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Welcome! This website was created on 12 Nov 2001 and last updated on 11 Aug 2019. The family trees on this site contain 2419 relatives and 492 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Pinn Family Web Cabin
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January 2019

Just a hello to anyone who happens across this website. You being here means you care.  It also  means that you have been summons by the Ancestors.  Enjoy your visit, take notes, talk with your  immediate families, especially the Elders.  Let them know you care about them and their histories  While the information here is a lot about the past, we must remember that we are also a living  family of today and tomorrow.  New information is as important as old information.  Every new  birth, marriage, etc. brings a smile to those Ancestors.

It's been 18 over years since this particular website was created and nearly 50 years of personal  work on our family tree.  A labor of Love.  PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH WITH EACH OTHER!!

Much thanks to new found cousin Harold O. Lewis (2) for sharing his families amazing history.  
Also, wish to thank cousin Diana Delaney (daughter of Audrey Byson Pinn Evans) for the series of 
new photos and information she recently shared with the Cabin.  That's what it is all about, 
sharing and preserving our amazing heritage.  New Photo LINK

A nice article was written by Carolyn Lynn on her Prince William Genealogy blog entitled:Tombstone 
Tuesday.  It also contains a plat from the Deed Book clearly describing the boundaries of the 
land owned by our ancestor Howison Pinn.   

Cousin Lutie Lewis Coates 
Cousin Lutie Lewis Coates aka "Lutie Lew", as she is lovingly remembered, was not 
only a school teacher and a principal but a Gift and Treasure to those countless 
youngsters who had the honor of sitting in one of her classrooms. Please see below 
Cousin Diane Lewis's reflections and attached story:  

An elementary school in Fairfax County, Virginia was named after longtime African-
American teacher and principal, Roscoe C. Lewis and Marie Brown Lewis's oldest 
daughter, Lutie Lewis Coates. She taught and was Principal at the Floris Elementary 
School for most of her career and thenmoved to an integrated school, again teaching 
and serving as a principal.  Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary School opened in September 
2009. It is staffed with teachers who applied from other schools and were then chosen 
for their special skills. The school song, written by one of the music teachers, was 
very affecting. It was recently performed for Cousin Diane at the schools assembly 
and you can hear and see it by going to: Lutie's Song. 

There is a display case in the school's main hallway which needs to be filled with  memorabilia from Aunt Lutie's life. A formal dedication ceremony is planned in June  of 2010. For more information, please contact Cousin Diane at dyan03@juno.com

Cousin Lionel Pinn
Welcome to the Pinn Family Web Cabin
It's time for to get your website updates in. As we get closer to our 5th amazing and blessed family reunion more and more family will be making their way over the "Welcome Mat" of the Pinn Family Web Cabin. It's time add those new babies, marraiges, and recognized those dear family elders who have made the journey to the Creators Cabin. How about some fresh pictures too. Please take a moment or two to make contact so the latest and greatest information is posted. Please go to the "Contact Me" to open the door for communication and knowledge. All family lines are welcomed, we currently have a extensive but always growing records on the following family lines but there is always room at the Cabin for more families.
  • Howison Pinn
  • Charles Vincent Pinn
  • William C Pinn
  • Robert Pinn The long history of our heritage are warpped around the life and times of these four men and their powerful wifes. Through blood, sweat, tears and joy they lived their lifes. They may have been very close or may have just heard about a cousin down the river or over the hill but we are all connected in some way. The hard facts of "citation" has not been totally found to date but the roots are firmly established in the rich soil of Virginia and they are the same! PLEASE take a few moments visit your specific (HP, RP, CVP and/or WCP) line and let me know some up-dates, corrections or whatever you have to share. I have added a lot of information of late mostly from the CVP and WHP lines. Thank you and Enjoy the Journey! Lionel Thank you for visiting and come back soon! Please take a moment and sign Howison and Pattie's GUEST BOOK "Through our journey began centuries ago, and many our our ancestors have gone beyond the veil, the blood that courseth through our veins causes us to be inextricably bound to each other forever." Cousin Earl T. Tildon "We may not have an all together family, but together we have it all" Cousin Arlean Hill You can also take a Virtual Walk to the Pinn Family Cemetery, leave a message and some flowers. This is a cool site! Follow the link to learn the historic story of the Arcola Slave Quaters and how our Cousin, Arlean Hill, made it a reality and a legacy. Great story told by Ben Muse about relative Dr. Steven J. Lewis Find-a-Grave LINK Remebering a Pinn Family Hero: Cousin Arnold Pinn I recently became aware of the wonderful book written by Ida Jones Williams which tells another story of survival of relative Leah Ruth Warner and her descendants. Here's a link to the book: Leah Legacy, Remember You're Free There has been a historic record of life-changing relatives who have answered the call to "Teaching". It has made a difference in people's lifes then, now and into the future. One such difference maker is recognized by having a school named after her, please see: Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary School
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