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About The Somes Family
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I have recently published "Some Descendants of Morris Somes and Lucy Day of Gloucester, Massachusetts for Six Generation." It is currently available at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, at the Maine State Library in Augusta, and at the Ellsworth Public Library, Ellsworth Maine, the Skidompha Library in Damariscotta, Maine, and in the Wiscasset Public Library, in Wiscasset, Maine. The majority of the families resided in Maine, predominantly in Hancock and Lincoln Counties.

See The Origin of the SOMES Surname

My name is Loren E. Somes, Sr., and I am the webmaster for this site. If you wish to know more about me and my interest in family history, you may go directly to my family view.

I have discovered that the household of which I was a member in 1940 was omitted from the enumeration. I have added what should have been enumerated to the extent that I have knowledge about its members.

The primary purpose of this site is to identify all known descendants of Morris Somes and Lucy Day who married in Gloucester, Massachusetts, on 24 March 1739/40. Lucy is a documented great-granddaughter of Anthony Day, immigrant to Gloucester. Nothing is known of Morris Somes other than that he was married to Lucy and had four children by her and that he died in Cape Breton, French Canada, in 1746. How, why and when he proceeded to Cape Breton remains unknown. He does not appear on the muster rolls of any militia sent as a punitive expedition to Louisburg. Likewise, the cause of his death is unkown.

John Babson in his Notes and Additions to the History of the Town of Gloucester (page 73) hints that he might be the son of Morris Somes, son of Timothy and Jane (Stainwood) Somes, although there is no extant record that that Morris was ever married or had a child. Christine Huston Dodge in her Vital Records of Edgecomb and Newcastle in the County of Lincoln Maine to the Year 1892 dated 1979, manuscript at the Skidompha Library, Damariscotta, Maine, asserts that Morris Somes, son of Timothy and Jane (Stainwood) Somes was the one who married Lucy Day on March 24, 1739/40. This could not be the case since he was lost at sea in October 1716.

Many questions have been addressed to me about other members of the Somes Family. As a result I have decided to add the descendants of Morris Somes, the immigrant to Gloucester, to the extent that they are known by me. Most descendants do not bear the Somes name as the family seems to have had more daughters than sons. I have not included the descendants of Samuel Morse Somes who changed changed his name to Alvin Moroni Montierth and FrancisOrleander Somes who changed his name to Francis Orlando Black. Where possible I will add links to sites in which their descendants are identified.

Anyone who has information about any of the individuals identified that they would like to see included in this site, or has knowledge of individuals not included but they believe should be included, is invited to submit that information to me.

It is my desire that this site should be more than just names and dates. I will try to bring them to life by revealing who they really were, what they did, what they contributed. It some cases it will involve speculation, but when such is the case it will be revealed, and the rationale for the speculation will be given.

A secondary purpose of this site is to identify, if possible, all descendant lines of immigrant ancestors to Loren Edward Somes, Jr., Linda Marie Somes, and Nancy Ellen Somes. Non-immigrant individuals have been included when the descendand line is not royal.

Four of the ancestors shown on this site; specifically Gov. Thomas Dudley, Constant Southworth, Elizabeth Stratton, wife of John Thorndike, and George Morton are of royal descent. Their ancestry may be found on Somes Family Royal Ancestors.

For the benefit of their descendants, I have added the known ancestry of my adopted brothers Edward Delmont "Monty" Somes and Selwyn Somes through their natural parents. I would like to draw attention to some of my brick walls:

Having found the grave of Edgar Rinaldo Somes in the Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetss, I have tried to fit him into the family. Such information that I have on him, his forebears and cousins have been added to the website, and he is tentatively connected to the descendants of Morris Somes, the immigrant, through Timothy, son of Timothy and Abigail (Andrews) Somes, by means of a 1790 U.S. Census for Meredith, New Hampshire.

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