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About Pruett-Harris, Jackson-Latham
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Our ancestors came from England and Scotland, via Northern Ireland, to colonial America. Much earlier,  others were the Norsemen Vikings of Denmark who conquered Northern France and all of England. Later  generations from France, protestants during the Reformation, fled religious persecution by the Catholics,  immigrated to England, anglicized their names, then continued to colonial America. Our ancestors from both  the paternal and maternal lines who were first to these shores were of the Quaker faith, and others, almost  exclusively, were Protestant/Huguenots. The only Catholics in any of our lines, were the Calverts (see below).  Only one line traces back to the Puritans of Plymouth.

We are descended from royal lines originating in Flanders, Normandy, Anjou, Blois and Denmark, Including the  lines of the counts of Anjou such as Fulk the Young, King of Jerusalem; Geofferey V of the Plantagenets;  William (the bastard) the Conqueror of England; and King Henry II of England by his illegitimate son, William  Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury.

A number of the earliest English, French and Scot ancestors were Indian Traders in Colonial America and to facilitate acceptance among the tribes, married women from high-ranking families of the Powhatan, Cherokee, Catawba and Creek / Muskogee nations. We are lucky in that good records were maintained in England and France, and among the Quakers, so we can trace back to far distant ancestors.

DNA evidence from Ancestry.com testing supports the following ethnic makeup for our line from my  generation — 99% European, including: Western Europe 35% (research indicates this means France), Ireland  23%, Great Britain (including Scotland) 22%, Scandinavia 17%, Italy or Greece 2%, and Caucasus 1%. Initial  DNA testing for ethnicity indicated no Native American or African, however, there are numerous Native  American DNA matches to individuals in the report. A match does no indicate which Native American tribe,  but research shows many Cherokee, and a few Catawba, Shawnee and Creek connections.

Additional DNA tests by FamilyTreeDNA, GEDMatch and MyHeritage show a small percentage of Native  American blood and a larger Scandinavia origin percentage.

Our ancestors were planters, weavers, clockmakers, horticulturists, land speculators, farmers, blacksmiths,  Indian traders, abolitionists, colonial burgesses, mayors, generals, a U.S. senator, state governor, Presidents  Washington, Lincoln, Harrison and Taylor, postmasters and mistresses, a midwife, clergymen, millers,  scouts, land surveyors and Indian chiefs.

In America, our ancestors served in colonial militias, the Revolutionary War, the Regulators, the War of 1812,  the Civil War, World War I, World War II the Korean Conflict and Vietnam. Several were Revolutionary War  soldiers and officers, therefore anyone in our line who is so inclined would be eligible for membership in the  DAR, Sons of the American Revolution or Society of the Cincinnati.

Our ancestor, Captain John Shuttleworth Posey, III., friend, neighbor and fox hunting companion of  President George Washington, owned a farm called Rover's Delight on the Potomac River adjacent to Mount  Vernon. From there, he operated a fishery, and a ferry station, taking people across the Potomac. President  Washington and his family visited and dined in the home of Captain Posey and Captain Posey and his family  frequently visited and dined with Washington and his family at Mount Vernon. President Washington took a  great interest in one of Captain Posey's sons, Thomas, who later became a General in the Revolutionary  War, was Governor of Indiana, held a Senate seat from Louisiana and was Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky.  Thomas Posey was rumored to be Washington's illegitimate son.

Letters between George Washington and Captain Posey are archived in the Library of Congress and  accessible online. After Captain Posey's death, his property became a part of Mount Vernon and is now  called the "Ferry Station."

We are related to both President Andrew Jackson and "Old Hickory" Confederate General Thomas Jackson.  My generation's GGreat Grandmother Amanda "Manda" Davis Jackson's great grandfather was the younger brother of Confederate President Jefferson Davis's great grandfather.

Our ancestor, Robert Jackson (1620), Separatist Movement leader, came to New Plymouth in 1643 and  founded the town of Hempstead, New York on Long Island.

On the Prewitt/Pruett/Pruitt side, our first ancestor to these shores (proven by DNA matches) was Thomas  Prewitt, who settled in Charles Town, became a planter and had many sons. These Prewitt/Pruett/Pruitts  migrated from Charles Town to Amelia, then Halifax Virginia before splitting off and settling near Spartanburg,  South Carolina, where they founded Pruitt Town. Several younger generation members of the  Pruitt family continuing on to settle in the northwest corner of the Mississippi Territory (Alabama), now  Lauderdale County, where they founded Pruitton, Alabama, near Muscle Shoals.

English knights, lords and ladies are among our ancestors. Their birth, marriage, title and manor houses are  listed in BURKE'S PEERAGE - the guide to royal, aristocratic and historical families. Many were granted land  in England and Northern Ireland for serving the English crown. A number of these manor houses and ancient  castles still stand. Some ancestors were "visited" with coats of arms. Anthony Jackson II (1599), a strong  supporter of the cause of the House of Stuart, was locked in the Tower of London from 1651-59 for  proclaiming Charles II the King of England and Scotland. Sir Anthony was the 12th-great grandson of King  Edward I through his mother, Ursula Hildyard.

DNA evidence shows we are descended, through our Grandmother Jessie Harris (alias Harrison-Calvert)  Pruett, and through the Jackson line, from Sir George Calvert (1579-1632), the First Baron Baltimore,  Proprietary Governor of Maryland. He was an English politician and colonizer. He achieved domestic  political success as a Member of Parliament and later Secretary of State under King James I. He lost much  of his political power after his support for a failed marriage alliance between Prince Charles and the Spanish  House of Habsburg royal family. Rather than continue in politics, he resigned all of his political offices in  1625 except for his position on the Privy Council and declared his Catholicism publicly. He was granted the  title of First Baron Baltimore in the Irish peerage upon his resignation. Baltimore Manor was located in  County Longford, Ireland.

Calvert took an interest in the colonization of the New World, at first for commercial reasons and later to  create a refuge for English Catholics. He became the proprietor of Avalon, the first sustained English  settlement on the southeastern peninsula on the island of Newfoundland (off the eastern coast of modern  Canada). Discouraged by its cold and sometimes inhospitable climate and the sufferings of the settlers, Sir  George looked for a more suitable spot further south and sought a new royal charter to settle the region,  which would become the state of Maryland. Calvert died five weeks before the new Charter was sealed,  leaving the settlement of the Maryland colony to his son Cecilius, (1605-1675). His second son Leonard  Calvert, (1606-1647), was the first colonial governor of the Province of Maryland. He is my generation's 9XG  grandfather, on both the Pruett and the Jackson sides. I have no idea how rare or common it is to have a  "double" great grandfather, but the combination of research and DNA evidence supports this.

Historians have long recognized George Calvert as the founder of Maryland, in spirit if not in fact, along with  the role of Leonard with his intimate relationship with his older brother back in England, plus being on the  site as the Colony was first settled as extremely advantageous.

These are only a few highlights of relationships discovered while building this tree. We are a family that  shares and preserves its stories. You will find many fascinating tales in the Story section of the website. Our  ever-expending family history library now contains many books written about the various family lines. At  some point I will list the titles and authors on this site in case others would like to acquire some of them.

The Quakers kept excellent records of families in their society, which helped research into the colonial era  during pre-census times, and when the census began and listed by name only the head of each household  and number of occupants within specified age groups. Also helpful, our people were landowners and many  early land records and last wills are accessible online. Ship passenger lists, marriage, military and death  records helped to fill in many other blanks.

This family tree is still under construction. I attached source material and verification to all entries where it  was available. Several guesses and mysteries remain, and I continue to work toward solving these. As it  stands, we have many lines going far back. At the sixth generation, there are 32 separate family lines, and  many of them go back ten generations — a few lines extend back to as many as twenty generations. Hard  evidence supports the accuracy of most records for at least the first six generations. English and French  official records for the earlier generations are generally accepted as accurate, as are the Quaker records. I  continually search for proof of earlier generations and add it as it is located. DNA testing has verified  several of the lines.

Please post a note or send me an email if you spot errors or typos as you browse through. I know there must  be some. I am aware that one or two connections are unproven and possibly incorrect, but have left them in  place until I can locate verification.

I invite you to visit all the different areas and aspects of the site, read the stories, click through the photos  and other images, trace back from your name to the various lines and read about our marvelous forefathers  and mothers. Ours is a family to be proud of, comprised of good, brave and noble people. At the bottom of  this page are some navigational suggestions you may find useful.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy!
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