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About The Patrick (Grimes) Graham Family
This is the Family Tree of the descendants of Patrick (Grimes) Graham and Elizabeth McKee. I 
decided to begin our tree with them as Claire Anderson did in his book. You as a family member 
will be able to add names, dates, and pictures of your family. This tree is for all of us.

Patrick (Grimes) Graham was born in 1747 in Ulster, County Tyrone, Ireland. He emigrated to the 
USA sometime around 1760 - 1765. Arriving in Philadelphia, PA he perhaps worked there for 
several years. Records show that in 1769 he was living as Patrick Grimes in Philadelphia.

On 02 Jan 1777 he enlisted in Capt William McMullins company of the Philadelphia City Guards.
On 17 Sep 1777 at the Battle of Brandywine, old family lore and old family papers state that 
Patrick saved Gen Lafayette from being captured when his horse was shot out from under him. 
Records indicate that LaFayette was wounded at Brandywine.

Patrick Grimes Graham according to family information, stated that he was discharged from the 
service as the result of a fractured leg.

On 09 Apr 1790 he married Miss Elizabeth McKee in Westmoreland County, PA. Census records show 
a Patrick Grimes living in the county in that year. We can find no records for Elizabeth before 
her marriage to Patrick. We know who her parents were NOT, and simply cannot find her anywhere 
before 1790 when they married.

Their first three children, Rosanna, Joseph and Daniel were born in Westmoreland County between 
1792 and 1796.

Patrick used both the name Grimes and Graham, as Grimes was a sept name of Clan Graham. His 
military records and original gravestone confirm this fact.

From the History of Butler County PA:

Patrick Graham, a native of Ireland, was no doubt the first settler in Jefferson Twp., Butler 
county, Pennsylvania. He immigrated to Westmoreland county, there married Elizabeth McKee, 
came to Butler county in 1796, and erected a cabin upon a tract of lande which he had 
previously selected in what is now Jefferson Township. He then returned for his wife, 
Elizabeth, and three children, Rosanna, Joseph and Daniel, whom he brought on pack horses to 
his new home in the unbroken forest of Butler county.  Including the children born in 
Westmoreland county, the following are the names of their family: Rosanna, who married 
Alexander Martin; Joseph; Daniel who settled in Brady township and there died; Patrick, born 
upon the homesetead May 25, 1798, the first white child born in Jefferson township, and resided 
upon the same until his death; Elizabeth, who married James Pryor; James, who settled in Mercer 
county, and died there; Johh, who died in Connoquenessing township, was a merchant at 
Whitestown, and Harrison who located in Beaver county. Though not a large man, Patrick (Grimes) 
Graham possessed a strong and vigorous constitution, a tireless energy and wonderful endurance. 
He died in 1844, at the remarkable age of ninety-seven years.


If there is a silver box by a name then you are a descendant of Iago ap 
Idwal (0974-1039), and a long line of Welsh Princes leading to Dr Thomas Wynne.

If there is a lime square by a name, that person is a descendant of all the Kings of 
England, from William I (1028-1087) The Conqueror, through all the Plantagenet Kings including 
King Richard III (1452-1485).

If there is a blue square by a name, they are descended from Walt Irwin (1590-1662) whose 
family later adopted the Iddings name.

If there is a red square by a name, that person is a descendant of Dr Thomas Wynne (1627-1691), 
Personal Physician to William Penn.

If there is a maroon square, then you are a descendant of Patrick (Grimes) Graham (1747-1844) 
If there is a black square, that person is descended from Capt. Patrick Graham (1817-1904) of 
Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

NOTE: This is your tree. As a member you will be able to add, edit or delete items 
to your immediate family. Any other work will be done by an Administrator or myself.
I will only be working on it on a limited basis. I can no longer work hours every day on this 
project. I hope you will all continue to keep this tree alive by adding missing information and 
new information on a regular basis. Thank you.

Getting Around
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