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Many of us who are present here today did not have the opportunity of growing up to 
spend time with the people who set us on this family journey.  We dedicate this 
family history to our many ancestors who through their lives gave us life.

Psalms 78:1 “My people, listen to my teaching. Listen to what I say.  I will speak 
using stories.  I will tell things that have been secret since long ago.  We have 
heard them and know them.  Our fathers told them to us.  We will not keep them from 
our children.  We will tell those who come later about the praises of the LORD.  We 
will tell about His power and the miracles He has done.”    (ICB)

The following accounting of family history was presented to the family by Mary E. 
Head Griffin-Hawkins at her age of eighty-eight years young. Since that time 
information has been added, NONE DELETED.

Once there was a man by the name of Daniel Head. This gentleman was born in the 
1830’s in South Carolina. He was brought as a slave to Mississippi between 1837 and 
1845. Coincidentally, this is also the time the Millers settled into Northwest 
Winston County. This area is now known as Choctaw County/Ackerman, Mississippi. 
Daniel Head married Emaline Miller and to their union 12 children were born; Sarah, 
Nancy, Matilda, John, Albert, Joseph, Daniel Jr., James, Mattie Ann, Moses, Tom and 
Benjamin. (Papa Ben)
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