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Welcome! This website was created on Mar 04 2008 and last updated on Apr 07 2024. The family trees on this site contain 5763 relatives and 3216 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Ritchie Cousins & More Cousins
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I want to thank all family members that have taken their time to send information and  pictures for this family site, A SPECIAL SPECIAL ,thank you to Virginia Ritchie McCoy  who started her family tree as a school project when she was in the seventh grade. Without her never ending hard work on her family tree this site would not of been  possible. (Most of the Ritchie/Ratley documents and information on this site has  came from Virginia Ritchie McCoys work. )Thank you Virginia we will all know more  about our Ritchie and other relations because of your dedication to our ever changing  family.
 This is a work in progress and if you find any mistakes or have anything you wish to  be added please contact me. I love pictures the more the better please email to me at  mzdar2u@yahoo.com I would love to add them to the site.
 I would like to thank Athena Luther  for her contribution to this site she has sent  many many pictures with her Luther family history . Thank you Athena its people like  you that make this site possible. All of us are cousins.  We would all love  to see each other and this site helps to make it possible.

We are asking Vistors and Members to please sign the guest book and leave their email  addresses, from time to time we will need to change our pass words, for security  reasons,and that will give me a list of emails to notify when this change happens. In order to join this site please email site. I will then give you your password to  enter. 
 We are asking that you not share your pass word with others, have them email site and  I will be glad to add them.

I would like our members to know that the photos and family  information shared on this site belong to the person that owns the photo or  information, as also with any personal information shared here, this is a personal  family site. Nothing is to be taken from this site for financial gain by any one  person or society! You are welcome to share any photo or information with other  family members

Thank you for visiting our family , Please sign our Guest Book (It can be found under the home key ) and come on back and visit some more:

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