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About Semm / Naser Family Tree
Semm/Naser,Parker, Brown and Nusbaum Families
  Four Nusbaum brothers imigrated to America from their home in Pery, Berne, 
Switzerland around 1818. At least two, Peter and John, and perhaps all four, settled 
in Ashland County, Ohio. Christian and John moved to Elkhart County, Indiana shortly 
after their arrival.
  Christian was born August 5, 1799 and died on Feburary 8, 1881 at the home of his 
daughter Anna Nusbaum Holdeman and her husband Joseph. He lived and raised ten 
children with his wife Catherine Elizabeth Weiss Nusbaum in Elkhart County.
Christian served in the Swiss Army in France for two years and was 23 years old when 
he imigrated in about 1822.
  Catherine was only eleven when she arrived in America. Her father, Johann, worked in 
France to aaccumulate enough money for passage to America for his family.In England he 
paid a ship's Captain for the family's passage. But, not speaking English, he was 
dupted only to have the Captain of the real ship demand passage. The money being gone 
the family was sold as Bonded-Servents once they reached port in Pennsylvania. 
  The parents and children were sold seperately. Catherine served as a servent to a 
Pennsylvania family by the name of Hershie. The remainder of the family made their way 
to Ashland County, Ohio then to Indiana, Where Johann was said to have died from a 
heart attack brought on by the grief he had caused his loved ones. 
  When Christian arrive in Pennsylvaina, he met Catherine Weiss and fell in love, He 
paid off the Bond to the Hershie's ending her indentureship and the two moved to 
Elkhart County, Indiana to raise a family.
  Children of Catherine and Christian Nusbaum were:
   Elizabeth Nusbaum Brubaker
   Peter Nusbaum
   John Nusbaum
   Anna Nusbaum Holdeman
   Christian Nusbaum
 **Catherine Nusbaum Brown
   Abraham Nusbaum
   George Nusbaum
   Barbara Nusbaum McClintic
   Frances Nusbaum Kronk
  Jacob and Lydia Stump Brown were a part of the "Plain Church" Germans who migrated 
to Eastern Pennsylvania from Europe. Jacob was born born there on June 15, 1803. He 
died in Elkhart County, Indiana on May 8, 1887. Lydia Stump Brown was born on Janurary 
6, 1804 in Canada, near Ontario. She Died Feburary 14, 1888 in Elkhart County, 
They were both of English decent. From this union, John Brown was born on March 1, 
1827, in Mann County Canada. Their families had moved to Canada after the American 
Revolition as they preferred to live under the English Crown.
  They moved to Indiana in 1830 to an area more suitable for wheat farming. They 
purchased land in section 36 (now Union Township) Elkhart County, Indiana. They 
developed their land and raise their family of ten children.
  Children of Jacob and Lydia Brown were:
 **John Brown
   James Brown
   Jacob Brown
   Susan Brown
   Lydia Brown
   Sarah Brown Whitehead
   Miltilda Brown 
   Baby Brown
   Unknown Brown
   Unknown Brown
  It was there in Elkhart County that John Brown met Catherine Nusbaum. They were wed 
on December 15, 1850 by Justice of the Peace John Ferguson.
  By 1874 they were living in section 16 of Harrison Township, Elkhart County and had 
land running west into section 17. In addition to the farm John operated a saw mill on 
Yellow Creek in section 16.
  The children of John and Catherine Nusbaum Brown were:
   Lydia Ann Brown Overholt
   James A. Brown
   Christian Brown
   Abraham Lincoln Brown
   Jacob H. Brown
   Joseph Eaton Brown
   George Washington Brown
   Salome Brown
   Rufus Melvin Brown
   David Franklin Brown
 **Lucretia May Brown Naser
   John and Catherine were my mother's Grandparents.
  Seth Beadress Naser and Lucretia May Brown Naser were married on June 8,1898 In 
Goshen, Indiana.
   Seth had gone from his home near Graymont, Illinois to visit his Uncle John Good 
who resided near Goshen, Indiana. It was there he met my Grandmother, Lucretia Brown, 
sometime prior to Feburary 1895. His uncle's wife, Catherine Holdeman Good was a 
cousin to Lucretia.
  Lucretia and Seth first lived near Graymont, Livingston County, Illinois where he 
farmed, traded horses and worked as a butcher for a year. In 1905 they moved to a 
rented farm one mile south of Mitchell, South Dakota in Davidson County. With them 
came their first three children who had been born in Illinois: Cleo, Carroll, and 
Lela. Then in 1906, daughter Alice was born. In 1907 with the four kids they moved to 
a farm four miles East of Mitchell, Hanson County. They rented this farm near 
Riverside by the James River where White's flour mill was located. They lived there 
four six and a half years and added four more children to their family, Audrey, 
Gladys, Mabel and Howard. The family farmed and raised milk cows, hogs, sheep, horses 
and chickens. 
  In 1913 Seth Naser bought 320 acres of land in Plano Township, Hanson County, 
about six miles NW of Fulton South Dakota. There he built a two story house with eight 
rooms, a bathroom and full basement. The house was built on a plan the same as 
Lucretia's brother's home in Indiana. Late Seth added three barns and a silo.
  In this home the last three children, Harold, Helen and Ruth Elizabeth were born.
  In June of 1924, a twister leveled the barns and silo. Six of the children were 
milking in the barn absement when the twister hit which saved the twelve cows and six 
horses that were in the barn with them. Seth continued to buy land as he felt one 
should never pass up a good deal. Most of this land being in Hanson county and some in 
Buffalo and Hand Counties.
  In the spring of 1947 Seth and Lou bought a home in Mitchell and retired to the 
city. Grandma Lou died in June 1948 from a blood clot which was the result of an 
automobile accident. They celebrated their 50th wedding aniversary just sixteen days 
before her death.
 The children of Seth and Lucretia May Brown Naser were:
   Cleo Catherine Naser Graves 
   Carroll Abbott Naser
   Lela Marie Naser Easton 
   Dorothy Alice Naser Bender
   Audrey Caroline Naser Wilson
   Mary Gladys Naser Rogers 
   Mable Irene Naser Mahoney
   John Howard Naser
   Seth Harold Naser 
   Helen Lucretia Naser Minard 
***Ruth Elizabeth Naser Semm (My Mother)
 Seth and Lucretia May Brown Naser were my Grand Parents.
 Caroline Good was the third of six children of Daniel and Sarah Gaster Good of Ohio. She also had 
two halr-brothers and two half-sisters by Daniel's second wife.
************I am still working on the histories of the Good, Parker and Semm Family*******
Any one having information on the Home Town of William (Wilhelm) Semm please contact me
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