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About My Bourne/Pearce/Bigland/Parker Family
My re-search into my "family tree"started, after the death of my mother, when I 
found a burial card for my Grandmother Eleanor Vivian Bourne nee Pearce 
who died in 1945. I then paid a visit to the cemetery, where I was told there 
were three other "occupants" in the grave, my father's sister who died in 1930 
aged 21,  my Grandfather who died in 1967 & some one named Emma Johnson who 
died in 1927. I had no idea who this could be & this is how I got into the 
the fascinating & intriguing hobby of family re-search, I eventually found Emma 
was my Great Grandmother, who had married a George Johnson, after the death of her 
first husband Alfred Pearce, my Great Grandfather. So the little burial card 
my parents had kept in a cardboard box along with other long forgotten "bits & 
pieces" was the start of my journey into discovering my ancestry & all the 
people who have had a part in making me who & what I am. Bourne/Pearce/Bigland 
& Parker are the names of my four Grandparents however many more names have 
been added along the way.
Also included on this site are the Cother & Shephard family (my 1st husbands family) 
& the Horton & Heslop family (my 2nd husbands family)
I have also included the Taylor & Bryan family at the request of my Grand Daughter & her husband 

Surnames were often mispelt ie Dyas, Shephard, Carbines,Heeley, Cother, Sykes, Bourne,Bachelor, 
Pryor & 
many others were spelt in many different ways, for ease of searching I have kept to one spelling 

Many people didn't know where they were born, so often the birthplace they gave on the census 
forms would have been the place or one of the places where they grew up. 
Ages were often incorrect as some people didn't know how old they were, they may have known when 
they were born but that wasn't the question on the census - it asked for their age and not every 
one was capable of subtracting one year from another, particularly if the years were in different 

SOURCE The Visitations of Cornwall 1530.1573 & 1620
The early generations of the Arundell pedigree are confused & may in parts be 
incorrect. The descendants,however, from Sir Renfrey & his wife Alice de Lanherne are 
considered to be accurate.

SOURCE The visitations of Cornwall. The Vivian Family all having descended from one stem and 
claiming descendency from Henry 111


This was not a hard and fast rule but can be of some help when trying to find an 
elusive relative

1st son named after Father's Father
2nd son named after Mother's Father
3rd son named after Father
4th son named after Father's eldest brother
5th son named after Father's 2nd eldest brother or Mother's eldest brother

1st daughter named after Mother's Mother
2nd daughter named after Father's Mother
3rd daughter named after Mother
4th daughter named after Mother's eldest sister
5th daughter named after Mother's 2nd eldest sister or Father's eldest sister


The name Carbines is quite unusual, it may have originated from the Cornish word Car-pons which is 
thought to have meant a Cart-bridge. 
CARBONS, CARBOMS, CARBOUS & CARBOUSE found in military survey of 1522 & the tinners roll of 1523
CARBES, CARBOUSE & KARBUS found in Cornwall Muster 1569
CARBENS, CARBOES, CARBUS, CARBUSH, CARBYNE, CARBYNS found in Protestation Returns 1641
It is thought that the base name may have been CARBIS

IT is my intention to find as much information on this name as I can.

1841 6th June
1851 30th March
1861 7th April
1871 2nd April
1881 3rd April
1891 5th April
1901 31st March
1911 2nd April
Ancestors of ******
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.
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