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About (Chicoine-Garrett)(Quirion-Bacon) family tree
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Reuben son of Mary Helen Garrett and Alexandre Charles left his home in Bridgeville, 
Quebec at the age of seven years old to live in Little Pabos, Quebec with his 
grandmother Mary Mc Neil,(daughter of Roderick)and his aunt Effie (Euphenia) and 
uncle Tom Garrett. The land where he was raised was given by Roderick to his daughter 
Mary.. Roderick owned all the land in this range called at the time Up the River, he 
donated a plot of land to each of his children who married and stayed in this 
locality. Mary's stretch of land was donated to her son Thomas Garrett who remained 
single and donated it to Reuben at his death, it was passed down to Reuben's youngest 
son David in 2006 when his wife passed away. It is the only lot belonging to Roderick 
that still remains in the family.
His brother Irvin remained at the Chicoine family home in Bridgeville, Qc. inherited 
the family belongings and it was passed down to his youngest son Kenneth at the death 
of Irvin's wife on January 15,2009. 

For these men the land was their life!

Reuben and Irvin married the two sisters,Gertrude and Simone Quirion,daughters of 
Marguerite Bacon and Siméon Louis Quirion from Bridgeville.   
I have passed away. I am leaving this valley. I beg you never forget me! Soon we 
shall be reunited in heaven.
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Ancestors of Chicoine, Jean Jacques, 1715
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