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About Murma-Enman-Caldwell Connections
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There is a destiny that makes us brothers, 
 No one goes his way alone; 
 All that we send into the lives of others, 
 Comes back into our own. 
              Edwin Markham, on brotherhood

We inherit from our ancestors gifts so often taken for granted... Each of us contains within us  this inheritance of soul. We are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations,  sacred memories and future promise. 
  - Edward Sellner -


The information was gathered by Walter A. Murma (1918-1981) from family members in the United  States and by correspondence with the Lithuanian branch in Vilnius and Australia.  Current  information on the family has come, via e-mail, from Sigitas Sulcas in Lithuania.  Also extensive  research by Saralee M Caldwell.


All information is from extensive work done by Mildred (Enman) DeNooy, late of Los Angeles,  California (Prince Edward Island Archives has 12 binders of information compiled by Mildred),  Richard Mark Enman, of Massachusetts, and Norma (Milligan) Falconer, of Ontario, Canada (see "The  Enman Family" at tribalpages.com). The McInnis family and the families of the children of Evelyn  Enman were researched by Saralee M Caldwell.


Research by Dorcas (Pratt) Caldwell, late of Orange, Texas, and Patricia (DeCuio) Caldwell, of  Pennsylvania; this was input into a data base by Susan M Caldwell and can not be retrieved.  Sue  did a printout before the data was lost and I have worked from that and from a box full of  documents she sent me, some original, some copies. Additional research by Saralee M Caldwell.


From Arlene (Somers) Gillian, of Prince Edward Island, Canada; information and photos left by Mary B  (McInnis) Enman, and research by Saralee M Caldwell.


Information, biographies and photographs from Cathryn (De Nooy) Smyers of Montana, and Karen Lynne  Zisko of California. Karen also provided me with a printed genealogy 'The Horak-Pavlicek Families  Through the Years' prepared for Richard Zisko by Paul V Kosek, which contains family narrative and  photos, but no references. (See photo section)


The majority of information came from Dennis Lee Garrehy, a genealogy he prepared in August of  1989.


Historical information is from "A Genealogy of Selected Northumberland County, Pennsylvania,  Pioneer Families, from the Arrival of the Immigrant Ancestors to the Present Time; Part XI, The  Johan Jacob Hummel Family", compiled by Joseph A Meiser, Jr., B.S., Ph.D., Sarah Roadarmel  Meiser, and Dorothy Schuck Amerman. Published by the authors 1983.  Current family information on  the George Phillip Hummel, b. 1727, branch can be found in "The Hommel/Hummel & Lewis Families" on  tribalpages.com, research by Michael E. Hommel.


From William MacLeod and Marjorie (Matthews) Bemont, both late of Massachusetts. Two wonderful  genealogy and email friends, both missed so very much.


Information from Veryl Geraldine Cates and from a manuscript entitled "The Ancestry of Paul R.  Phillips, compiled by Helen M. Phillips". The manuscript, of which I have a copy, was originally  typed with photos, documents, family group sheets and charts. The copy was returned to Mrs. Dean  Barnette in 2009. Additional information and research by Saralee M Caldwell.


All this information was given to me by Susan M Caldwell, of Orange, Texas and/or Dorcas (Pratt)  Caldwell, and was prepared, apparently, by one of the children of Charles G. Pratt as references  are made as: "dad's second brother" (Thomas  Franklin Pratt) "mother's father" (John S. Jewett).   This person obviously had access not only to many living persons in 1962, when this hand typed  document was prepared, but also access to the family Bible or Bibles.  Many family photos provided by Betty Lou (Baker) Honaker from an album kept by Grace L Pratt. Historical research by Saralee M  Caldwell.


From Dorothy (Schuck) Amerman via Dorcas Jean (Pratt) Caldwell.


Documents from Norman B Smyers: A short family history written in 1916 by Daniel Laurent Smyers,  1833-1923 (DLS), with several transcriptions which contain errors; letter from Clara (Stahl) Smyers  written by her cousin Ludwig, date not legible; letter from Cheryl Lynn (Smyers) Walker (CLW) to  Norman Bernard Smyers, b 1943 (NBS) and dated 1 February 1989; notes from Edward Tyszka and Marie  (Szumanski) Tyszka.  Reference to "History of Daniel Laurent Smyers" copyright 1986 by Cheryl  Lynn Walker (location in question).  All photos from Norman and Cathryn (De Nooy) Smyers. Additional  research by Saralee M Caldwell.


Sent to Susan Marie Caldwell by Sherry (Witt) Pries. Also emails from Sherry and Charles E Hoffert  to Saralee M Caldwell.

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