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Sadaat-e-Saithal is a branch of Sadaat-e-Bara, Flourish in Saithal through 16th century CE.
Saithal is a town and nagar panchayat in Bareilly District in Uttar Pradesh,India.
Nearbycities:   Bareilly, Pilibhit,  Sitarganj.
Coordinates:=  28°31'40"N. 79°34'15"E

Saithal is a Muslim Dominating town,and mainly Shia Ithna ashariyya most of the Syed families are descended from 
individuals invited by the Muslim rulers of the Delhi Sultanate, as advisors and administrators, and granted jagir. During the 
period of Mughal Empire,rule that followed the Delhi Sultanate, they held the majority of the civil and ecclesiastic posts. They 
also provide an important element in the Mughal Empire.
Zayd ibn Ali was martyred in Kufa, Iraq; many of his descendants either returned to al-Hijaz or remained in Iraq. Some of 
those who stayed in Iraq settled in Wasit, Sayyid Abu'l Farah Al Hussaini Al Wasti son of Sayyid Daud Al Hussaini Al 
Wasti move from Wasit,Iraq.with his twelve sons at the end of the 10th century or the beginning of the 11th century to Ghazni 
in Afghanistan, from Wasit. By the Invitation of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi. They migrated to Indian subcontinent in 
1006CEwhere he obtained four estates in Punjab. Over time, Abu'l Farah's descendants took over riyasat (township) in 
Sadaat-e-Bara(Urdu: ہسادات بار), sometimes pronounced Sadaat-e-Barha, are a community of Sayyid, originally from a group 
of twelve villages situated in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh in India.
There are four sub-divisions of Barha Sadaat in Muzaffarnagar area:
        1st is the Tihaanpuri, whose chief town was Jansath, belong to Syed Najm uddin
        2nd is the Chatraudi, whose chief town was Sambhalhera, belong to Syed abu'l Fazaail Al Wasti,
        3rd is the Kundliwal(Kundli whose chief town was Mujhera, belong to Syed Daoud and
        4th is the Jajneri, whose chief town was Bidauli, belong to Syed Abu'l Faraaish
The origin of the Sadaat-e-Bara or Barha is traced to Sayyid Abu'l Farah Al Hussaini Al Wasti, son of Sayyid Daud Al 
Hussaini, who came to Ghazni in Afghanistan, from Wasit, at the invitation of Mahmud Ghaznavi. He had twelve sons of 
whom four settled in four villages 'Kundliwal','Tihanpur', 'Jajner' and 'Chhat-Banur', near the city of Patiala. These four sons 
founded a number of clans, the main ones being "Chhatrodi", "Kundliwal", "Tihanpuri" and "Jajneri", from the villages 
assigned to them.
Sadaat-e-Saithal has maintain their shajra (family tree) from hundreds of years. Present available shajra is a collection of 
Syed Riyaaz Ali As written by Syed Baasit Ali son of Syed Naazir Ali copied from the book of Syed Riyaaz Ali ,Syed Riyaaz 
Ali copied it from the book off Syed Raahat Ali Peshnamaaz as per direction of Syed Mohammad Sahib mujtahid Lucknow.
Their SHAJRA is as--

Fatimah (Arabicفاطمة)- Jannat al-Baqi, and Ali ibn Abi Talib (Arabic:علي ابن أبي طالب)- Najaf
Husayn ibn Ali.(Arabic:الحسين ابن علي ابن أبي طال )- Karbala & Hasan ibn Ali.(Arabic:الحسن ابن علي ابن أبي طالب)-Jannat al-Baqi
Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin (Arabic:علي بن الحسين)- Jannat al-Baqi
Zayd ibn Ali (Arabic:زيد بن علي) (Ash-Shaheed) - kufa
Isa ibn Zayd-Mawtamul Ishball, 
Syed mohammad. 
Syed Ali, 
Syed Husain,
Syed Ali Iraaqi-(shah Wasit), 
Syed Hasan, 
Syed Ali, 
Syed Zaid Saani(2nd), 
Syed Umar Nar, 
Syed Zaid Saalis (3rd), 
Syed Yahya, 
Syed Husain,
Syed Daud Al Hussaini Al Wasti- (Wasit)
Syed Abu'l Farah Al Hussaini Al Wasti-(Wasit).
Syed Abu'l Fazaail Al Wasti- Chatraudi Sambhalhera-Chattbanur, a village in Patiala district of Punjab, India
Syed Abu'l Fatah, 
Syed Jamaaluddin, 
Syed Ebraheem,
Syed Meeran Hussain Khing Sawar-Qiledaar Tara garh Fort,Ajmer 
Syed Ahmed,
Syed Hasan-(Tara garh,Ajmer), 
Syed Saifee (shafee),
Syed Yahya,
Syed Salaar, 
Syed Burhaan uddin,
Syed Noor Uddin Laad (Syed Laad)-Katehar,and Punjab, India.
Syed Amaan Ullaah (Mulla Amaan ullaah)-Abhipur Mullapur,Nawabganj, Bareilly.
Syed Usmaan e Haidari-Peer Biya Baani, Bareilly District .
Syed Faiz ullaah,- "Dada Faiz ullaah",Founder of "Sadaat-e-Saithal"

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                 Please Recite "Surah-e-Fatiha" for Syed Mazahirul Hasnain Zaidi son of Abbas Husain Zaidi Al Wasti
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