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Greetings all. Happy Thanksgiving to our American relatives. And More updates on the way!
About Spence (Sabiston)/Short (Shepherd) Family
My name is Jim Spence and I have become the family historian for the Spence family from Birsay,  Orkney ... at least on this side of the pond.I began the Spence Tree in the late 1980s  primarily 
 for the Spence Reunion - 1990 in Mohawk Park, Brantford and have been striving ever since to go  as 
 far back as possible and find as many connected descendants as possible.  I originally separated the Moars, Sabistons, Robsons and Stangers, but due to the many inter- marriages of all these families, they've all been included here with the various lines being  highlighted.

 | Anyone wishing to make a monetary contribution to help maintain this            |
 | website, further my research, or just to say thank you, can do so by               |
 | sending it directly to me at:                                                                         |
 | B-204 Bold St., Hamilton, ON Canada L8P 1V6                                               |
 | All would be greatly appreciated and put to great use. Thank-you!                   | /==================================================/


October 2, 2020
Thanks to COVID-19, I've had a lot of time on my hands and the tree is finally updated with all the changes and additions everyone has sent me. Thanks to all for their contributions and keep them coming.

March 1, 2016
 Check out the new entries in the stories section:
 *w World Wars Books of Remembrance
 6 books were created but our family only lost members during the two World Wars. In it you'll find listed Canadians who died during the First and Second World War.

September 6, 2015
 Due to the lack of interest on my mother's side, I have decided to incorporate her ancestry  here as 
 well. After all, they'll all my relatives.
 If you're interested in seeing my English roots, go exploring.

May 12, 2015
 Received an e-mail from Ron Roden regarding the 2015 Howse-Livingston Family Reunion. In the spring of 2015 Mr Joseph Howse left Ile-a-la-Crosse and travelled to York Factory. He  spent 
 the summer of 1815 at York Factory. N September 19, 1815 Mr. Joseph Howse boarded the Prince of  Wales and returned to England never again to return to Rupert’s Land and the family he left  behind. Why did 
 he make this decision? Would you like to join other members of the Howse family in order to  debate that question?
 Ron and Lynn Roden have their latest book The Howse in Rupert’s Land: The Life Story of  Joseph Howse, Hudson’s Bay Company Trader, Explorer, Cartographer and Renowned Linguist. The cost of the book will be $35.00.
The reunion continues each year in August in Alberta, just north of Edmonton.
 For details, please contact:
 Ron and Lynn Roden - PO Box 310 - Delburne, Alberta - T0M 0V0 1-403-749-2418

December 17, 2014 
 Thanks to Brian Budge of the Kirkwall Branch of the Royal British Legion for his compilation of  information on the various Orkney War Memorials. I am in the process of going through each one  and 
 identifying those which contain members of the family tree.
 Also found a rare picture of James William Smith Spence (1876-1950) in uniform in France.

August 10, 2014
 I have acquired a copy of "The Birsay Church History" written by Reverend Alexander Goodfellow  and 
 published in 1903. It is now out of print, but I have transcribed an online version and  included it 
 in the Stories section under "Birsay Church". It is quite lengthy but worth the read. Some  fascinating documentation on the Spence origins as well as some specific individuals and  occurrences 
 in the Parish over the years.

The original document can be found at:
            http://www.orkneyfhs.co.uk/resourcedocs/30/Birsay%20Church%20History.pdf To view, copy and paste the link.

March 8, 2014
 Bill Mowat, a lifetime friend of the Spence family, was actually related. Turns out he was my  8th 
 cousin. I posted a pic of his family home, Scorne, Marwick, Birsay on the "Orkney Past &  Present" 
 website and a Fred Beck mentioned that it was the home of the Mowats, namely Eddie, Annie,  Jacob, 
 Willie and Robbie. Cathleen Spence (no relation - so far) followed up with a 1911 census,  giving 
 Bill's parents as Jacob Mowat born 1876 to Nicol Mowat and Margaret Breck (both in the current  tree) and Annie Philips born 1871 to John Philips and Jane Borwick (also in the tree).  Searching 
 each of our ancestral paths, I determined that he and my dad were actually 4th cousins and  didn't 
 even know it. I wonder what Dad would have thought of all this.

January 25, 2014
 James William Smith Spence.
 On his immigration papers, it stated that he and his son, William, (my grandfather and uncle)  were 
 coming to Canada with a destination of a cousin, George W. Johnston, in Toronto. Much research  went into discovering this missing cousin with no luck.
 Until today.
 While updating my Sabiston side, I discovered Annie Rosalie Sabiston's aunt, Janet, married  James 
 Johnston and had 5 children, one being George William Alexander Johnston who married and  moved to 
 Toronto. This would make George, Annie's 1st cousin and, in turn, James' 1st cousin by  marriage. 
 So mystery now solved.
 George and Annie (Pirie) Johnston lived at 179 Chambers St. in Toronto in 1924.

 I've moved the War Cemeteries out of the Stories section and set them up as a Reference area. You can access them under PEOPLE / LAST NAMES / R / REF* WAR CEMETERIES.  Use the Descendants option with REF* WAR CEMETERIES to see all in a tree format.

I've also included a link to the Orkney Ordinance Map from Streemap.co.uk. The arrow points to  the 
 Stanger farm. By selecting the zoom level, you can navigate right down to the house names. This  has
 aided me in my research and I thought you'd like to see all the areas. Enjoy.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
 Check the Stories section (*b) for a brief introduction to Orkney and Birsay.

For history and origins of the families, check the Stories section (*c) as follows:

*c1.1 Clan MacDuff
 *c1.2 Spence
 *c2.1 Clan Gordon
 *c2.2 Moar
 *c3.1 Sabiston
 *c4.1 Stanger
 *c4.2 The Stanger Farm History
 *c4.3 The Stanger Farm Tenants Through History
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
 Note the coloured squares to the left of some names. These indicate particular family lines  that 
 have been identified. If a coloured square appears and the surname is lower-case, this  individual 
 not a blood-line relative but is adopted.
 RED - Spence
 LIME - Sabiston
 AQUA - Stanger
 YELLOW - Murray
 TEAL - Stanger
 GRAY - Descendants of Forjunar Kvenland - early King of Kvenland, Norway. This should link up  with Richard Clouston, continuing the Royal line.
 SILVER - Descendants of Richard Clouston. Due to system limitations, Richard was chosen as a  cross-
 over point, continuing the "silver" royal line. Richard is the 21st generation of Earl SIGURD  II, 
 12th Earl of Orkney. He is the 26th generation of Kenneth McALPIN, the 1st King of the Scots. BLACK - Descendants of Kenneth McALPIN
 MAROON - Short
 PURPLE - Tincombe
 GREEN - Shepherd
 BLUE - Mounce
 OLIVE - Blanchard
 WHITE - Ancestors of me (James H. SPENCE)
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
 ALSO, Note, on many names, a single bracketed letter eg.(m). This indicates a native connection  and its degree. Capital is 1st generation or both parents are 1st generation. Lowercase is  subsequent generations.
 Here's the connections so far:
 A - Okanagan
 B - Blackfoot
 C - Cree
 D - Denesuliné (Dene)
 E - Assiniboine
 F - Flathead Nation (Kootenai, Kalispell, Pend d'Oreille) G - Gros Ventre
 H - Chippewa, Chipewyan
 I - Indigenous (unknown)
 J - Jamaican
 K - Sekanaise (Montagnais nation)
 M - METIS (Half-breed)
 N - Nipissing
 O - Chinook
 P - Piegan
 Q - Iroquois
 S - Sarcee
 U - Mulatto 
 W - Ojibway
 Y - Cheyenne
 X - Saulteaux (plains Ojibway)
 Z - Nez Pierce (Yakama)
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
 Please direct any corrections or additons to myself at: jspence1@ymail.com Pictures are most welcome as well.

Warning: I'm getting older and slower ... please be patient with all contributions. 

Thanks to all for their past, present and future contributions - especially Ron Roden for all  his 
 assistance on the Howse branch of the family.
 The Howse family still hold a reunion in Ft. Victoria / Victoria Settlement every August. Contact Ron @ ronandlynnr@xplornet.com or phone (403)749-2418


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