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About Zummo / Panetta Family
The Zummo Family Norristown Pa.

                   Antonio & Accursia Catanese Zummo came over to the US in 1883

1.Joseph “Giuseppe” he married Vincenza Maggio and had 6 children. Joseph was the original owner of
Zummo Hardware Store on Main Street in Norristown, which is still owed and operated by The Zummo 

2.Josephine “Giuseppina” was married to Thomas “Domenico” Morello, (originally the name was
Amorello) they had 9 children.

3.Annie “Anna” married a James Maggio and had 3 children, he died very young and she remarried James
Interrante and had 5 children with him. Anna was 101 years old at her death in 1990.

4.James “Vincenzo” married Catherine Dickson and had 6 children. Anna the youngest contracted
Measles and developed Pneumonia, died at age 8 months old. I am told James was a very good 

5.Al “Alphonso” married Anne Corrao and had 5 children and lived on Johnson Highway, along with his
sister Annie & his brother Tom. When they sold the property they named the street Zummo Way.

6.Mary “Accursia” married Augustine Interrante and had 9 children

7.Sally “Rosalia” married Benjamin Interrante and had 8 children

8.Bill “Vito” married Lillian (?) and had 2 children

9.Tom “Dominic” married Catherine “Mickey” Saxon and had 8 children.

10.Lilly “Cologera” married Frank Piazza and had 4 children. Their first born son Albert died at age
5 when hit by a car. Later they named another son Albert...

                                              The Panetta Family 

                  Antonio & Rosa Minchella Panetta

They had 6 children but only 4 survived childhood 

Joseph never married

Amelia married Joseph D'Amato

William married Doris Liney

Florence married Anthony Lombardo

Rosa Minchella Panetta passed away after the birth of Florence in 1924

Antonio 2nd marriage to Angelina Pacitti
Angelina had a daughter Antoinette from a previous marriage

Children with Antonio

Francesca married Harry Press

Rosa married Joseph Fortuna
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