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About Aamjiwnaang Families
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The following names are descendants 
 of the original families who settled 
 at Aamjiwnaang at the time of the 
 Treaty of 1827, and those who 
 settled shortly after from The Black 
 River Reserve in Michigan, and other 
 places such as Saginaw.

18 Chiefs and Headmen signed that 
 Treaty on behalf of 440 people, and 
 they settled on Walpole Island, 
 Kettle Point, Stony Point, Sarnia 
 Reserve, and the Black River.

Most of the family lines at 
 Aamjiwnaang trace back to 8 of those 

The information provided is as 
 accurate as possible taken from many 
 sources. Several names have spelling 
 variations as do birthdates etc. I 
 used what appeared most common.

There is much work to do before it's 
 complete, however much is done. I 
 welcome any suggested edits. 

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