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I started researching my Family History many years ago and probably the major  motivation at that time was the fact that most people assumed that i was  English.
 Therefore being a proud Scot, I had to find out for myself. No offence to any  English intended.
 I knew that my Grandfather had been born in Scotland but that was that. I was  quite prepared to discover relatives from South of the Border. But to my great  joy I managed to trace my WINCHESTER line, all born in Scotland, back to 1703  in the Elgin area. I also found out that there have been WINCHESTERS in North  East Scotland since the 15th Century or even longer.


The name first became know in the North East in connection with JOHN  WINCHESTER, Bishop of Elgin and at one time Canon of Windsor. Bishop JOHN was a  man of great ability.a friend of JAMES 1 whose education he had directed during  his detention in England. 
 When the King returned to Scotland, JOHN WINCHESTER accompanied him and appears  to have had much of his confidence. This was in the year 1425. He became  Chaplain to the King and Prebendery of Dunkeld and afterwards Provost of  Limehaden and Lord Register. He was consecrated Bishop of Moray within the  Monastery of Cambuskenneth in the year of 1437.
 In his time the Town of Spynie was created into a Burgh of Barony. He died in  the year 1458 and was buried in St.Marys Aisle in the Cathedral of Elgin.  Bishop WINCHESTERs relations appear to have accompanied him to Scotland,for  subsequent to the date of his Episcopacy,they are to be found in the Rolls of  the County of Elgin as Freeholders and Occupants of Church Lands. WILLIAM WINCHESTER was Treasurer in the Diocese and JOHN, Sub-Dean, during the  latter part of the 15th Century and TIBERIUS WINCHESTER was a Chaplain in the  beginning of the 16th Century; also PETER WINCHESTER of Alterlie and his son  are Witness to some of the Bishops Chartularies in the same Century. The first Protestant Minister of Elgin was a Gentleman named WINCHESTER; and it  is recorded of two of his relations that they were indicted for the murder of a  Miss Dunbar, daughter of the Dean of Moray,but the indictment was abandoned due  to lack of evidence.
 Gentlemen of this name appear to have been employed in the Household of the  Duke of Gordon and one of them acted as Adjutant to the Duke who in command  surrendered Edinburgh Castle to the Convention of Estates in Scotland in 1688  it being a Mr WINCHESTER who signed the Capitulation.
 One Branch of the Family settled in Pittieviach in the Parish of Mortlach which  was the seat of an ancient See afterwards merged with Aberdeen. xxxx This branch was long represented by CHARLES WINCHESTER, Advocate in  Aberdeen,who died in 1899 aged 100 from whose Family Bible these notes were  extracted.

                  AMORIAL BEARINGS

A hand holding a Branch of Grapes.   Motto:- Hoc ardua vinceo dociet. [Records  of Lyon Office].


So this has been a brief history of the WINCHESTERs in the North East, a  fascinating history i have discovered and I am continuing to discover. When the Genealogy Bug bites it does not let go, especially when facts like the  following are unearthed;

My GGGrandfather was the only survivor of a shipwreck in which his first wife  and child were drowned. He was rescued from mountainous seas very close to  death. He later remarried and went on to have a further 13 children.

If he had not survived ,you would not be reading this now.

If you have any additions to this tree or have discovered any mistakes, please  let me know.
                  STEWART WINCHESTER.


I saw behind me those who had gone,and before me,those who were to come. I looked back and saw my father,and all our fathers,and in front,to see my son and his son,and the  sons upon sons beyond.

And their eyes were my eyes .

As i felt,so they had felt,and were to feel,as then,so now,as tomorrow and forever.

Then i was not afraid,for i was in a long line that had no beginning,and no end,and the hand of  his father grasped the hand of my fathers hand,and his hand was in mine,and my unborn son took my  right hand,and all,up and down the line that stretched from time that was,to time that is,and is  not yet,raised their hands to show the link,and we found that we were one......



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