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About The Mouritz Family
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 1. 'Madge' Margaret Ennis LOGIN nee MOURITZ(1861-1939), daughter of George  Augustus MOURITZ(1825-1910)&(Martha) Jane nee MORTIMER(1831-1911)-written in  1933 and referred to as "Madge" research.
 2. Mary Ennis BARRINGTON-AGNEW nee MOURITZ(1849-1933), daughter of Philip  James Ennis MOURITZ(1827-1894)&Rebecca nee ROBB then ROBE(1830-1923),  apparently written by one of Mary Ennis's grandchildren c 1960's and referred  to as "Mary Ennis" research.
 3. Charles C LOGIN(1900-1989), son of above & Charles Spence LOGIN, written in  1988 and referred to as "LOGIN" research.
 4. Publication "MOURITZ FAMILY: A HISTORY"(1992) BY E.N. MOURITZ(1937-    )  and second ed. (2004) by P.G. MOURITZ(1954-     ) and referred as "MOURITZ  history" research
 5. 2003 Information from Dennis & Marianne HAUGHEY who reside in San  Francisco; Marianne is a descendant of Robert Hanham MOURITZ(1821-1885) &Laticia Anne DUFF and referred to as "HAUGHEY" research.

 From the "MOURITZ history"(1992) page 2 it relates a story told by Jessie  MOURITZ, second wife of George Augustus Jr, to one of her grandaughters, that  the Mouritz's were pirates off the coast of Holland and as they assisted  Holland in their war against Spain and has sunk a lot of Spanish ships they  were pardoned and allowed to settle in Holland.

From the 'Madge' family tree, it lists our ancestor from Utrecht with William  of Orange in 1688 named MAURIQUE and buried in Dundalk(name changed to MOURITZ  date unknown). In the 'Madge' written data, it states our ancestor was from  Amsterdam and he and several other MAURIQUES are mentioned in old papers and  wills at Mt Bailey, near Dundalk (family were living there during the 1700's  to the early 1900's).
 From the 'LOGIN' data, it says the MOURITZ family was of Dutch descent (van  Murack in Holland) and came to Ireland with William of Orange in 1688, fought  in the Battle of the Boyne and settled in Dundalk, Ireland.
 From the 'Mary Ennis' data, it states two Mouritz brothers, James and John,  came with William of Orange as 'aid de bom' and fought in the Battle of the  Boyne. John was apparently killed in battle and James was given a confiscated  castle in Ennis, County Clare. Two sons James & John were born for several  generations and a John MOURITZ(JJ born 1794) married Lady Mary ENNIS of ENNIS  Castle, County Clare. This John sold the Castle during the 1830's for 60,000  pounds. I surmise that this John Joseph may have had to share the proceeds of  sale to other family members but he must have brought a very large sum of  money with him to Australia. Unfortunately by about the early 1850's, John  Joseph appeared to have used all of his share of the inheritance as it is  recorded that the Baliffs had moved into his farming venture just outside  Melbourne and sold everything up for the creditors.

 On the Mouritz ancestral line at present, we only have confirmed data from  1760's in Ireland through my GGGGG grandfather Joseph MOURITZ (c1730-1791),  referred to on his will also as MAURIK, who married Elizabeth HANHAM(c1735-Feb  1834) at St George Hanover Square Church, Westminster, Middlesex, London,  England in the year of our Lord 30 June, 1770(thanks to Tania Clare WAYTH, a  descendant of the WAYTH/MOUCHEMORE family who located the marriage around  2003). Joseph & Mary had seven sons between 1771 and 1786 and then their only  daughter Elizabeth MOURITZ(1787-1889) was born. 
 Joseph was a businessman who appeared to have made a considerable amount of  money and had several leases on properties in Dundalk, Co. Louth from 1769  onwards including land leased from the Earl of CLANBRASSIL in Clanbrassil St,  Dundalk. The MOURITZ family also ran the old Coaching Inn in Dundalk during  the 1700's to 1800's and it appears they were in partnership with a Simon  BAILIE. The Inn survives still today and has been variously called over the  years as the Clanbrassil Inn, The King's Arms, The Queen's Hotel and in 1986  was known as Caspers.
 The above Joseph's brother, Johan Jacob MOURITZ (c1735-1797) (also written  MOURIK), was living at Delfshaven, near Rotterdam, Holland during this period.  Confirmed data from Germeente Rotterdam was received in 1992 and is extracted  from the records of the Nederduits Very Christian Church, Delfshaven (DH).  Johan Jacob was first married to Pieternella DOMERGO who was buried (DH)  13/08/1761. Child to first marriage Johannes christened (DH) 02/12/1759  (referred to in his uncle's will as John MOURITZ). Johan Jacob second married  11/04/1762 (DH) to Catharina van STEENBERGEN born Driel, lived in the Hague,  buried 28/12/1796 (DH). Children to second marriage:
 1.  Johan Joost, christened (DH) 13/02/1763, witness John Joost MAURITZ and  Elisabeth MAURITZ (either a brother of Johan and Joseph or their parents) 2.  Gerardina Maria, christened (DH) 12/05/1765.
 A John MOURITZ, nephew of above Joseph MOURITZ in mentioned in the will dated  1785 along with his father John Jacob MOURITZ. In the will the nephew John is  described as a Excise Officer in the Kingdom of Ireland and the will refers to  him as such: "...and whereas my said nephew John Mouritz has behaved  disobedient and undutiful I bequeath him the sum of 1/- and no more." According to (DH) research, Johan Jacob was an undertaker in D.H. and in 1763  made a will with wife Catharina which declared he had 2,000 Guilders. On  1/8/1800 his unmarried daughter Gerardina Maria in D.H. made a will and left  2,000 Guilders to her half sister Johanna Elizabeth who was married to John  George Teissier.
 From 'Madge' research, the next Joseph MOURITZ(1775-1805) fought with the  Irish rebels during the 1798 Rebellion and escaped to America where he  petitioned the authorities to be allowed back to his family in Dundalk,  Ireland. From the 1797 Freeman's Journal it appears Joseph MOURITZ jr(1775- 1805) was in trouble with the authorities. We also find reference to this  Joseph MOURITZ in the 1861 publication "History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798  with memoirs of the Union and Bennetts Insurrection in 1803", W.H. MAXWELL,  Bell & Daldy, Covent Gardens.
 The next generation was John Joseph MOURITZ(1794-1868) who 'for some family  reason' went to India and served in the 24th and 90th Regiments for some  years. From "Mary Ennis" research, it states that this John Joseph spent  several years in India as an Itinerant Preacher. By late 1839, John Joseph and  family had arrived in Syndey where John was associated with the  Baptist "Reaboth" Chapel in Pitt St. He arrived in Port Phillip settlement (Melbourne) by July 1840 and established the first Baptist Church in Melbourne  in 1842.

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