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About  The Pruett, Edwards Families of Western NC
There sure are a lot of holes and weak spots in my tree.  Please don't think that I tried for 
accuracy in gathering all this information.  I tried more for possibilities - to be corrected 
later, maybe. It worries me that if I decide on a truth, over time and with anyone else copying 
my truths, the speculation or total error will be accepted as truth. Has that already happened 
in my copying from other people?

I'm comfortable with the Edwards tree beginning with John Jackson Edwards Sr. to the present 
but anything before that seems to have 40 different versions.

I started checking into my ancestors to try to clear up some mysteries and ended up with many 
more mysteries. One is the father of Rev. William Pruett, my great grandfather.  Without a 
father for William, I have no place to go.  My speculation on William M. Pruett (II) being Rev 
William's father has no documentation.  This William Pruett and Lucinda Marcus lived in the 
same area at the time of William's birth.  

Another Pruett mystery is what became of George and Hester Pruett Maney's children when they 
became adults.  I'd like to spend time on their story.

The other mystery was my grandfather, David Filmore Edward's dark skin.  His mother (Granny 
Queen) was known to tell people that there was "Black Dutch" in their family that would 
account for the dark coloring. I didn't know anything about the Melungeons until Oct, 2012.  
Can't discount the Black Dutch now.  

The 1910 census stated that Matilda Duncan (Tilda) had 10 children but only three were still 
alive.  I knew the three, David and the two Queen sisters, but not the deceased seven. I've 
learned from Nancy Mays that Matilda married William Edwards, son of James "Sheep Eating Jim" 
first.  Two of their children were William, who married Marry Blackwell, and Louisa, born about 
1870. That brings the unknowns down to five.  My mothers story about David's half brother 
coming to visit was true but William was David's older brother from his mother's first 
marriage, not from his father's first marriage.

Currently working on adding Find a Grave numbers to my relatves.  FaG# will take you to their 
info.  Many of the Pruetts and Edwards in Mountain View Memorial Park in Black Mountain aren't 
listed in Find a Grave and I'll try to add them if I'm sure of the info. 

My brother had his DNA checked by Ancestry 2018.  It shows Viking decent, no Afro-
American and no American Indian.  There goes the Black Dutch explanation . . .

Continued . . .

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