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Welcome! This website was created on Dec 23 2005 and last updated on Nov 23 2022. The family trees on this site contain 2316 relatives and 586 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Echoes Of The Past
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NOTICE: My sister and I have worked very hard on this website and will continue to do so....this site is not free, we pay yearly to have this site, so all of our family members can enjoy seeing and learning about our wonderful family history, stories, and pictures.  We are asking to all, please don't copy photos and stories without permission from us.  We have seen so many pictures from our website on other websites, and we don't appreciate it!  My contact information is listed below If you have any questions. Thank you!!!

****PLEASE NOTE: TERESA'S COMPUTER IS DOWN!  CONTACT RONDA SMITH AT ronniesmith928@gmail.com or call me  817-637-6480 FOR ALL QUESTIONS OR REQUEST'S****

This site was made for my Parents and Grandparents, with all my love. This poem I wrote for all of you explains it all.

Family Our lives together, I describe as a vine. Where yours ends, mine begins, And our love intertwines. If I can touch one life, The way you touched mine. I will have lived with a purpose, And continued our vine.
Only family members may enter this site with the correct password. Please sign our guest book, your comments are welcome. We know there are more than a few mistakes, just inform us and we will gladly correct them. My sister Ronda is currently working on the following surnames: Bradley/Allen/Ross/Bingham/Williams 1 /Townsend/Reese/Sample/Coleman. Please refer any questions or corrections to her at ronniesmith928@gmail.com. NEW SECTION ADDED ....STORIES Do you have a family story, short or long OR do you have photos to add? Email us and we will due our best to post them. We received a lot of help from our family and new found cousins, so we want to Thank them for all there help. Some information provided on this site was the hard work of: Gary Essary, Warren Dale Essary, Judy Young, James Hicks, Jerry Bratton, Betty Ridgeway, Connie Thomas and Walter Eugene Fossett. I can not THANK them enough for allowing us to use it. This site also contains information from the book"Flaming Feuds of Colorado County Texas" It was written by John Walter Reese and Lillian Estelle Reese. The book was copyright in 1962 and is no longer in print. If you would like any information from the book, let me know and I will share all information. Contact Ronda Smith at ronniesmith928@gmail.com FAMOUS PEOPLE AT THIS WEBSITE U.S. Marshall William D."Bill" Fossett FAMOUS CHEROKEE CHIEFS Amatoya Moytoy, Standing Turkey(Old Hop)Kanagatoga
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Getting Around
There are several ways to browse the family tree. The Tree View graphically shows the relationship of selected person to their kin. The Family View shows the person you have selected in the center, with his/her photo on the left and notes on the right. Above are the father and mother and below are the children. The Ancestor Chart shows the person you have selected in the left, with the photograph above and children below. On the right are the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The Descendant Chart shows the person you have selected in the left, with the photograph and parents below. On the right are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Do you know who your second cousins are? Try the Kinship Relationships Tool. Your site can generate various Reports for each name in your family tree. You can select a name from the list on the top-right menu bar.

In addition to the charts and reports you have Photo Albums, the Events list and the Relationships tool. Family photographs are organized in the Photo Index. Each Album's photographs are accompanied by a caption. To enlarge a photograph just click on it. Keep up with the family birthdays and anniversaries in the Events list. Birthdays and Anniversaries of living persons are listed by month. Want to know how you are related to anybody ? Check out the Relationships tool.

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