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About Eggs et al
Dear Eggs et al,  

          Check out the site at  

Most recent contact is with Barrie Jonas who has a lot of information about the Eggletons in the Bawdeswell area. I’m getting 
my research on to tree first then will have a good look to see what exciting stuff he has. Then I'll no doubt have to make a lot 
of changes.

    In an effort to mark family members who served in the military at any time I’ve started to add a plus sign after the 
name.  A flag or some other picture would have been nice so will try to figure out how to do something better. In the 
meantime if skimming through the name index, the plus sign indicates a person who served in the army, airforce or 

     For those of you keeping track, its taken me years but I've at last made a discovery about Florence Chalklens mother Mary 
Ann Chalklen nee Saunders, grandmother of Laurence Eggleton.  Mary Ann was widowed as a young woman and for a while 
was resident in Malling workhouse with some of her younger children. Part of granny’s story (Florence Chalklen) was that 
both parents died when she was a baby but I was only ever able to find her fathers death record.  I was recently surprised to 
find that in 1892 Mary Ann married again, to George William King.   However Mary Ann King died in late 1892 shortly after her 
2nd marriage, when granny was a baby. Mary Anns youngest children must have been left in a precarious position as her 2nd 
husband likely had no attachment to them.
    When checking in you will see new names like Gallivan, that will take you to the Eggletons in Ontario, Canada.  
There are a few lovely photos of distant family there. I'm also finding quite a few family who were in the military.  I 
thought we were a peace loving family although I think in the past it was a case of signing up and hoping to survive, 
and then getting the service pension. Helpful since ag workers pay was dismal.
   There is new information  provided by Peter Lee about a Yorkshire branch of Eggletons. I've also heard from Neil 
Eggleton who visited Gt Ryburgh during the summer and he has provided some  photos and information. Peter 
Lewis is also in touch regarding the Jonas branch and he has lots of information.  I'm going through stacks of notes 
gleaned over time,  in order to capture the information and then toss scraps of paper. 
Lots of fun.
   Any contributions gratefully received. If you remember any good stories our Dad or Mum told, anything about 
their aunts, uncles etc or stories about them or grandparents it would be nice to put one or two here for posterity.   
And any family pics better than those I have, and short biographies about yourselves would be nice. Somebody 
must remember Ian Hood from Go-cart days in Donington!

  This tree started off as Eggleton research for Norfolk families but has expanded in a few directions and it is 
amazing to see where we all come from and where we have spread to.  Eggleton, Bayes and Pease families crop up 
among early settlers of America, and again in the 1800's when landowners were clearing the land of people during 
the agrarian revolution. Some traveled to Australia, and New Zealand, Canada, the United States or relocated to 
Yorkshire and other areas of England. In Pennsylvania USA and in Ontario, Canada there is even an Eggleton 
graveyard or two.
   Robert (born 1826 in South Creake) and his wife Lydia Armiger  (born 1824 in South Creake)  with their 7 children 
emigrated to the US in 1836 where they settled in Pennsylvania. David and wife Jemima Burrell and several family 
members emigrated to Canada in about 1855 and settled in Ontario.  
One of Granny's (Florence Chalklen) brothers also emigrated to Canada. Other Chalklen family members are known
to have gone to New Zealand. 
  There are a few crimes as in the case of alleged poaching by the Blakeney wing of the family.  At the Holt Petty 
Session of 17th April 1869 (courtesy of The Norfolk Chronicle) Thomas (born about 1846) and Samuel (born about 
1853) , coal carters of Blakeney were charged by John Dowling with trespass in pursuit of rabbits, on lands 
belonging to George Wilson, Esq of Morston. The charges were dismissed.
  An Eggleton was hanged for two murders that somebody else confessed to on his deathbed. I'll put that 
information together and add it into the Stories section if anyone is interested. Let me know if you are as there is 
quite a bit of information.
  The most  recent help  received to break down a brick wall has been from the Three Counties Hospital history 
page on Facebook concerning George Edward Eggleton.  George was Dads (Laurence Eggleton) uncle and the 
family story was that he died of a heart attack at a fairly early age.   It's taken years to find any record of his death 
date, because surprisingly he died in Bedfordshire and not as expected, in Norfolk.  His mother Susanna had 
mistakenly recorded him when filling out the census in 1911.  She then crossed his record out but noted that 
George was in Thorpe Asylum.  It was my only clue that he was alive at that time, although apparently not in good 
health.  I'd given up all hope of finding anything more but discovered that inmates of Thorpe Asylum were 
transferred to The Three Counties Hospital during WW1 in order to free up the facility for wounded soldiers.  Some 
research led me to the Facebook Page for the Three Counties Hospital (worth a look)  and a kind member of the 
historical group looked up the death records. She also took photographs of the location of the inmates graveyard, 
now just left as a meadow with tombstones around the edge.  
Georges death certificate states that he died from general tuberculosis, although Dad had been told 
that he had heart problems and suffered a heart attack. 
  Corrections are always welcome if you should find something wrong  on this site.  I'm always finding incorrect 
material myself so appreciate any help.  

  There are "stories"  under the PEOPLE heading in the bar along the top. The latest tale is of Robert Eggleton being 
robbed after the wheel of his cart came loose. 

    I have no idea of the dates of many of the photographs on the site so I make a guess to get them in rough order - 
feel free to correct those that are wrong. If you click on a picture you will see a place at the bottom where a 
comment can be entered.  Please feel free to add information about the people in the photographs, or add any fun 
facts relating to the subjects or circumstances  surrounding the photograph.
  If you find, or know of any strays who should be added  let me know who they are. And if you have information 
about family members lost in the swirling mists of time just tack it up here somewhere.  
  Anybody who knows of more recent  family members could fill in gaps please.

  ** **This site has been constructed for family information only and is not available for general online 
searching.  I don't guarantee that  the information here is 100% correct, and indeed I constantly find new 
information which causes me to make changes. **
       Very many thanks to those that have been in contact over the years and have generously shared information.  
(Barrie, Tina,  Anita, Ray, Peter Trent, Nick Bray, Ann Prentis, Ros and Peter Lee and most recently Peter Lewis)   
And especial thanks to Tracy and Phil who sacrifice vacation time to crawl around graveyards in Norfolk searching
out  memorial stones and churches  for this site.
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Family of EGGLETON, Laurence Herbert, +
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