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About Tracing My Ancestral Roots
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Wanting to leave as much information about my ancestors to my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews I began my research in 1996. It has been a journey that gave me a lot of insight into the many trials and tribulations my ancestors had to endure. It also surprised me to find that I was born and raised right in the same area where most of my ancestors had settled after they came to America. I too walked the fields and many of the roads they too had walked. My husband and daughter Lisa got involved in the research. All three of us along with Lisa`s little girl Jena(then 18 months old)would spend time searching cemeteries, libraries, and courthouses. We ran into many deadends but we also found many treasures of information that I have tried to preserve for future generations to enjoy.
This gravestone of my grgrgrandfather Casper Harbaugh is found in the Cramer Family cemetery located at New Centerville, Pa. In a story passed down by David Harbaugh, son of Casper Harbaugh, he stated that his father served in Braddock`s Army, escaped the Indians, then served in the Revolution with the rank of Captain, as a scout and messenger. For his services, he received a grant of land in Somerset County and reared his family there.

According to a family record prepared by
Allen Edward Harbaugh, a great- grandson of Casper,
this immigrant came to America in 1742 as a nine year old boy with the Adam Cramer family.
In Strassburger`s Index of Penna German Pioneers, 1:44, we find that Adam Kreemer(Cramer)arrived in America at Philadelphia,
Sept. 11, 1731. Included in the list of children under 16, were Casper Kramer, Yost Kramer, Jost Kramer, Ludwig Kramer, Conrad Kramer, and Casper Weymer. All those first names are familiar to the Harbaugh family but the list did not contain Casper Harbaugh. Could it be that Casper Harbaugh was younger than nine years, and that he came as Casper Cramer or Casper Weymer in order to avoid immigration questions? It is known that Casper harbaugh associated with the Cramers and Weimers most of his life, in fact he married a Mary Cramer, and is buried in the private burial ground of the Cramer family. On board from Europe, Casper Harbaugh contracted the plague and they thought him dead, so they sewed his body up in canvas and were ready to cast him overboard, when they found him alive. this story was passed down by David, the son of Casper, to his granddaughter Mary Osborn. In the same account, David said his father was born in Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany. Casper`s son Leonard told his grandson Allen Edward Hargaugh that the immigrant came from Weisbaden, Germany. This was written in the history prepaired by Allen. when one notes that the Harbaughs of that date were largely rural, and when one consults the map of Germany, he finds that Darmstadt and Weisbaden are less than 25 miles apart, perhaps both sons were correct in giving the general location of birth. We know that this region was populated with members of the family at that time. We also know that members of the family remained near each other both over there and in America. Our earliest records of Casper shows him living in York County, Pa. where at the time he came,lived with the immigrant Yost Harbaugh.int

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`Click Photo: This gravestone of my 4th greatgrandfather Andrew(Reim)Ream is located int eh Ream Cemetery at Ursina, Pa. He served a tour of duty as a Captain of the Company of the Second Class, Third Battalion, Lancaster County Malitia, at Lancaster Pennsylvania for the purpose of guarding British prisoners according to the evidence of a Muster roll dated August 21, 1781.
`Click Photo: This photo contains a flag and shell casings that was presented to the family members of Jacob Minerd at the dedication of his Revolutionary Grave Marker ceremony on July 2003. Below is a picture of the grave marker.
Tracing my ancestors has given me the opportunity to trace back and prove my direct line ancestors who were involved in the Revolutionary War. On December 8, 2001 I became a member of the (DAR)Daughters of the American Revolution. The above photo and information is about my primary member Andrew Ream. In May 2003 I added Jacob Minerd as a supplemental member to my list of patriots. I plan to add others as I am able to prove my direct line to them.
ANDREW REAM Captain of the Company of the Second Class, Third Battalion, Lancaster County Malitia JACOB MINERD During the American Revolution he was a member of a Berks County Militia. JOHN DULL His service records show him on the muster roll of Militia Flying Camp, Rangers, ect., 1776, Northampton County Pa., also the muster roll, Captain Rudies Company, Northampton County, Pa. and Flying Camp, 1776, He was listed among the privates. CASPER HARBAUGH He served in Braddock`s Army, escaped the Indians, then served in the Revolutionary War with the rank of Captain, as a scout and messenger. ADAM CRAMER He served in the Revolutionary War as a private. JOHANN JACOB WHIPKEY more research needed
JOHANN EBERHARDT(RIEHM)REAM In my research of Revolutionary War ancestors I discovered that my 5th Greatgrandfather Johann Eberhardt(Riehm)Ream had four sons and eight grandsons that served in the Revolutionary War. They are as follows: Son Andrew Ream-LCol.Pa. Son Tobias Ream-Pvt.Pa Son Matthias Ream-Pvt.Pa Son Johann Jacob Ream Sr.-PS Pa. Grandson Samuel Ream-Pvt.Pa. Grandson Issac Ream-Pvt.Pa Grandson Daniel Ream-Pvt.Pa. Grandson Abraham Ream-Pvt.Pa. Grandson Henry Ream-PS Wgn. Lt. Pa Grandson John Frederick Ream-Pvt.Pa. Grandson Abraham Ream-Pvt.Pa. Grandson Andrew Ream-Pvt.DRM Pa.
`Click Photo: The gravestone of Owen Hawker my husband`s grgrgrandfather. It was said that he was a soldier in the War of 1812(yet no record is found)and that he was wounded in the leg, and in his old age(being very heavy)when getting in or out of his bed was greatly inconvenienced and would say unbecoming things against the British for wounding him.
Photo: The gravesite of Vinnie Ream Hoxie at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC. Vinnie is my 3rd cousin three times removed. What makes Vinnie so special is the fact that in 1870 she sculpted the statue of Abraham Lincoln that stands in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington DC at the age of 18. Below is a picture of that statue. To read more about Vinnie click on the above picture.
`Click Photo: The fullsize true-to-life statue of Abraham Lincoln sculpted in white marble as it stands in the Capitol Rotunda. In 1866, Congress wanted a statue of Lincoln and voted to give the young woman a chance to make the work. Vinnie became the first woman and the youngest artist to receive a U.S. Government commission for a statue.
`Click Photo: The gravetone of my husband`s grgrandfather Thomas D. Hawker who served in the Civil War from 7/1861-8/1865 in Co. A. 1st WV Calvary.
Photo: My husband`s father William Hawker served in the US Army during World War I.
`Click Photo: My husband`s brother Frederick Hawker served in the US Navy aboard the USS James O`Hara in World War II.
`Click Photo: My husband`s brother Ralph Hawker served in the US Navy aboard the USS Compton in World War II.
Photo: My husband Jack D. Hawker at the young age of 18 when he served in the US Navy aboard the USS Timbalier AVP 54 in the Korean War from 7/1949-4/1953.
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