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About McDowell Families
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Pierre CORNUT       (ID #I21275) Possibly closely related to the Dommartin Parish Cornu's from 
the town and farm in Villars-Medraz Vaus Switzerland. Claud Cornu operates this farm at this 
timeand is a cousin to the late Annie McDowell nee Cornu of Ladysmith Thorne Quebec.

Family 1 : Claudine _____ (dates unknown)
MARRIAGE: bef 1600
+Esdras CORNUT (b. bef 1600, d. ABT 1658)
 Marie CORNUT (bp. 13 JUN 1602)
 Jean Pierre CORNUT (bp. 6 MAY 1604)
 Antoine CORNUT (bp. 3 DEC 1606)
 Abraham CORNUT (bp. 4 DEC 1608)
Originally from Messery, Haute-Savoie, he was deacon at Aigle in 1599. He was pastor at 
Rossinières in 1600, where he and his wife Claudine baptised several children. He was still at 
Rossinières as late as 1610. HE WAS AT DOMMARTIN 1611-1627, during which time his daughter 
Marie and his son Jean Pierre were noted at least once as sponsors at baptisms. Next, he was 
pastor at Savigny 1627-1644, where he is believed to have died, and where at least some of his 
children became established.

A descendant using the spelling of Cornu prepared a genealogy in the early 20th Century, 
apparently still in private hands.

Cornu, Francis, master, fraternity, Lausanne. 1484, September 27. - Magister Franciscus Cornu, 
is one of 14 or 15, founder of the Brotherhood of *Saints Cosmas and Damian. Not qual. barber, 
but master; him with one another, Jean Montandon. Cote ??

*Cosmas and Damian miraculously transplant the black leg of the Ethiopian onto the white body 
of the patient. Nothing is known of their lives except that they suffered martyrdom in Syria 
during the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian. According to Christian traditions, the twin 
brothers were born in Arabia and became skilled doctors.[4] Saladino d'Ascoli, a 15th century 
Italian physician, claims that the medieval electuary known as opopira, a complex compound 
medicine used to treat diverse maladies including paralysis, was invented by Cosmas and Damian 

By Philip Moore, BA
Extracted from the Clogher Record 1954

The pre-plantation parish of Drumully contained six ballybetaghs and two tates, each 
containing sixteen tates. (cf Inq. Ult., Appendix vi; Analecta Hib., iii, 200) Three of the 
lay in Coolnanoirerar: Drumloan, Ballyletureyne (now Letterbreen) and Ballinchullin (now 
In the barony of Clankelly, the three quarters of Comyns (now Connons), Carrowgarcagh (now it 
Carrowgarragh in the barony of Magherastephany), and the ballybetagh of Ballinchirrin and 
Tonaghboy (now 
Keeran and Tonnaboy). It should be noted that the ballybetagh was much more extensive than the 
townland that retains the name.

 The Irish form of the name of the parish is Druim Ailche. The family of 
O’Gabhann was erenagh of the land attached to the parish church. The chapel of Donagh, where 
was erenagh, was also Drummully parish. 


By James, Owen, Hugh, Mick and Daniel Dool to Patrick McDool, d. Nov., 1779, a. 61.

To Daniel McDoel, d. March, 1769, a.89, Patrick McDool, d. Nov., 1777, a.67; John McDool, d. 
Jan., 1799, 

The Woodard's are named on the Tapestry noted below; They received lands in Dedham and Bocking 
U.K. from William the Conqueror.from Normandy.

The Bayeux Tapestry (French: Tapisserie de Bayeux, IPA: [tapisʁi də bajø], Norman: La telle du 
conquest) is an embroidered cloth nearly 70 metres (230 ft) long and 50 centimetres (20 in) 
which depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England concerning William, Duke 
Normandy, and Harold, Earl of Wessex, later King of England, and culminating in the Battle of 

About Woodward, Samuel, REV
Samuel Woodward and brother Peter were Baptist members in New Meadows.Between the towns of 
and Bath. 

Samuel started up a quarry there.
The Woodward family of MA and ME USA
History of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell: 
Part II, Chapter 12: Ecclesiastical History of Brunswick page 378 

Rackliff- Nathaniel alias John,only shows up in two census' 1860 and 1850. His birthplace was 
to be Maine.There is one John Rackliff b. 1777 (1840 census)and lived in the Alms house for 
years listed as mentally ill

Ensign Eaton died there in Brunswick 1890,possibly with the same mental illness. Ensign was a 
and was a First Aid responder as they did minor medical treatments. His wife Caroline Woodward 
was a 
housekeeper and also did some nursing.
I doubt that these fine people will surface in the books of history.Ensign Eaton was previously 
to Rachel P Eaton and had a son Robert H Eaton Brunswick Maine. Rachel died May 27 1861 in 
Maine. Robert H Eaton died Nov 3 1878 26 y.o. Ensign Eaton died at the Alms House in Brunswick 
and was buried at the cemetery where all these residents of the Alms House lived.

Metcalf family
Rev.David Creighton McDowell born in Newtownbutler married Sarah Ann Metcalf. Sarah's father 
Rev.Franklin Metcalf came from Worcester Massachusetts. his family appears to have been one of 
early pioneers from Norwich England to the 1647 Massachusetts Colony.

 The Metcalf family has been in America for nearly three centuries. Michael Metcalf, who headed 
first American generation, was a manufacturer of tapestry at Norwich, England. He arrived in 
Massachusetts, in 1637, having left England because of religious persecution. He was a zealous 
Conformist. He was of the Yorkshire Metcalf family, whose name first appears in 1278, and the 
descent is traced from a Dane who came to England with King Canute in 1016. Michael Metcalf's 
service in Dedham included teaching in the first publie schoolhouse erected in this country. He 
married Sarah Elwyn, a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Elwyn of Hingham, Norfolk County, 
The second generation was represented by Michael Metcalf, who married Mary Fairbanke, daughter 
Jonathan Fairbanke, Sr., who built the Fairbanke House at Dedham. In the third generation is 
Metcalf. Michael Metcalf, of the fourth generation, married Abigail Colburn. Peletiah Metcalf, 
the fifth generation, married Hepzibah, daughter of Rev. SAMUEL MANN, who was the first 
minister of 
Wrentham. The sixth generation was also headed by Peletiah Metcalf, second child of Peletiah 

My Cousins,The Williams Family
Richard Williams.1606 son of William Williams b.1555 Wooten Under Edge Gloucestershire, U.K. 
and Jane Woodward 
b.1569 Synwell England. It would be interesting to find this Jane Woodward  related to Caroline 
Woodward Rackliff Eaton.

This Williams family starts with Richard Williams b.1599 Glamorganshire Wales and settled in 
Taunton Mass. USA. son Benjamin went to Easton Mass. his son Josiah Williams settled in 
Bridgewater Mass., his son Seth Williams b 1722 Bridgewater, his son Edward Williams, His son 
Lieut. Seth Williams, b.1776, His son Seth Jr. married Phebe Bird had Henry (Hy) C Williams, 
Williams and Isabella Wiliams. Hy C or Henry C Williams had a daughter Mable B Williams, a son 
Edwin Williams died at 8 y.o. Henry's bother Charles came to Canada and settled in Farnham as a 
Train Engineer and did Hy C Williams later in life. Hy C and Annie Benett had a son Arthur 
Williams whom 
married Elizabeth Somerville . They had a son Edwin Williams whom married Evelyne Louise 

The Williams Family have roots going back to Seth Jr Williams b.1813, Manufacturer, of 
Massachusetts.He was Hy C Williams dad. Hy or Henry C Williams and Annie Bennett had a son 
Williams whom had a son John Edwin Willians of Cumberland, Russell Co. Ontario Canada. Seth 
Williams, brother of the Hon. Charles Williams were very successful in the 
Manufacturinig and Iron Foundry business through out Boston Mass and New Hampshire. In 
Mass. Apr. 24 1838, Messers Seth, John,and Hinckley Williams started 
the Commington Manufacturing Company running a Mill for Wool and Linen.
 Seth took his family to New Hampshire 1845 with his brother Hon Charles Williams and built the 
and C Company, a large foundry.
Seth Williams 37, 1850 census is listed in Hillsborough Nashua Newhampshire with wife Phebe 35 
children Henry C or Hy C 13, Charles J 5, Isabella C 2, Living with them are Jane C Davis 17, 
Ammanda Ann Davis 22. Isabella is the only one born in Newhampshire in 1848 and the others, in 
 The Williams family also have roots from prominent families in Beauharnois Quebec including 
Somerville's, Lockerby's,and Young's. These folks originated from Scotland. The Williams folks 
from Wales via USA and were involved with the first railways in New England and Eastern Canada.

 My McDowell's 1781 History of Methodism C. H. CROOKSHANK, M.A.,
'About this time Mr. Creighton began to preach at a place 
near Cavan, and continued to do so once a fortnight while he 
remained in this country. When a number of the hearers were 
awakened he explained to them the nature of the Society, and 
formed fourteen of them into a class on the first night. To 
these others were added, until after some time there were about 
four score, the greater part of whom had obtained remission of 
sins. Meantime the vicar of the parish sent for him, and 
threatened to complain of him to the Bishop, saying that if he 
and those fellows who were itinerating the country continued 
to go on thus the churches would soon be deserted. Mr. 
Creighton replied that their preaching tended rather to bring 
men into the churches ; and that he must obey God rather than 
men, and therefore was determined to preach whenever and 
wherever it seemed to him to be right. Shortly after many 
who had been Presbyterians attended the church of his objector 
and received the Sacrament. Mr. Creighton also sent to him 
two Roman Catholics, to read their recantation as a proof that 
he was bringing the people into, and not driving them from the 
church. Opposition then arose from another quarter. Some 
Eomanists waylaid the leader of the infant Society, Mr. Eobert 
Creighton, to murder him, who, having received intimation of 
their intention, returned by another way, and thus escaped.

At Swanlinbar there was a large number of hearers, mostly 
experienced Christians, and still more on the following morning; 
but the grand concourse was on that evening, when the hearts 
of the people were as wax melting before the fire. The curate 
in the town then was the Rev. James Creighton, A.B., who in 
1765 had been ordained by Dr. Cradock, Bishop of Kilmore, 
whose first counsel to him to " say nothing at all about faith 
in his sermons," was by no means calculated to advance his 
holiness or promote his success. He had been meditating a 
sermon against the Methodists, but very wisely before execut- 
ing his purpose, sought light on the subject, by sending a series 
of questions to Mr. "Wesley, to which concise answers were 
sent, together with a copy of the "Appeal to Men of Reason." 
These eventually proved the means in the hand of God of lead- 
ing Mr. Creighton to seek and find the blessings of salvation, 
and to his becoming thoroughly identified with Methodism.'

There are some McDowell's buried in the Drummully cemetery bordering Co's Monaghan and 
Fermanagh and 
Tyrone. They are listed as iving in the early 1700's with the names of Hugh David and Patrick 
and I 
would not be surprised if they were from the Aughnacloy Co.Tyrone family. Keeing in mind that 
Laird John McDowell of Garthland went to Co. Down with Lord Hugh Montgomery 1st Viscount of Co. 
Laird John McDowell's family in Old Garthland were originally Roman Catholics and married into 
Roman Catholic Stuart's and related to Queen Mary Queen of Scots. 
The Montgomery's that came from Normandy France were Catholics until the Reformation happened.
Many of the MacDougal's and MacDowall's were some of the 1st family's be be introduced to 
Catholicism when it arrived on an Island between Scotland and Ireland.
Laird John MacDowall came to Ireland with many of his family and one daughter Grizella married 
Captain George Montgomery Lord Hugh Montgomery's son. She had a son John whom died in the 
and Hugh Jr. They took up on one of the  former Earl of Tyrone's properties Carrow Manor 
Co.Fermanagh Drummully near Clones Town Co.Monagha. The McDowell's leased and managed the Kane 
estates In Co. Monaghan just south of Aughnacloy Co. Tyrone. and some, in a couple of 
scattered into different counties and continents.
 I must assume that Robert McDowell was of the Aughnacloy Tyrone McDowell family.
Robert McDowell b.1742 Tyrone was refused communion in the Presbyterian Church because he 
cast his lot with the Methodists. His father was likely high up as an Elder and it must have 
been a 
huge blow to Robert's relatives, at the time of religious strife. I am not surprised the Robert 
McDowell did not keep a history of his family. 
He also moved to Leitrim Tld Fermanagh, near Newtown Butler, with wife, Ann Carr, and some 
His children made many strong acquaintances through marriage with the 
Fermanagh Methodists. There were the Kerr's, Corry's Robinson's, Irwin's in businesses , Church 
Military at Enniskillen.  Rev. Henry 
McDowell's daughter Louise of Perth Ontario, wrote a book of memoirs and she touched on this 
discretion. It must have been sad for Robert McDowell's, Methodist Missionary son Samuel to 
the past behind and start fresh in Canada.  
William Pattyson son of the same name and Jane Montgomery of Aughnacloy,was a Methodist 
and brother in law of Samuel McDowell. I have other Montgomery's from Aughnacloy but a 
has not been proved.-see Montgomery's

TYRONE McDowell's

Some interesting marriages-
1806 Miss McDowell of Maghera to R. Elliott Merchant Belfast at Maghera.
1809 Miss Mcdowell dau.of Alexander McDowell of Springfield Dungannon to J. Noon of Coalisland.
"During the 1654 Civil Survey it was noted that coal was being mined at Tullyniskan. 

 Robert McDowell's  daughter Hannah McDowell  married Henry Best
of Ranaghan Drumglass Tyrone. Later, Henry Best was found in Clinagor Drummully Parish  
in 1828
Touching on Drummully Parish, The McDowell's- Hugh James Daniel Wildridge and Patrick were 

It is tempting to look into Craigadick..Just North of Tullyniskan.
Craigadick is a townland lying within the civil parish of Maghera, County Londonderry, Northern 
Ireland. It lies in the west of the parish sharing a small boundary with Killelagh civil 
It is bounded by the townlands of; Ballynahone Beg, Craigmore, Falgortrevy, Largantogher, 
Moneymore, Mullagh, Tamnymullan, and Tullyheran. It wasn't apportioned to any of the London 
companies, being kept as church lands.[1]Some of the Maghera McDowell's were listed as Roman 
Some of the earliest McDowell settlers into parts of Ireland were practising Catholics as they 
before the Reformation as were some of the Stewart's

The Dale's and Wilson's of Shawville came from around Craigdick-Ballymulderg.

Pioneer Samuel McDowell
I have been looking into the Parsonage of Lachute Quebec. Our Pattyson's and McDowell's were 
there in 1835 or so, and I have found that they were actually in the Parsonage of Saint Andrews 
Huntingdon Quebec. Lachute took the Parsonage over in 1865.This was found to be in St. Andrews, 
Huntingdon Quebec. A 
Sunday school system was initiated by the Rev. Thaddeus Osgood of P.A.. U.S.A. and he went into 
Upper and Lower Canada to educate all Christians by opening Sunday Schools 1811. Later, we find 
Samuel McDowell was holding the classes in one Mr. Campbell's house. No Churches were built and 
later these classes were held in "Olivet Hall' part of Lachute Mills, built for/by James Fish 
owner of the same. His father was a miller at the the Seigniorial Mill in Saint Andrews. The 
co owner at Lachute Mills was F.C. Ireland-Francis Charles Ireland. Francis was granted 
for improving the mechanical roller skate and improving the manufacturing of canned, rolled 
He married James Fish's daughter . 
'Pioneer'Samuel McDowell's son was Rev. David Creighton McDowell and he 
shows up listed as the ministry in St. Andrews Huntingdon Quebec. He might have been 'on trial' 
but his was preaching there at this time and his brother Rev Henry McDowell was preaching in 
Prescott County( Hawksbury Que. area).
It is very interesting that F.C. Ireland's daughter Eliza Ireland married a man named Rev. 
V. McDowell son of Henry McDowell, b. 1800 Ireland d. Havelock Que.. It is mentioned in the 
Huntingdon Gleaner that another McDowell, Warren McDowell,b.1823 was from Co. Down. Ireland. 

McDowell's were related to the Shaw's through Capt. George Montgomery's Mother.
-Some Irwin's were in Cavey about a mile North of Ballygawley, others in Irvinestown 
-The McDowell's (William) were in Ballygawley on a area called Cecil's proportion. Lisbeg 
-The McDowell's were found in Irvinestown in large numbers. Irvinestown was previously known as 
Lowerstown Derryvullan.

Catherine Robinson McDowell's father William Robinson married Elizabeth Isabelle Irwin.
I am more inclined to believe that Robert Mcdowell b. 1742 in Tyrone is an Uncle, if any 
to the Cavan Kilmore McDowell's. Robert McDowell 1742, and Ann 
Carr's folks probably came out from Tullyniscan Tyrone and went to Co. Cavan about 1770's and 
two children there,then they went to Co. Fermanagh. Leitrim Townland. They mey up with the 
Robinson's Corry's and Irwin's from Enniskillen military associations, Inniskillen Dragoons 6th 

Rev Henry McDowell's wife Sarah Kerr's father George Kerr  married  Catherine Corry, daughter 
of Sgt. Maj. William Corry of the 6th Dragoons Inneskillen.He died of wounds from the 
war 1813. Catherine Corry had a sister Sarah 
Corry. Sarah married William Doherty.

Of interest Cavan McDowell's  Farnham Papers.

William McDowell’s Holding In Sallahan [Sallaghan, parish of Killashandra]. Surveyed by Richard 
Strong 1870. 

Cavan McDowell's  Farnham Papers.
Bond and agreement between Matthew Vaughan, John McDoweal (sic) and John Donoho (sic) and John, 
5th Baron to carry out repairs to Dunaweel Cottage, county Cavan; also another bond and 
between Thomas Kemp, Thomas McDowell and George Kemp and John, 5th Baron to erect a forge and 
house for a blacksmith.

Callanagh: Luke McDowell to James McDowell. 3 lives. 1806 May 
Lisduff: to James McDowell. 3 lives. 1826 Oct. 25. 
Clonagonnell: to William McDowell. 3 lives. 1841 June 1, with duplicate copy of same. Also, 
related drainage certificate. 
Clonagonnell: to William McDowell. 3 lives. 1830 Aug. 21. 
Clonagonnell: to John McDowell Jnr. 3 lives. 1830 Aug. 21. 
Clonagonnell: to Samuel McDowell. 3 lives. 1830 Aug. 21. 
Clonagonnell: to John McDowell Snr. 3 lives. 1830 Aug. 21. 
Cauhoo: to John McDowell. 3 lives. 1854 Mar. 29. 
McDowall, John, 61

The McDowell's do not appear on the 1766 Religious Census for Fermanagh but the families of 
Robinson and Irwin do, in Leitrim and Feugh Townlands.

William Robinson Will 1813 Feugh, 1766  Rel. Cen 1766 Tedd Tld.and Gortmesson tld of 
Thomas Irvine 1766 Rel Cen 1766 Knock Tld and Will 1826 Kenogue tld. Fermanagh
William Robinson McDowell of Clarendon Que.was named after Catherine Robinson's dad William 

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