather, Joseph Bloss, born-1759, who was a
Revolutionary War "Patriot"***     It was Joseph who 
personally carried the news to General George
Washington concerning the capture of the infamous 
British "Major Andre," co-conspirator of the 
equally infamous traitor, Benedict Arnold.
They are descended as well from;
A "Goldminer in 1851 who went west and was befriended 
by the "Bannock" Indian Tribe when he became 
ill. The Tribe gave him an Indian pony and a pair of 
Indian moccassins, which were a work of Art.
****see Dorman Bloss Douglass, born 1827.
Serbian immigrants***  Davina Danojevic Stella`s 
birth mother. ***Church records of the Family names 
in Yugoslavia and Serbia are virtually nonexistant, 
making it impossible to find the ancestors.
Odom Buinac, from Serbia, was Stella`s birthfather
Ljeposava and Maxim Bursach, Stella (Stoja`s) 
adoptive parents
Pioneers who travelled to Missouri in Covered 
Wagons***Charles Lloyd Bloss 1876 & his wife Lydia
One staunch early Abolitionist whose home was used 
for the "underground railroad"*** William Clough 
Bloss b.1795 and his wife Mary. 
A New York Stock Exchange Commodities expert***  
James O. Bloss b. 1840
Immigrants from England who settled the first 
colonies*** Richard Bloys (Bloss) And his wife Michal
Puritans*** Edmund Bloss-Blosse (Blois)-born 1586, 
and his wife Mary who settled in the Mass. Bay 
Colony were Delbert Bloss` first immigrant ancestors
The man who founded the still existing "Blossburgh" 
Pennsylvania*** Aaron Bloss, Bloss SEAM (coal) & 
Bloss Mountain as well as The Bloss Historic Society 
in Tioga Co. Pennsylvania
Several Civil War Veterans
An ancestor with the 1st name of Achsah***
an ancester named Ruah***
An ancestor named Mehitable***
an ancestor named Amasa***all 4 from the 1700s
2 women named Zeruiah***Revolutionary War Era
Families who were among the early settlers of the 
Mass. Bay Colony
Mary "Polly" Blossom Bloss (part Na. American) whose 
ancestors were of the Wampanoag Indian Tribe, 
in Plymouth Colony, Mass. whose Chief Massasoit aided 
the Pilgrims****
Ancestors from the existing city of Blois (Bloss) 
Two Revolutionary War "Patriots"*** Joseph Bloss
FYI--an in law of Edmund Bloss-Blosse (Blois) who was 
involved in the Salem Witch Trials (direct 
Passengers on board the ship "Francis" from Ipswich 
England, (Edmund & Mary) during  "The Great 
Migration" from England
Ancient Blois ancestors who came from France with Wm. 
The Conquerer,circa 1000
A GGG Grandfather who was a veteran of the Civil War
The G-man who shot John Dillenger***SA Charles 
A Native American***
Slave Owners***
The granddaughter of a slave whose name was Golden***
A g grandmother who lived during Abraham Lincoln`s 
administration*** Artamecie Winstead-Fausnaugh
German immigrants*** the Fasnachts
The Campbell Clan--a fierce warrior clan from 
3 more Revolutionary War "Patriots"*** Rev. Francis 
Winstead,(a minuteman) His brother Samuel and 16 
year old nephew Mandley who was a drummer boy.
A passenger aboard the immigrant "sail" ship, 
Edinburgh, Johannes Fasnacht
A sherriff from the "Pioneer West"*** William Wirt 
Winstead, 1858
Tennesee Heroes of the Revolutionary War***
Pennsylvania German Pioneers
Johan Conrad Fasnacht, Revolutionary War "Patriot"
Johannes jr. Fausnaught, born 1758, was a 
Revolutionary War "Patriot"
Parents who had 14 children, (Johannes + Juliana 
Margaretha Fasnacht)
3 brothers who married 3 sisters;
Johannes Jacob Fausnaught & Anna Root
Johannes Fausnaught jr. & Susannah Root
Henry Fausnaught & Magdalena Root
A Grover ancestor who was in The Civil War; James C. 
A Sexton ancestor from Scotland
A Campbell ancestor from Ireland  
The "Connection" is through  the first immigrant 
ancestors to The New World- 
Edmund (1586) and Mary Bloss-Blosse (Blois) 10th g-
grandparents of Bob & his brothers Danny Del  
Michael & David. Edmund would have lived 500 years 
ago during the reign of the last Tudor Monarch,  
Queen Elizabeth  who continued her father`s (Henry 
the 8th`s) legacy & reign of violence over the 
Protestant Church. Edmund, Mary & their child Richard 
left England in separate ships, seeking 
religious freedom. The ship Edmund sailed on,under 
extremely desperate conditions, was called "The 
Francis".          They were "Puritans" believing 
that the existing young Protestant Church needed 
Edmund and Mary are listed in the Genealogical 
Dictionary of The 1st Settlers of New England, page 
203.*** They were the first immigrant ancestors and 
10th great grandparents, settling in the newly 
formed Massachusettes Bay Colony.
The Family of Blois (Bloss) arrived in
France in the year 1000 with Stephen,Comte de Blois, 
who came over with William The Conquerer a 
Viking. "The National Archives-UK." The Blois Family 
were prominent merchants in the 16th century 
in Ipswich, residing in the Parish of St. Nicholas.  
"Documents held at Suffolk Record Office, 
Ipswich Branch, England: Administrative history." 
Ipswich is the largest town in the country, dating 
back to the 7th Century.

The Fausnaugh name is German, actually Fasnacht or 
Fosnacht. It is derived from a 
German festival, the evening before ash wednesday 
(our mardi gras).  The Fausnaughs emmigrated 
from   Hohengehren, Jagst, Wuerttemberg Germany in 
the 1700s and settled in Fairfield co. Ohio.
Johannes Fasnacht (Leslie`s 5th g grandfather) was 
born in 1727 in Jagst, 
Wuerttenberg, Germany. 
He arrived aboard the ship Edinburgh to a port in  
Philadelphia-mid-1700s. These were my 
"Pennsylvania Dutch" ancestors, many of them living 
in Lancaster Pennsylvania.                        
Johannes` parents were Samuel, born in 1698 and Maria 
Fasnacht, from Hohengehren, Jagst Germany, 6th
great grandparents.  
Samuel Fosnaugh, born in 1677 (1st immigrant ancestor  
) & his wife Anna Maria from Kercheim Germany, were 
grandparents, and Leslie 7th grandparents.
The Winsteads,Formerly WINSTON,who were ancestors of my gg 
grandfather, Lafeyette, made their way to North 
and Virginia in the mid 1600s,(St StephensParish),  
from East Riding, Yorkshire, England and Sussex 
Parish Yapton (Yaptown) England. A county in 
Virginia-Northumberland, is also a village in 
England-(Winstead Family History-"Our Family)*** 
          Johane Winston-Winstead & John-1555 were my 
paternal 10th or 11 gg-grandparents 
from  Yapton, Sussex England. John's parents were John Winston, 1525 and Margery.
Artamecie Winstead-Fausnaugh was my great 
grandmother, also paternal,(born 1854),her 
brother`s name was Noah.                                                                      
James Fausnaugh was my great grandfather (& 
Artamecie`s husband) & Lafeyette Winstead was 
Artamecie`s father, and my gg grandfather.           
Artamecie lived during the Civil War. I am attempting 
to uncover her Native American 
Heritage,in the Ohio-Indiana Plains region. It has 
been impossible. I don`t have her mother`s name 
or Tribe.                                    She 
would have lived during slavery, as well as being 
merely a child during Abraham Lincoln`s 

I have "Campbell" ancestry as well, from Scotland & 
Ireland. This line is difficult to trace. A 
census from William M. Campbell, 1880 in Sparta, 
Noble co. Indiana exists stating "father is from 
Ireland", no further information exists (paternal).       
*** This is the "Doll" family; my 
father`s mother.          
A Campbell (maternal) tartan was discovered by a 
genealogist years ago and is in the family in 
Georgia with my mother`s sister Pegge Brown.
The Winsteads of my family owned many plantations and 
slaves. In several wills, they have left  
certain slaves to their children, sadly, like pieces 
of furniture or cattle.
The latest  research has uncovered a Winstead 
ancestor of mine, Charles Taylor-1809, Roxboro North 
Carolina, who married his SLAVE, Debbie Caroline 
           Her granddaughter`s name was "Golden" 
Winstead. It is a great honor to be her ancestor.
I actually have her photo. She was as beautiful as 
her name.

The Maternal sides of both of our families have been 
extremely difficult to research-the 
proverbial "brick wall".      Yugoslavia;Bob     
Leslie:Scotland and England.
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Ancestors of Winston, John 1525
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.
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