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About Our Blackwell Family That Goes By The Name Clyburn
I have tried to get everything that I felt was important on this page. Sometimes, thoughts came to mind at a specific time and I tossed in a memory of something that my dad remembered and told me about. It could be listed with a picture or as a story. Sometimes, if there wasn't room in a certain area, I placed picture images in either the picture area or under a specific person.

Something that I feel I must point out is the fact that I would have never started my research if it hadn't been for my paternal grandfather, William Levi Clyburn. He didn't like the name "Levi, so he went by the name "Lee." I named my first daughter after him. Her middle name is "Lee." Coincidentally her dad also has the middle name of "Lee," as well.

Anyway, when I was a young girl, I had many conversations with my grandpa. He was very special to me. He told me stories about his younger life and his horse riding tales. One day he told me that our name was not really Clyburn. I'm sure I looked astonished. I asked him..."If our name isn't really Clyburn, what is it?" He told me that our name was supposed to be Blackwell and that an ancestor had shot a sheriff back before the civil war. I'm sure over the years the story had gotten tangled up, but Ransom didn't kill a sheriff, he killed a slave trader with a double barrel shotgun. That was when our family fled South Carolina, changing our name from Blackwell to Clyburn (my 3rd great grandmother's name). I was very close to my grandpa, spending many summers at their home in Patterson, MO. I loved that place. Grandma's (Edna Clair Cole Clyburn )flower gardens all around that old two story house with the upstairs porch. Grandpa had a large garden and liked to hunt. I still clearly remember him returning from the woods carrying dead animals that he had shot. They never went to waste. He would cook them with potatoes and they were just like roast.  I miss those days and I miss my grandparents so much.

You are welcome to email me if you question something or think that I have made a mistake somewhere.

 I would like to thank the following people who helped make this website possible: 

Angela Clyburn* - South Carolina [My Clyburn lines.]

Frank Clyburn* - California [My Clyburn lines. I'd like to thank him for all of his support  and 

Miles Gardner - South Carolina [Letter on "Slave Stealing & Murder".]

Abra Isabelle Zimmer - Denmark [Newspaper clipping about governors $300 warrant for the arrest of Ransom Blackwell and all of the death certificates and other helpful information on my McGhee family.

Sue Chitty - Texas [Some of my Blackwell lines.]

Harry Cole - Missouri [My Cole family lines.]

June Cole - For the picture of my Grandma Addie Summers, Edna Clair, Ethel, and Bert Cole. 

Susan Conner - Tennessee [Some of my Blackwell lines.]

Donna Brown Johnson* - Missouri [Old pictures of Margaret Sowell Blackwell & my gg  grandparents.]
Velma Cole Faulkner* - [My Cole family.]

My dad, Galen Clyburn* - [All of my family that he could remember.]

My aunt, Arlene Clyburn Rush - [All of my family that she could remember  and an old picture of my Grandma Margaret Sowell Blackwell.]

My aunt, Virginia Clyburn Hamby. We have talked for hours on the telephone and I couldn't make it without her.

And grandpa, William Levi "Lee" Clyburn*

 * These people have sadly passed away. I loved each and every one of them and hope to see each of them again at the end of my own life. 

I am working on a website with more details about my family's home in Southeast Missouri and the place that we called "Greenwood Valley". It will have pictures and much more information, so please check back often. Thank you. 

 May God Bless each and every one of you who took the time to visit my site. Thank you very much. 
Visit my `Poems, Short Stories, and Prompt Stories` website at https://storiesbyvictoriab.wixsite.com/countrypoet Thank you...
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