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I am dedicating the Evans Family Tree to my sister-in-law Jean O'Bryon Evans.  Jean was 
always there and ready to either help or sympathize about the situation I was in.  When I thought 
I could go no further, Jean told me I was doing a wonderful job.  She reminded me that the family 
would appreciate all my hard work and accomplishments. She always had a kind word for me when I 
was at my wits' end which encouraged me to keep looking even when I thought I would never locate 
some of the family members.  Whenever I came to a hurdle along the way, Jean was there to spur me 
on. She sympathized with me in my struggle to locate family members, and she celebrated with me 
when I finally found many of our long lost loved ones. Jean shared with me the information she had 
accumulated on the Evans Family.  We are the in-laws, we did not know much about this family until 
we started compiling this tree.  Aunt Ruby corresponded with Jean and gave her numerous family 
names and informaton. Jean shared this information with me so that I could include it in this 
family tree.  Jean was a tremendous support to me throughout this project.  She knew how close I 
was to completing it.  She inspired me to finish.  My only wish is that she was here today to 
share in the final product.

I hope you will enjoy reading and searching through the Evans Family Tree.  I worked 
several years and numerous hours on this project.  One of my lucky finds was the maiden name of 
Jane Lewis WALKINGSTICK.  We had always referred to her as Jane the wife of Thomas Lewis.  It was 
very exciting to be able to locate her name and then receive a picture of her and Thomas.  I have 
attempted to put all of the information that is available on and the Internet on Jane 
and her family in this Family Tree.

I have searched hours and hours for the Indian Heritage on both sides of the family.  The 
family members that I was able to contact on the Willett side are aware of the stories of the 
Indian Heritage, but do not have any proof other than what they heard from relatives.  I still 
have numerous letters and e-mails out to distant relatives hoping that I will find something new.  
I was able to locate several members of Prudence Clifton Benson's family, but nothing that will 
prove the Indian Heritage.  As far as Jane Walkingstick goes, I have contacted members of the 
family that live in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  They are optimistic that the Cherokee Nation will 
provide them with a roll number.

One of Jane's sons. James Harrison Lewis, married Betty Allen aka Rosanna Elizabeth Betty 
Allen, the daughter of David Allen and Sarah Macom.  I can't even begin to tell you how many 
people I have contacted about this family.  Locating Rosanna's aka Betty's parents was a real 
problem.  I kept searching and finally reached a relative that supplied me with Betty's death 
certificate and her parents were listed on the certificate.  I did find that David Allen Sr. lived 
on the Choctaw Reservation with permission from the chief.  Members of his extended family married 
Choctaw women.  At this time I have not done any additional research on the Choctaw information.  
Perhaps in the future I will look into this further, but for now I am putting this aside and 
taking a rest from researching.

I think you will find the stories and articles I included are extremely interesting.  The 
stories were one of my favorite sections of this Family Tree.  I also entered the list of famous 
relatives that range from Presidents to Outlaws and a few famous Movie Stars.
All the information in this tree was verified to the best of my ability.  Any mistakes or 
errors are not intentional.  I have listed where I located the information and the names of the 
person or persons supplying the information.  I always contacted the owner of the family trees and 
requested written permission when using information from their trees.  I spent hours searching the 
internet and genealogy sites and compiled quite a long list of stories and information about this 

I hope you will not find too many typing errors.  I did start to proof read everything and 
decided that thing is just too big, and I just did not have the energy or desire to continue.  If 
you locate mistakes in my typing or errors as to names or information in this tree, I would 
appreciate your letting me know in order for me to correct them.

Again, I want to thank my sister-in-law, Jean O'Bryon Evans, for all the help she has given 
me.  She was my inspiration.  I ceratinly appreciate the help I received from my new e-mail 
friends.  I want to thank the family members that responded quickly to my requests for 
information.  I really had expected to have more family stories and several more pictures.  Some 
of the relatives promised to send me pictures and others promised to write stories.  I am sorry to 
say that I have not received them.

I have finally completed the Evans Family Tree, or I have at least gone as far as I plan to 
go.  Genealogy is a never-ending project.  I do sincerely hope that as you read this tree you will 
realize the effort that I have put into it.  My sister, Marian, has been urging me to work on our 
own family tree.  I plan to take a couple of months off, try to get refreshed, and then get 
started on the Drake Family tree.
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