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About Eker Branches, Roots and even Nuts


The Ekers of Guernsey arrived on the Island in the late 1800's from France. Bartolo Auguste Eccher was the first arriving with his wife and her family, the leCarpentiers/Prévels and Courtois. Bartolo was probably born in Austria, Lower Tyrol in the Trentino area which is now an autonomous Italian province. There was mass migration from this area at this time due to the several small wars over soverienty and also there were several cholerea outbreaks at the same time, many families moved to the US, mainly to the mining areas in Colorado, to date I have not been able to find any connections to these families, whilst others moved to other parts of Europe. Ecchers still live in this area. The name Eccher means, in German, corner or one who lives on the corner or side of the hill/mountain, or from old German as a friend of mine translated, with a small knowledge of English, " the things that oak trees come from" (I believe he meant acorn).

The LeCarpentier and Pével families originate from the Manche, Normandy area of France, whilst the Barbé family are all from the Cote D'Armor (formerly Cote du Nord) area of Brittany, France.

A lot of the research was done by others, and I would like to give them my thanks in allowing me to" borrow" their work. In particular I would like to mention Len Barbe, a lovely, knowledgeable man with a fabulous sense of humour, (Thanks for all the laughs Len) who did a lot of work researching the Barbes and Josserands in France. It was he who inspired me to venture to France to research the Eccher, LeCarpentier and Prével branches of my tree, unfortunately he passed away before I was able to show him my results. Michele Day, my fourth cousin in Australia, for the work on Days and Torodes, Brian Torode who must be the expert in the Torode family, Terry Dowinton for theLe Carpentiers and Dowintons, Frances Bougourd for her continueing help with the Barbes and Torodes, also Ron Barbe in Canada and Chantal, Roger and Jean-Marie in France,for all their help in and around Flamanville and Rex Ferbrache for his help with the Ferbraches, John Falla for his work on the Falla Family and Micheal Holmes and Karen Frith for their continuing help with the Holmes and Symes families, also the many others too numerous to mention on the GENES REUNITED web site for allowing me access to their trees, for the purpose of double checking facts and sources. Special thank must go to Leslie Vye-Parminter for the help in the appearance of this website If there are any mistakes and or errors, these are mine alone. If you have any information or additions, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks and I hope you enjoy your visit and I hope maybe I have inspired you just like Len Barbé inspired me to get out there and see for yourself. There is so much to learn. Jeff

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