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About  Segien and Walsh Families
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A Segiens married a Leblanc:

Our ancestor Kazimierz Sagan, later known as Kasimir Segien in America, was born in the bohemian village of Vilna, Russia, he resided in Petrokaw Poland, Russia prior to departing for  America.   
 Kasmir's mother was Anna Miller his father was Vincent Sagan and ship document state that Kasimir  came to live with his mother Anna Miller's brother, which he noted on ship records to be Uncle I.  Miller on Salem Street in Boston.. 
 Kasimir spoke Yiddish and had a very strong accent. Salem Street through 1905 was predominantly  Jewish. Kasimir's mother Anna the Miller family were Jewish. I  believed the Sagan's were Christians. His wife Stanislaus Kleisner was from Czestochowa Poland nearby Warsaw, she spoke about it often.  It's known for the Black Madonna. She followed to America a year after Kasimir did, she  travelled over with Kasimirs' cousin Franz Golownia. Franz later changed his name to Frank Sagan. He spelled it SAGAN.  People always ask if we are related to Carl Sagan. The only thing I know is that Carl Sagan's  father did come from a region nearby Vilna, another ghetto which bordered the forest of Belarus  and we are likely related.

According to Kasimirs granddaughter Charlotte,  Kasimir  often spoke of his brothers or cousins back in Poland who  he worried about, and he wore a black tie to support them. We do not know their names or what  they fought for but the next paragraph gives an idea of what was going on at the time he left for  America around 1905. 
 Kasimir and Stanislaus left Poland 1905 and 1906. It was well before WW  I.
 Alexander III had ruled with an iron fist when the workingclass led a strike at the  Winter Palace in St. Petersburg that year, and 100 men were killed. It was called  Bloody Sunday. 
 This provoked massive strikes throughout Russia and the Russian Revolution began.  Alexander's son Nicolas II took over rulership in 1905 and it was only the beginning  of 
 Rulership offering consessions to the people, who were up in arms throughout the  Russian Empire.
 In Poland, the working class and pheasants were demonstrating against the Government also. The  working class demanded improvement of their living conditions and political freedom. Poland was  heading into a 4th Polish uprising agains the Russian Empire. Thousands had just lost  thier jobs in 1904 due to the Russo-Japanese War. According to Herbert Segien who  spent much time with his grandfather Kasmir, Kasmir fought in the Russo-Japanese war.  He fought against the Japanese. 
 According to her Stanislaus Kleizners daughter Irene and per Ellis Island records, Stanislaus father stemmed from Germany and her mother from Czestochowa Poland. Documents state her father was German. He may have come originally from Hungary as many Hungarians travelled from Hungary to Germany and we have a lot of Hungarian dna. Stanislaus is normally spelled Stanislausa but for some reason they dropped the a. She came to the US with a painting of herself. Her daughter Irene Higgins had it and I have attached a photo of it. Charlotte remembers Stanislaus spoke about the Kozac soldiers who beheaded people with swords and how Stanislaus hid in a closet with her mother while her sister was killed. I met Stanislaus when I was 8 or 9 and she freaked out and her daughter Irene had to take me to her apartment upstairs. Irene said that her mother believed I looked like her deceased sister.

You can find the story of what happened in later days in the ghetto of Vilna about 35 years after  Kasimir departed from Vilna in the movie Defiance with Daniel Craig. It was filmed in Vilna. I had dreamed about the story a year prior. I read once that some Sagans were honored for providing wood to the jews for underground bunkers in the forest of Belarus which is what the movie was about.

Walsh--"This name came to Ireland via British soldiers during the Norman invasion of Ireland and  means “from Wales.” It’s derived from Breathnach or Brannagh." --Ancestry.com  after 25 years of working on my tree I stumbled across a sibling of Nellie which no one had spoke of prior.  We knew about her sister Annie, brothers James, William and Patrick. Then I found a marriage of a sister Mary. It's hard to find records in Ireland as there are many families with the same names.

The Leblanc's
Nellie Josephine  Walsh came to Boston and worked as a nurse girl  and she would  make a comment to a pipe -fitter Leo LeBlanc who was sitting on a stone wall. She told him he'd get the piles from sitting there. Soon they'd marry and reside in Marlborough with Leo's father Frank and his wife Alphonsine Ouimette who came from Canada. They came from Contrceour but the first settlers in Canada settled in the Isle of Orleans. In 1759 the Brittish led by Wolfe took over the Isle. Many went to Charlebourgh but our LeBlancs went to Contrcoeour.

Frank Leblanc came to Marlborough MA around 1884 from Contrceour during a period when  a new railroad  ran through Marlboro and jobs were available like the Frye Boot factory.   Frank X Leblanc married Alphonsine Ouimette and they raised 5 children Leo being one of them.  They are buried on Beach Street in Marlborough.
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